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Peter Worley TEDx TEDx Goodenoug...
Peter Worley spoke at the TEDx Goodenough College event on May 9th ...


SOPHIA Network Meeting SOPHIA Network...
The SOPHIA Board has put out call for proposals to Host the next SO...


Cheltenham Festival Cheltenham Boo...
Peter Worley will be at the Cheltenham Book It! Festival on Monday ...


Welcome to The Philosophy Foundation website

The Philosophy Foundation

An award winning educational charity raising aspirations and attainment through doing philosophical enquiry in the classroom. We also work in the community and business as part of our life-long learning initiative.

The Foundation for Innovation from eatbigfish.

Our Mission

The Philosophy Foundation is a unique educational charity whose aim is to bring philosophy to schools and the wider community. Through doing philosophy in the classroom our primary concern is to improve educational opportunities for the disadvantaged, and to enable every child to flourish. Philosophical enquiry develops speaking and listening skills vital for literacy and emotional development, helps children who find it difficult to access other classes, and encourages critical and creative thinking essential in the 21st Century. 

One of our core purposes is to encourage, support and sponsor non-privileged children into studying philosophy at University.


29th Aug RT @SpeakingofBks: In this week's TES, @MichaelRosenYes on reading for pleasure, phonics & the point of books: http://t.co/MLmn0eld4K #Nat
29th Aug RT @HolyCrossBoys: @the_if_man thanks for the great day. Lots of things to think about over the weekend.
29th Aug RT @ThatIanGilbert: Class size doesn’t matter and other myths they’re telling you http://t.co/TJINKkKGHg
29th Aug RT @the_if_man: Great inset day at @HolyCrossBoys school in Belfast. Great school. Great staff. Looking forward to working with pupils on M…
29th Aug @imagineinquiry @Ingotian @LearningSpy @FarrowMr @StuartLock The Philosophical Baby looks at evidence in young children's reasoning
29th Aug @imagineinquiry @Ingotian @LearningSpy @nastyoldmrpike @FarrowMr @StuartLock how young are we talking? What about research from Gopnik?
28th Aug #Storymakers2014 is open for submissions. Show the power of impact storytelling. http://t.co/Eaq2PCRx9n one for @the_if_man
28th Aug RT @TechSoup: #Storymakers2014 is open for submissions. $13K in cash prizes. Show the power of impact storytelling. http://t.co/9XBv4e0eiK
28th Aug RT @SLSingh: Numberverse, new book "first steps to opening the minds of children to the excitement of numbers..." by @andyday3000 http://t…

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