Happy Prisoner Festival - Conspiracy Theories

The rise of social media and fake news seems to have given birth to new conspiracies. What used to be confined to private small conversations in pubs, or at home, are now shouted out across the internet, and people can search out a space where their beliefs are given air to breath. And once beliefs are formed, they are hard to unpick. Should we all be more open minded and sceptical – are basic beliefs we can take for granted? How much truth is there within the theories and what is truth?

Do we have a moral or intellectual duty to believe or question mainstream media? Who is writing our story for us?

All converations will be facilitated by a professional philosopher, trained in philosophical enquiry with The Philosophy Foundation. There will be 4 guest speakers who will begin a conversation around the topics we are exploring. This will be the starting circle conversation, after half an hour the facilitator will invite you, the audience members into the enquiry circle where you can ask questions, raise points or just continue to listen. 

This conversation will be via Zoom and you'll be sent the link and password to join the w/c 22nd March.