Happy Prisoner Festival - The Value of Work

We frequently take the necessity of work for granted. Many of us accept the need to spend at least forty hours a week in paid labour to obtain life’s necessities and pleasures. Work is also often seen as something that is good to do: an unwillingness to work is associated with laziness. The person who does not work supposedly does not contribute to society. Mahatma Gandhi, for instance, expounded the virtue of hard work to earn one’s livelihood.

Covid-19 has upended how many of us think about work. We are newly accustomed to thinking about “essential” and “non-essential” workers, for instance. Many of us now work from home full-time. Many others have lost their jobs. Philosophy can help us work through some of the questions about work raised in the last year and that underpin society such as: Is work necessary? Is work beneficial, and to whom? Are some kinds of work more valuable than others? How might the Covid-19 pandemic cause us to reassess the value of work?

All conversations will be facilitated by a professional philosopher, trained in philosophical enquiry with The Philosophy Foundation. There will be 4 guest speakers who will begin a conversation around the topics we are exploring. This will be the starting circle conversation, after half an hour the facilitator will invite you, the audience members into the enquiry circle where you can ask questions, raise points or just continue to listen. 

This conversation will be via Zoom and you'll be sent the link and password to join the w/c 22nd March.