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Peter Worley spoke at the TEDx Goodenough College event on May 9th ...


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Peter Worley will be at the Cheltenham Book It! Festival on Monday ...


Welcome to The Philosophy Foundation website

The Philosophy Foundation

An award winning educational charity raising aspirations and attainment through doing philosophical enquiry in the classroom. We also work in the community and business as part of our life-long learning initiative.

The Foundation for Innovation from eatbigfish.

Our Mission

The Philosophy Foundation is a unique educational charity whose aim is to bring philosophy to schools and the wider community. Through doing philosophy in the classroom our primary concern is to improve educational opportunities for the disadvantaged, and to enable every child to flourish. Philosophical enquiry develops speaking and listening skills vital for literacy and emotional development, helps children who find it difficult to access other classes, and encourages critical and creative thinking essential in the 21st Century. 

One of our core purposes is to encourage, support and sponsor non-privileged children into studying philosophy at University.


23rd Jul Couple of places left on gold rated @GoodCPDGuide training course in September to become a philosophy teacher w/us: http://t.co/cLJlpFPJ6u
22nd Jul We have a bus ad (Year of the Bus!) Spot it photo it & win a copy of The Numberverse. Routes found here soon. #TPFBus http://t.co/kXJphtBSly
20th Jul & helps develop understanding, which was highlighted by both Rose & Cambridge review as missing @DrJohnLTaylor @drangiehobbs @NickyMorgan01
20th Jul .@drangiehobbs Have you seen MM's valedictory lecture from KCL? 'Socrates and the crisis of Universities': https://t.co/bnFnFpTgXM
20th Jul RT @drangiehobbs: The acquisition of 'facts' and critical analysis of those 'facts' must always go together ... @NickyMorgan01
15th Jul RT @tes: Profile: Who is Nicky Morgan? http://t.co/CtiQbNJHqD
14th Jul RT @YoungAdvisors: Guess what? We're looking for a new person to join the Young Advisors Team:... http://t.co/fXIIEr4OOH
11th Jul RT @ALevelPhilos: A Level Philosophy teacher INSETS autumn 2014: http://t.co/qX4qryp74X http://t.co/7rAADWgjtb
11th Jul RT @Blake_Society: RT @the_if_man @Blake_Society #tithegrant 'The demand for gratitude is ungrateful.'
8th Jul Thanks @nickhitchen. @crownhouse will be pleased to see this list which contains a number of their authors: http://t.co/VHtc9wHASL
8th Jul Thanks to our Judges at our #philosothon today here during the prize giving @natcphd @rapclassroom @lonanglo http://t.co/j70cjqBvp8
8th Jul RT @natcphd: UK's 1st primary #philosothon @DeptfordGreen got 200 pupils asking How we know what's true & Whether we control our lives! @ph
8th Jul RT @garfage: Great work by @philosophyfound today: the #Philosothon, UK's first school debate competition for under 12 Philosophers!
7th Jul Dame Joan Ruddolk, MP for Deptford will be handing out the prizes tomorrow at the UKs first primary #Philosothon @DeptfordGreen school
7th Jul RT @rapclassroom: Looking forward to being a judge along with @natcphd at tomorrow's school Philosophon organised by @philosophyfound
7th Jul Thanks @rapclassroom @natcphd Nervous about all the things that could go wrong when you bring 200 kids together & ask them to philosophise..
7th Jul RT @the_if_man: A very positive group feeling after a weekend of CoPI with @PhilosophDoctor. Thank you!
5th Jul RT @the_if_man: Great first day of an intro to CoPI with @PhilosophDoctor for @philosophyfound today. V intensive. Looking forward to tomor…
3rd Jul UKs first primary philosothon taking place @DeptfordGreen nxt Tues, w/ judges including @lonanglo @natcphd @rapclassroom @PhilosophDoctor
1st Jul RT @the_if_man: Fantastic year 11 students at @BarkingAbbeySch philosophising with @philosophyfound today. Great day!
1st Jul @CrownHousePub @andyday3000 great bookcase photo!
1st Jul RT @CrownHousePub: Great news! 'The Numberverse' is available on Amazon! @andyday3000 @philosophyfound http://t.co/iGbiOAEwkl
30th Jun RT @SOPHIA_Network: @philosophyfound @the_if_man wonderful speech! Congratulations, Peter!
24th Jun @spoilpartygames yes, sorry about that, we are a bit London centric!
24th Jun Some spaces left for our party on Friday with @CrownHousePub. Fizz, food & philosophy, what more could you need? https://t.co/AE6v0IJZjh
21st Jun RT @BlackwellIOE: Good Morning!! We have several events on next week inc one for Andrew Day & Peter Worley's The Numberverse http://t.co/ML…
21st Jun RT @the_if_man: Storythinking talk went well today at @EducationFest. Lively discus on 'should we tell Santa Claus as real?'
21st Jun RT @the_if_man: Johnny Ball at @EducationFest on maths aptitude. As entertaining as ever!
21st Jun RT @the_if_man: @andyday3000's talk on his new book The Numberverse coming up: 2:50pm. Yes: 35 mins. Be there!
20th Jun Helping YP develop critical literacy @the_if_man 11.30, & making maths fun @andyday3000 14.50 tmrw @EducationFest https://t.co/zL1oEhWvln
19th Jun Hi @MissKMcD, that's good to hear - have you used our site at all?
18th Jun A maths book for people who don't like maths, look inside The #Numberverse, part of our series with @CrownHousePub http://t.co/TkKERyxiMz
18th Jun The #Numberverse has arrived. Great foreword @robinince, words by @andyday3000, pics by @Tamarmagan ed @the_if_man http://t.co/PdEAJLvsuC
18th Jun RT @artsemergency: Mr Gove can't make tonight but we DO have @ShappiKhorsandi @josielong @robinince & Stewart Lee http://t.co/XNUUyPeEXe ht…
18th Jun RT @21Clearners: Shrunken Democrituses - a philosophical dialogue with children from @the_if_man http://t.co/i9Y4i1gDUb
18th Jun RT @TalkLearning: Get your advance copy of The Numberverse @andyday3000 @philosophyfound http://t.co/Po88JOdREV
17th Jun RT @andyday3000: Already know how to make maths interesting for kids? Then come to my book launch for fun. If not, buy the book too! http:…
17th Jun The #Numberverse by @andyday3000 has been printed and will arrive tomorrow from @CrownHousePub, can't wait: http://t.co/hSrTwUm8t6
17th Jun Got our tea...waiting for the response articles @HistPhilosophy @philosophybites
17th Jun RT @HistPhilosophy: Via @philosophybites an unbelievably irritating interview with Peter Unger on the uselessness of philosophy http://t.co…
16th Jun Sound the Philosopher-Signal: We need to save A level Philosophy http://t.co/7hmMp3akpu @philosophersmag article by @zaranosaur
16th Jun Dr. Joyce Mitchell Cook first African American woman to receive PhD in philosophy died June 6 2014. HT @PhilosL http://t.co/pe44AS1tQY
16th Jun RT @apaphilosophy: Thought experiments in the classroom? @AAUP session centers on engaging pedagogical technique. http://t.co/YuzMoTTIPJ
16th Jun 'Why don’t you love teaching maths?' Get your maths mojo back with @andyday3000 on June 21st at 2.50pm @EducationFest #Numberverse
16th Jun Thanks @ukedchat for putting The Philosophy Shop in your top 20 teaching books, we are in good company on your list! #ukedchat
16th Jun RT @CrownHousePub: Top 20 Teaching/CPD Books @ukedchat The Philosophy Shop @philosophyfound http://t.co/s6jqoz0ds0
15th Jun .@RichardDawkins' wants to ban tales - but find out how they can be used to develop critical literacy w/@the_if_man June 21 @EducationFest
13th Jun Membership of our site now free & gives access to p4c resources & films of @the_if_man in the classroom, see more at: http://t.co/0t8oJIJq03
13th Jun Only 16 places remaining at our book series launch two weeks today, join us for fizz, food and philosophical fun: http://t.co/9kGfPccVJ7
13th Jun RT @philosophybites: Booking open for Autumn Philosophy: the Basics course @ConwayHall - concession price if booked June/July http://t.co/L…
10th Jun 57% of tickets gone for our book series launch party w/@CrownHousePub, book now or miss out! #philosophy #ukedchat https://t.co/AE6v0IJZjh
9th Jun RT @natcphd: 'addressing the issue of the eurocentric canon of philosophy is an important one' #critphilrace http://t.co/IGIv5Tuxbd
9th Jun Our next "brilliant course" is being held on September 13th and 14th, we only have a few places remaining: http://t.co/UZipK1ZNbm
9th Jun "brilliant course...extremely thought provoking, interactive, fun & delivered by a philosopher who exuded charm, charisma & motivation."
5th Jun RT @Wago108: 2 2 2 2 'How many numbers are there?' Y5 child 'do you mean on the sheet or in general?' Phil clarification in action @philoso
4th Jun RT @CrownHousePub: We just love this @TEDTalks video from @the_if_man and @philosophyfound! http://t.co/E17ilXrdDT
4th Jun RT @Thinking_Space_: Pete Worley on philosophy with children https://t.co/2Kxef3R9zg @philosophyfound
4th Jun Congratulations @rapclassroom Winner of ICPIC Award for Excellence 2013 http://t.co/Y4NRCkiYTJ See his talk 25 June: http://t.co/Qz17GSVHcz
3rd Jun 'Plato not Playdoh' @the_if_man's TEDx talk on the theme of connections: https://t.co/zo0TfFTTO9
3rd Jun RT @GuardianEdu: Why I became a teacher: to help children from minority backgrounds http://t.co/cVjZjkNbJv via @guardian
3rd Jun RT @The_School_Run: How to turn your child into a mini philosopher with expert tips from @philosophyfound http://t.co/pr75FiUrGD #philosoph
3rd Jun We'll see you there @informed_edu @the_if_man running session on critical literacy & @andyday3000 on maths & enquiry @EducationFest
2nd Jun There's still time to put yourself forward to work with us as data and comms manager: http://t.co/KYBAVnbLT5
30th May Reviews of our new books: Inspiring. Superb. Addictive. Glorious. Join us for fizz, fun & philosophy to launch them: http://t.co/9kGfPccVJ7
30th May Join us for our book launch party on June 27th for 'The Numberverse' & 'Provocations' http://t.co/vWtTvOqpGA @CrownHousePub @andyday3000
29th May RT @UBC_PDCE: How does philosophical #thinking promote #21stCenturySkills in teaching & learning? http://t.co/avS7AaD1iX #P4C prt @Philosop
27th May 'Indispensable', 'Excellent Book', 5 star Provocation reviews on amazon @CrownHousePub: http://t.co/iI9PzbRZIO
27th May RT @GuardianTeach: Following the changes to the GCSE English Lit syllabus, we want to hear from you. What books do you suggest Gove should …
27th May RT @humanutopia: Vacancies at humanutopia for three apprenticeships. Apply now at: http://t.co/XPh7JCvn14 #WeAreRecruiting #MakeADifference
27th May @SparkyTeaching thanks.
26th May RT @SparkyTeaching: An offer for schools who're creativity-fosterers, character-valuers & test/life-rebalancers http://t.co/TebA9l7dSB #edc
26th May RT @ProfBrianCox: Why no headlines like '72.5% of those who voted reject anti-EU rhetoric'. Or 'Less than 1 in 10 vote UKIP'? #damnyouborin
24th May RT @UCLFest_Of_Arts: @philosophyfound Our FREE #10objects #100hours event explores new approaches to interpret everyday objects http://t.co…
23rd May All missions completed: “@the_if_man: My perfect day @hayfestival Brian May and Henry Winkler!!! And Kate. http://t.co/de9cgkHhkE”
23rd May Yes! Read the Greek Myths, interpret them, engage with them @MichaelRosenYes have a conversation, discover abstract concepts #hayfestival
23rd May Interpretation incredibly important in learning to read, more than 'decoding', 'SPAG', 'retrieval & inference' @MichaelRosenYes #hayfestival
23rd May @philosophyfound: "Campaigning for reading for pleasure is like campaigning for air" @MichaelRosenYes "rooms need books" #hayfestival
23rd May Waiting to listen to @MichaelRosenYes #hayfestival 'library lecture'
23rd May RT @the_if_man: @the_if_man @hayfestival one student said: 'no one is free, we are all just pawns of society'. Outcome of the Sirens story.
23rd May RT @the_if_man: Great If Odyssey session today wt secondary students at @hayfestival today
23rd May Inspiring talk by @hwinkler4real at #hayfestival: teach kids how to think not what to think, kids are individuals not groups.
22nd May Second mission #hayfestival, family pic with Henry Winkler: Philosophy is cool... http://t.co/BMd8Mc1bCM
22nd May First mission accomplished #hayfestival - getting 700 young people doing philosophy http://t.co/ki6ebklumj
21st May Off to @hayfestival today with/ @the_if_man, schools workshops tomorrow and Friday: http://t.co/58hWkNNPyl #philosophyfun
21st May New part-time job available at The Philosophy Foundation: http://t.co/KYBAVnbLT5
20th May Analytic Teaching & Philosophical Praxis latest issue now available on Understanding the Virtue of Love http://t.co/wfJg2z0xvC
20th May RT @UCLFest_Of_Arts: @philosophyfound Pls RT! Don’t miss this fascinating insight into the r’ship btwn #Philosophy & #Theatre http://t.co/T…
19th May Plato's Symposium Southbank Centre, June 1st, modern adaptation by James Runcie brought to life with cast of actors: http://t.co/7Hu62zfWWi
19th May As part of dementia awareness week suggest a look at the excellent work of @DementiaAdv @guardian
19th May RT @NorahColvin: #Mondayblogs My latest post about asking questions, children and science http://t.co/rJ32XxjSnU
19th May Pleasure working with you @Wago108, welcome to the team.
19th May RT @Wago108: Thank you @SteveHoggins @philosophyfound @the_if_man for supporting my accreditation.
16th May @bitc_arc launching new #socents recruitment round for programme designed to support #socents grow & create new jobs http://t.co/oqG7sQpVNK
15th May Book review: ‘Provocations: Philosophy for Secondary Schools’ by David Birch http://t.co/dZHtJPE8XF by Michelle Sowey
14th May Philosophy Bites Back @HTLGIFestival this year with @drangiehobbs, only 8 days to go till the festival kicks off: http://t.co/JYcWCKKipA
14th May RT @CrownHousePub: Take a look at Michelle Sowey's review of 'Provocations' our latest addition to the @philosophyfound series! http://t.co…
14th May Agree, @AnnaSmee1 @YF_Academy, development of good cognitive thinking habits in the young is essential.
14th May RT @AnnaSmee1: Risk of unemployment starts early - cognitive development in young children is key @YF_Academy @jowellt @tessahibbert
12th May Congratulations to @RobTorrington, new philosophy A Level teaching job back in his home town.
12th May IAPC's Summer Seminar on philosophy for children, Aug 2-9th, Mendham, NJ: http://t.co/sGCcfx0i1s novice and experienced practioners welcome
12th May RT @YF_Academy: Great to have @philosophyfound telling their story at our Understanding The Buyers session. Make sure you know their needs …
12th May RT @CrownHousePub: Really pleased to see @TalkingDonkeyRE's review of the latest addition to the @philosophyfound series, 'Provocations' ht…
12th May Great review of Provocations by @TalkingDonkeyRE, thanks, glad you find it useful: http://t.co/fFSvKBW5BF
10th May RT @socratesnl: Like! To rehabilitate the closed question and help stimulate powerful enquiries. http://t.co/HLBJyt5NYY h/t @philosophyfound
6th May RT @SteveHoggins: Year 5 child: "I have 0% chance of knowing what colour it is, so I do know something: that I don't know what colour it is…
5th May RT @HTLGIFestival: Should we give up on chasing romantic ideals? @drangiehobbs @bmagnanti & Pascal Bruckner at #htlgi14 http://t.co/4oKSqno…
5th May Foreplay, at Kings Head until 31st May, shows relationships between Adorno, Gretyl, Hannah Arendt & Walter Benjamin: http://t.co/FQvSER87m4
5th May RT @EducationFest: New speakers: @SurbitonHigh Principal @AnnHaydonSHS, Steve Cook @FormbyHigh, and Peter Worley @the_if_man, CEO @philosop
3rd May RT @IAI_TV: Interesting course/network meeting from @philosophyfound next week - workshops with philosophers from all over europe http://t.…
3rd May Couple of spaces available on our next training course to become a philosophy teacher with us at the end of May: http://t.co/UZipK1ZNbm
1st May Two 5 star reviews on different Amazon's for Provocations .com: http://t.co/ffGs2P1EKV .co.uk: http://t.co/rFe6nPmDvj @CrownHousePub
28th Apr RT @Wago108: 'The Thought' poem generated a wealth of astoundingly philosophical emergent questions @philosophyfound Best session to date w…
28th Apr Philosophy Matters this month includes news on TEDx talk, SOPHIA meeting, book fairs & Critical Philosophy of Race: http://t.co/PKjumczRng
26th Apr RT @andrewjtaggart: A most remarkable philosophical conversation with 10-year-olds about 'Shrunken Democrituses' with @philosophyfound http…
25th Apr @GuyLongworth because they're girls?
25th Apr Blog by @the_if_man: philosophy class he had today which was spectacular. He's been w/ these kids since they were 5: http://t.co/lfKFRSw9Tz
25th Apr @spoilpartygames @the_if_man @TeachSecondary just quoting the article - yes, everyone would benefit from doing some storytelling!
25th Apr "Should have a place in every good teacher's toolkit" @the_if_man's Once Upon an If review in @TeachSecondary
25th Apr Once Upon an If @the_if_man's new book on storytelling for thinking has just been recommended in top 10 buys by PTA+ magazine.
25th Apr RT @ACBedu: "...captivating exploration of the art of storytelling..." Great review of ONCE UPON AN IF by @the_if_man Thanks @TeachSecondar
25th Apr Tickets now on sale 4 London TEDx event @tedxgood where @the_if_man's 'Plato not Playdo' ends evening on connections: http://t.co/roHaeiNr2V
25th Apr RT @DavidEdmonds100: Help keep Philosophy Bites free! Donate or subscribe here. http://t.co/YGPUhB8aS4
23rd Apr RT @FalconsGirls: Thank you to Peter Worley @the_if_man for leading the staff INSET @FalconsGirls. Mind opening and inspiring! http://t.co/…
23rd Apr Two day workshops introducing Philosophy and exploring culture, meta-cognitive thinking & more: 6-7th June in Riga: http://t.co/njkq89uqis
23rd Apr RT @remischief: 22nd International Philosophy Olympiad 2014 Lithuania 15th to 18th of May http://t.co/q398otiNJ1 @philosophyfound @philo
23rd Apr Register 4 @SOPHIA_Network meeting & mini-course, program announced: http://t.co/mmFCZjqsrp inc w/shops by @Thinking_Space_ & @the_if_man
20th Apr .@the_if_man is running a number of workshops for teachers and young people @ADIBF this year, if you're in the area: http://t.co/8KmmvvbE2R
17th Apr The 10 most important social innovations of all time | Pioneers Post http://t.co/EuwJXXyFms #socent
11th Apr RT @brainpicker: We lost Vonnegut on this day in 2007 – remember him with his wonderful poem on the secret of happiness http://t.co/CFLrFAt…
11th Apr RT @davidstuttard: Delighted to be speaking @AshmoleanMuseum, Oxford, 1st November about new @thamesandhudson book, 'A History of Ancient G…
11th Apr http://t.co/roHaeiNr2V Gave wrong date in previous tweet for @tedxgood to see @the_if_man's talk 'Plato not Playdoh' it is May 9th nt June
11th Apr @rapclassroom thank you! Doh. Time to redo the tweet!
11th Apr Currently reading Philosophy in the Popular Imagination @PhilosophyNow http://t.co/sFeYWt7RWW #philosophy by http://t.co/d0sCkRr3aJ
11th Apr @robinince do you spend much of your life on a train?
10th Apr Book the date, June 9th @tedxgood the final speaker of the evening is @the_if_man 'Plato not Playdoh': http://t.co/roHaeiNr2V
9th Apr Mini-course run before Network Meeting this year, register now for a day with @the_if_man @PhilosophDoctor & others: http://t.co/SCagsqrNnu
8th Apr RT @HistPhilosophy: @philosophyfound A HoPWaG listener would like to hear from anyone interested in philosophy and "The Little Prince" http…
8th Apr Just heard we are going to be working with you next term at Iqra @rapclassroom really looking forward to it!
8th Apr RT @the_if_man: My 3 Rs of philosophy: philosophy is... reasoned, it is reflective and it is revaluative... about reality, value and knowle…
7th Apr From rebellious teen to leader of...us...@the_if_man talks to @MidWaySociety about his philosophical journey & reason http://t.co/YuWMHZPzzx
7th Apr RT @LaSalleEd: Teach maths in prim or sec? Sign up for our FREE conference. Great speakers, including @oldandrewuk http://t.co/jL7LEtd2D…
7th Apr Hay & Philosophy is back with bells on it. Tickets available now for @HTLGIFestival http://t.co/0sT9t9ojkj
7th Apr RT @mobilewashunit: Glad to see philosophers finding fame, but distrust lists with Hitler http://t.co/y4cHJzg1D1 cc @philosophyfound
7th Apr RT @the_if_man: Why do philosophy with children? Instrumental vs intrinsic reasons? Latter: '...to make your soul grow.' Yes to that! http:…
7th Apr Now we know it shouldn't all be about fame, but the most famous people of the last 6000 years? Mainly philosophers: http://t.co/xczcWKQHUn
7th Apr RT @the_if_man: .great session!@FCGCampaigning @fourcomms there was a Newtonian absolutist, a Leibnizian relativist, a Kantian psychologist…
7th Apr RT @FCGCampaigning: Fab start to the first day of Easter hols - @philosophyfound hosting group of journos and their children for a workshop…
6th Apr RT @MidWaySociety: MWS Podcast: Ep. 19: We are joined by Peter Worley, author & co- founder @philosophyfound. http://t.co/QLdNUrmTIj
5th Apr RT @jon_brunskill: @the_if_man @tes @philosophyfound Thanks. I wrote a full response here: https://t.co/JaFsSxQeJS
5th Apr RT @the_if_man: A good letter in the @tes today @jon_brunskill re: RE vs philosophy. It struck me as willful omission. @philosophyfound
4th Apr @philosophybites best philosophy is done over a pint!
4th Apr RT @philosophybites: Come and learn about philosophy in the cellar of a London pub! http://t.co/94ISWDbSNH
4th Apr @LeahGreenTweets please can we contact you about an event we're running at schools in Deptford, Lewisham?
3rd Apr @daraobriain any chance we could get a quote from you for our new book on maths/numbers in the classroom?: http://t.co/hSrTwUm8t6
3rd Apr RT @HistPhilosophy: For now don't forget the last scripted episode on Jewish philosophy, which came out this week: http://t.co/valwIto4Nr
3rd Apr RT @HistPhilosophy: A great interview coming up on HoPWaG with Gad Freudenthal, a concluding general discussion of medieval Jewish philosop…
3rd Apr @JDLiteracyTrust Didn't literacy trust do research into impact of technology on EYFS showed that tech helps literacy for disadvantaged?
3rd Apr Free philosophy session for ages 7-11 run by @the_if_man on Monday 7th at 11am nr London Bridge info@philosophy-foundation.org happy hols!
31st Mar RT @Wago108: PhiE Lesson 3 @philosophyfound Can there be a perfect square? No Platonists today in Year 5, all Relativists...
31st Mar @philosophybites @WaterstonesPicc following in Descartes' footsteps...a conversation in one voice perhaps?
31st Mar RT @the_if_man: Thank you @ukedchat for this lovely review of @Thoughtings http://t.co/RUgBw5517i
28th Mar Is it possible to have a universal set of objective moral codes to live by? @IAI_TV video debate: http://t.co/woKO4geWWV
27th Mar RT @JohnjoCallanan: Check out "MM McCabe's Valedictory Lecture" http://t.co/mrOIV5qh3U via @eventbrite
27th Mar RT @philosoME: Just ordered #TheIfMachine by @the_if_man - quite overdue, but I'm excited to learn more about #PhilosophyForChildren for fu…
26th Mar RT @tes: Has your school made a difference to disadvantaged children? Enter the Pupil Premium Awards 2014 here http://t.co/2wGhcrf2tU
26th Mar RT @jillberry102: Don't ask what students DO understand - ask what they DON'T. Revisiting this on 'Error seeking' by @fullonlearning: http:…
26th Mar Our maths man @andyday3000 is best place to join this discussion on enquiry, maths & problem solving @inquirymaths http://t.co/zyzcfDIOF8
26th Mar @headguruteacher winging it's way to you via @CrownHousePub
26th Mar @headguruteacher would you like a copy of The Philosophy Shop? Like to hear your thoughts on it, happily send you 1: http://t.co/shXLXsXTmO
25th Mar RT @Wago108: PhiE session 2 @philosophyfound what would a perfect human being be like? Lots of emergent questions!
25th Mar RT @nickhitchen: Is there a difference between telling the truth and being truthful? @philosophyfound #kidsmeet
25th Mar RT @nickhitchen: Our second workshop was led by Miriam from @philosophyfound Students explored the difference between 'truth' and 'correct'…
24th Mar Schools programme for @hayfestival out now @the_if_man running 2 philosophy workshops, BOOK NOW, its free #ukedchat: https://t.co/RTvoiN28Ei
24th Mar RT @jon_brunskill: @the_if_man @oxfordlitfest Excellent. Will have them quoting Wittgenstein by the easter hols.
24th Mar RT @the_if_man: .@jon_brunskill @oxfordlitfest that's great! A good Year 3 session: Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems with question: 'does Trixie…
24th Mar RT @DavidEdmonds100: Would You Kill The Fat Man? Speaking tomorrow at @oxfordlitfest http://t.co/NRnVN3xugr with @philosophybites @stephenl
24th Mar RT @the_if_man: .@jadorelephilo @oxfordlitfest so did mine - her first phil session. She just said to me: 'once upon a time the end isn't a…
24th Mar RT @the_if_man: .@jon_brunskill @oxfordlitfest philosophy: 'understanding questions and exploring possible answers' (10 year old girl). Pre…
24th Mar RT @jon_brunskill: @the_if_man @oxfordlitfest This, incidentally, is why I think philosophy in schools is so important: http://t.co/awPuVh7…
23rd Mar RT @VanessaWesthead: A lovely pm storythinking with my 10 yr old son and @the_if_man at the #oxfordlitfest. Lots of ideas for my MSc proje…
23rd Mar RT @the_if_man: Had a great children's philosophy session for #OnceUponanIf today at the @oxfordlitfest: Does the future exist? + how to b…
23rd Mar How'd the sell out workshop go @oxfordlitfest @the_if_man? What did you do to entertain 100 little would be philosophers?
22nd Mar RT @the_if_man: @philosophyfound should be fun and very interesting. Looking forward to it. It'll be like trying to predict the movement of…
22nd Mar So @the_if_man ready to do philosophy with 120 children tomorrow? It'll be like Sandel event but with smaller humans: http://t.co/LQmFqs34Pe
22nd Mar A cat that can't meow, a boy w/no name, a promise keeping pair of shoes, which story will @the_if_man use tomorrow?: http://t.co/LQmFqs34Pe
22nd Mar RT @ACBedu: Huge well done to all winners at #ERAawards Our nominated authors were in excellent company! *raises glass* #EdShow14
21st Mar Fingers crossed for all @ACBedu authors tonight up for an award at the @besatweet ERAs, esp. @the_if_man whose #OnceUponanIf is inspired
21st Mar RT @NorahColvin: @philosophyfound @the_if_man @Thoughtings Love these. What a ton of fun! Just like toast crumbs in the brain! Poetry + phi…
21st Mar 2/2 but it has rhythm others retort, it needs more words is the reply, it's written by a poet, who said they were a poet? @Thoughtings
21st Mar 1/2 For the first, some students say yes, because of structure (acrostic poem: I Tap), some no because it doesn't rhyme @Thoughtings
21st Mar RT @Soph_connolly: If you read this please retweet to help out with our university research. Thanks http://t.co/y7Jl5A2iBe
21st Mar Today is #WorldPoetryDay & tomorrow #WorldWaterDay so @the_if_man has a poem with water in it for you: https://t.co/r1EftVdIaf
21st Mar Philosophy is dead white – and dead wrong by @natcphd http://t.co/rhD7TfvacI via @timeshighered
21st Mar That'll be David Birch you're observing then @nickhitchen, doing a session from his wonderful new book Provocations: http://t.co/zoz0G4vNkx
21st Mar RT @nickhitchen: Icarus was 'overtaken by pleasure' (Year Five boy at St. Anthony's with @philosophyfound ) #childrenasphilosophers
21st Mar Philosophy Matters March, #WorldPoetryDay, Education Resources Awards, Provocations, SOPHIA & new Stage 1 training: http://t.co/2zZ7iCnwYo
21st Mar #WorldPoetryDay - use the day to think philosophically about poems with free @thoughtings: http://t.co/se0gNfMrwf
20th Mar RT @HollyBloomsbury: Look at all our fantastic award nominees on show at #EdShow14 @TeacherToolkit @the_if_man @HWattsAuthor @ABCDoes ! htt…
20th Mar We look forward to reading your feedback on the class @Wago108
20th Mar RT @Wago108: Is it the same ship? @philosophyfound Great philosophy sessions with two Year 5 classes: very different lines of enquiry... fa…
19th Mar RT @MalalaFund: “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” - Aristotle
19th Mar Warburton, perhaps because of the way it is taught? Warnock, women can't shout as well as men #schoolphil
19th Mar Warnock, I don't know the answer, and it's not because women can't do it! #schoolphil
19th Mar Warburton asks Warnock, 'why so few women higher up in academic philosophy?' #schoolphil
19th Mar Warnock being able to unpick arguments & challenge assumptions is what we should be teaching for whatever job people go on to do #schoolphil
19th Mar Finding right question to ask in public decision making crucial. Mary Warnock describes herself as 'the argument maker' #schoolphil
19th Mar RT @the_if_man: #schoolphil Warburton: teaching philosophy should have the right balance of history.
19th Mar RT @the_if_man: #schoolphil Warburton: philosophy needs stories when taught. Agree.
19th Mar Descriptive metaphysics is the most important part of philosophy in public life. Mary Warnock #schoolphil
19th Mar Strawson says 2 kinds of philosopher descriptive and revisionist (eg Descartes) Mary Warnock #schoolphil. What are you?
19th Mar Mary Warnock philosophy flourishes on argument and dialogue #schoolphil
19th Mar RT @the_if_man: #schoolphil philosophy gossip helps to bring the subject alive for students but beware of ad hominem. Warburton: get balanc…
17th Mar RT @CrownHousePub: The latest @philosophyfound book 'Provocations' by David Birch is now available to preview in our #VirtualLibrary http:/…
17th Mar #edchat Are you ready for #WorldPoetryDay on Friday? We're spending the week doing @Thoughtings, free resources here: http://t.co/se0gNfMrwf
17th Mar If you're planning on putting forward a proposal for @SOPHIA_Network meeting please send title asap: http://t.co/zDQaSkNBR2
17th Mar If you're @oxfordlitfest this weekend & want your kids to have an entertaining & philosophical hour book @the_if_man: http://t.co/heDXLRdWru
13th Mar Why intelligence requires both body and brain: http://t.co/qWY9Xx4tLM via @robohub
12th Mar The IAPC are having a sale of academic books on philosophy for children: https://t.co/5lEAxicnwX
8th Mar RT @Aretaica: @the_if_man @profmdwhite Yes, good point. Also Searle's Chinese room is very often mentioned with his name.
8th Mar RT @the_if_man: .@profmdwhite @Aretaica yes. You were the first one. Interestingly, she is rarely mentioned when people talk about T.P. Pla…
8th Mar RT @profmdwhite: @the_if_man @Aretaica Philippa Foot, elaborated on by Judith Jarvis Thomson.
8th Mar RT @the_if_man: #worldwomensday most know Plato came up with allegory of the cave but who knows (without looking up) who came up with the t…
8th Mar Yes @metaepisteme they should be, ask at your local bookshop, or order online from us or @CrownHousePub
8th Mar RT @JoshuaHeyes: @TrentCollege thinking about freedom and determinism with genius Oxbridge candidates. Some budding philosophers for sure! …
7th Mar Spoof Michael Gove article appeared on 'hacked' Department for Education website http://t.co/LCElef5TIh headline made us laugh...
7th Mar RT @ekkerat50: @the_if_man @philosophyfound To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - both superb with book just winning
7th Mar graphic novels would count @hamza_shn @the_if_man
7th Mar RT @the_if_man: Question I used for #worldbookday: name a book you've both read and seen the film of. Which was better the book or the film…
7th Mar @JamesLuchte @IanVol @thinking_space the change in A level spec wasn't Gove's decision, it was the AQA examining board.
6th Mar RT @GuardianTeach: Happily ever after? Using children's stories to teach philosophy and ethics http://t.co/XdRRlVH7gd via @guardian
6th Mar RT @IanVol: New philosophy A-level curriculum – Gove's debased gold standard http://t.co/9pgz1rfbWX via @Thinking_Space & @philosophyfound
6th Mar RT @BloomsburyPhilo: Tweet us your fave Bloomsbury academic book for #WorldBookDay! And enter it into our celebratory comp: http://t.co/rJW…
6th Mar RT @shinetrustuk: @TeachFirst @YF_Academy We are giving out £150k to support great teachers - please share! #LetTeachersSHINE http://t.co/j…
6th Mar #WorldBookDay even more books for doing philosophy with young people: The Ashwater Experiment by Amy Goldman Koss (Chapter 1)
6th Mar RT @ITLWorldwide: Trivium 21c by @SurrealAnarchy - download for £1 this weekend http://t.co/AYMUitBCCl
6th Mar Can't believe Provocations is only £14.99, like all the books in our series it's a beautiful hardback: http://t.co/IdCrbGSdJ3 @CrownHousePub
6th Mar A thought for #worldbookday: what would be the most powerful book in the world? From Provocations ed @the_if_man http://t.co/MZIrNuDWk6
6th Mar They've arrived! Provocations - perfect book to provoke conversations in the secondary classroom thx @CrownHousePub http://t.co/sGl5L3iCrC
6th Mar RT @balloonkenya: @YoungAdvisors @philosophyfound @PioneersPost the philosophy we use with our international programme. #PowerOfNewStimulus
6th Mar RT @YoungAdvisors: @philosophyfound @balloonkenya @PioneersPost Success is always about diversity. How older and younger people can come to…
6th Mar would like to hear what @balloonkenya and @YoungAdvisors have to say about http://t.co/pKPhZUlBPt @PioneersPost
6th Mar RT @PioneersPost: Or, can you be too in-experienced for social enterprise? http://t.co/Fww1TdeJPn #socent
6th Mar RT @PioneersPost: You're never too young to be a social entrepreneur: http://t.co/lNWWFU3aHj #socent
6th Mar #WorldBookDay more stories about books to do philosophy with: Erasure from new book Provocations @CrownHousePub: http://t.co/8E8LYsTRQ3
6th Mar #WorldBookDay stories about books to do philosophy with: The Little Old Shop of Curiosities by @the_if_man from The If Machine
6th Mar #WorldBookDay more books to do philosophy with: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (Chapter 5), Dinah Forever by Claudia Mills (Chap 3)
6th Mar #WorldBookDay books to do philosophy with: It’s a Book by Lane Smith &The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown for young ones
6th Mar Great new 5 star review on http://t.co/Z96Lm7eGvO for @the_if_man The If Odyssey: http://t.co/Ym7S8WGMj1
6th Mar Sunny day, must be Spring & March means @oxfordlitfest. This year w/@the_if_man doing stories & philosophy: http://t.co/heDXLRdWru @ACBedu
5th Mar RT @IAI_TV: .@philosophyfound Workshop with epistemologists, ethicists & practitioners to discuss philosophy in schools: http://t.co/LOysHF…
5th Mar RT @DrJohnLTaylor: @philosophyfound @CrownHousePub Its an excellent book!
5th Mar Thanks @DrJohnLTaylor @CrownHousePub, we agree obviously!
5th Mar David wrote Provocations, just released today by @CrownHousePub http://t.co/KmuUCmPZDg look inside: http://t.co/SOtvAaU6vM
5th Mar Just read David Birch paper he is giving at http://t.co/QSCWRz5TBs V. interesting 'Leaving Home: philosophy and the virtue of adolescence'
5th Mar RT @the_if_man: Enquiry questions for #WorldBookDay: what would the world be like without books? What's better: the film or the book versio…
5th Mar Patience @the_if_man they're on their way! @CrownHousePub @EagleHouseSch
5th Mar RT @the_if_man: @CrownHousePub @philosophyfound Really exciting! When do I get mine?!! I could do with it tomorrow for my @EagleHouseSch lo…
5th Mar Thanks so much @SparkyTeaching we think they're lovely too! @TalkLearning @CrownHousePub great illustrations by @Tamarmagan
5th Mar RT @SparkyTeaching: @TalkLearning @CrownHousePub @philosophyfound Looking good. All the Philosophy Shop/Thoughtings books are so nicely des…
5th Mar RT @TalkLearning: Take a first peek inside our latest title, 'Provocations' http://t.co/By66wDkuam @philosophyfound
5th Mar RT @CrownHousePub: We are excited to announce the beautiful new addition to the @philosophyfound Series, 'Provocations' is available now ht…
5th Mar Peter Hacker asks: Why Study Philosophy » IAI TV http://t.co/vGFGumEHrS via @IAI_TV
5th Mar RT @the_if_man: @philosoME we are looking to set something up whereby we can and will let you know progress - keep following @philosophyfou
5th Mar Sorry @philosoME we can't currently offer the course as an online component. Happy to visit the States and run it there...;-)
4th Mar Any @SAPERE_P4C members who want to share 'ways into philosophy' with @SOPHIA_Network Zagreb in May? http://t.co/EgskmLwSCO
4th Mar Second and Final Call for Workshops for next @SOPHIA_Network meeting http://t.co/CItY8VfFiV @PhilosophDoctor @Thinking_Space_ @rapclassroom
4th Mar Dates for our next philosophy in schools course have been announced: http://t.co/S2RiJauoKL Read reviews of course http://t.co/1fXPmZEgXj
4th Mar Thanks @IAI_TV, but that is not quite what it is. The conference is about philosophy in schools, not a schools workshop
4th Mar RT @SteveHoggins: @Charmantides @philosophyfound I didn't teach it. It was a theory they came up with. Seems Chomsky is in my class!
3rd Mar RT @SteveHoggins: Year 5 #philosophy "Dogs don't have language, they just make sounds; dogs go 'woof' like cars go 'beep'." @philosophyfound
3rd Mar Workshop at Edinburgh Uni Mar 15th with epistemologists, ethicists & practitioners discussing philosophy in schools: http://t.co/QSCWRz5TBs
3rd Mar Philosophy conference Rugby Mar 19 w/ @DrJohnLTaylor @stephenlaw60 @philosophybites @ALevelPhilos Mary Warnock etc: http://t.co/5QuXvJ66Ix
28th Feb RT @CrownHousePub: @philosophyfound @OTeaching You've been quoted in my #Storify story "Education Publisher of the Year Award 2014" http://…
28th Feb RT @repgce: http://t.co/PDjJIzJRDE - great link for A/Level Environmental Ethics or high achieving GCSE pupils. Islamic perspective.
28th Feb Many congratulations @CrownHousePub on winning @Librios Education Publisher of the Year - well deserved!
28th Feb The Splintered Mind, reflections in philosophy of psychology, extract from The Philosophy Shop book: http://t.co/lbPbMHMtQI
27th Feb RT @GoodCPDGuide: DID YOU SEE? Great new reviews for @philosophyfound, Teachers' Pocketbooks @PocketbookLinda & @NUTonline all on http://t.…
27th Feb How very excellent @RobTorrington, using @the_if_man #OnceUponanIf front cover on the new @ACBedu catalogue! Thanks @HollyBloomsbury
25th Feb New 5* review of The If Machine by @the_if_man on amazon, an oldie (relatively speaking) but a goldie!: http://t.co/ScGYOQjbzW @ACBedu
25th Feb And the reason for mentioning Iceland's pure DNA in an inset on 'closing the gap' is? @michaelt1979
25th Feb RT @NorahColvin: #earlyed #P4C @philosophyfound @the_if_man @rosiecoaching Received my book today. Thanks! Very excited. Love inscription a…
24th Feb @LearningSpy different platforms, different readers: http://t.co/g7rWW6ioQq on fb constantly changing updates aren't expected, esp on a page
24th Feb @LearningSpy don't link it to your twitter account - make sure you add regular content and get all your followers to like it!
24th Feb RT @the_if_man: #earlyed #P4C A @philosophyfound specialist used 'It' today from #OnceUponanIf with reception. Great enquiry around 'Is a p…
24th Feb @Wago108 thanks for your insights on the course. Very helpful. Let us know how it goes and whether we can help.
24th Feb RT @Wago108: Thanks @philosophyfound for an inspiring weekend training: look forward to launching Philosophy in my school.
22nd Feb And tomorrow is going to be even better! @Wago108
22nd Feb RT @Wago108: Great community of enquiry for first day of training @philosophyfound
20th Feb RT @citizenship: Join @ukedchat's Twitter chat tonight to share citizenship/PSHE tips & tricks. Follow the hashtag #ukedchat from 8pm. http…
20th Feb Interesting afternoon with @project_oracle, how much evidence is enough?
20th Feb Looking forward to joining @Project_Oracle today to see if there are more ways to measure impact which can help us improve #eia2014
20th Feb RT @Project_Oracle: Discussion point today at #eia2014: What is the way forward for evidence-based policy? http://t.co/XRjq1Di3tK
20th Feb RT @LearningSpy: This has already had almost 3000 views! What I learned from my visit to Ofsted http://t.co/4pnUy4ZIaE
20th Feb RT @TeacherToolkit: “@johntomsett: "@headguruteacher: Meeting OfSTED: http://t.co/4Ksz7NagAC" < Pls believe us now all who still grade indi…
20th Feb We hang our head in collective shame @RobertHarries @Jonathan_Rowson @PhilosWarwick ...
20th Feb Looking at feedback from our training course @PhilosWarwick fav response: "I was expecting NOT to enjoy it. This expectation was NOT met."
18th Feb Could do a great socratic elenchus on this question @the_young_fdn #JoinUs
18th Feb RT @the_young_fdn: Today we ask ourselves and our community of followers, what does disruptive social innovation look like? Share your exam…
18th Feb RT @AnnaSmee1: We are looking for #socent tackling inequality in education and access to work. Is that you?! #joinus @yf_academy
18th Feb RT @NanetteNielsen: Worth reading, if you haven't already >> Nussbaum on philosophy, art, emotion, etc http://t.co/h3dWOmb24K v/@CambUP_PHI
17th Feb One for your Dad @bencrystal: “@guardian: How can minority languages survive in the digital age? http://t.co/CJL1RuJ3BT"
17th Feb RT @GoodCPDGuide: Great new reviews for providers on the @GoodCPDGuide! @technologytotea @EspressoEd @philosophyfound See them here: http:/…
15th Feb Please tell us you're home now @TrudaSpruyt!
15th Feb RT @railtonrailton: Incredible morning watching Peter Worley @philosophyfound in action.
14th Feb RT @AuntieDaisyUK: How much do you spend on #tampons? Like to give some of that to #girlseducation in Africa? Tell us in our survey: http:/…
14th Feb RT @AuntieDaisyUK: Great piece by @SarahBrownUK on #girlseducation - literate women's children 50% more likely to make it past age 5 http:/…
13th Feb RT @2012TheCrossin: 2012TheCrossing_Philosophy is out! http://t.co/ff7TuvtNop Stories via @philosophyfound
13th Feb Free philosophy in schools conference at Edinburgh on March 15th that might interest @EuPhilosophySoc @PhilosophySoc http://t.co/GUM0vlDg9F
13th Feb Second Philosophy in Schools conference at Rugby on March 19th @PhilOfEdGB: http://t.co/EQPIRNA75s #ukedchat
13th Feb Two conferences @PhilOfEdGB might be interested in, both on philosophy in schools, first Edinburgh 15th March: http://t.co/GUM0vlDg9F
13th Feb RT @PhilOfEdGB: Lib Dems planning new education policies - what might they learn from philosophy, Richard Pring?... http://t.co/CfRe1I3Uz5
13th Feb RT @PhilOfEdGB: Character can and should be taught, says Hunt - BBC http://t.co/PBIVW1wZ5b http://t.co/2xUtzi3C5f
13th Feb Philosophy in schools conference at Rugby School might be of interest to @PhilosWarwick @PTRBirmingham @Sophrosyne_1 http://t.co/EQPIRNA75s
13th Feb RT @isf_universe: READ the latest of the #ISFCommCrew s HERE http://t.co/qtvWYmwT9C gratitude to @the_if_man
13th Feb He's done it again @the_if_man is a finalist in ERA Educational Book of the Year Awards with #OnceUponanIf: http://t.co/zOcozDBRbP #ukedchat
13th Feb Share how you do philosophy with children or in communities with @SOPHIA_Network call for workshops / papers: http://t.co/LDTGFSLhYq
13th Feb Are you a London based #socent? @BITC_arc programme currently recruiting http://t.co/bYAK5j8rBS highly recommend applying - great support.
12th Feb Congratulations @AstonHillEd @TeacherToolkit @the_if_man @ABCDoes #ERA2014 an @ACBedu table at the awards this year perhaps?
12th Feb RT @ACBedu: We're shortlisted for four ERA Awards! Thanks @besatweet! Congrats to authors @TeacherToolkit @AstonHillEd @the_if_man and @abc
12th Feb @NorahColvin could you send us your address (Emma@philosophy-foundation.org) so we can send you a copy of #OnceUponanIf?
11th Feb RT @EducEndowFoundn: New Sutton Trust/EEF toolkit strand launched today - Oral Language Interventions http://t.co/tzWHw3gHNM
10th Feb Indeed @individualjs, believe @BarrySch does say that in his talk.
10th Feb Our loss of wisdom http://t.co/i2MeitRVlL by @BarrySch #TED #ukedchat would you rather be jazz musicians or script followers?
10th Feb RT @ukedchat: @philosophyfound @UKEdMag @CrownHousePub Our pleasure. It's a truly great book and a fantastic resource for teachers to have.
10th Feb RT @BigVentureChall: This is your last chance to access support, connections and up to £100K match funding for your #socent! 6pm Deadline h…
10th Feb Thanks @ukedchat @UKEdMag @CrownHousePub would you mind saying that with a dot at front - so that all your followers can see your tweet? ;-)
8th Feb RT @natcphd: Critical Philosophy of Race: Here and Now http://t.co/vjGDinXAtl
7th Feb @rapclassroom go onnnn!
7th Feb Thanks for the RT @rapclassroom, are we going to see you at SOPHIA this year? Something on hip hop in the philosophy classroom would be fab
7th Feb RT @the_if_man: Great fun with Ceebie Story 'The Robbery' in The If Machine today with Year 5s for #nationalstorytellingweek - an epistemol…
7th Feb 42 days until World Poetry Day - book a staff meeting on using @Thoughtings 5 star review on @GoodCPDGuide: http://t.co/SujSpEGJ8z
7th Feb Thanks for the lovely review of The Philosophy Shop @UKEdMag #ukedchat @CrownHousePub
7th Feb RT @TalkLearning: Lovely new review of 'The Philosophy Shop' in @UKEdMag on page 38 http://t.co/5g54pGK52L @philosophyfound
6th Feb RT @DrJohnLTaylor: SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY CONFERENCE MAR 19. With @philosophybites @ALevelPhilos @stephenlaw60 @philosophyfound @SAPERE_P4C htt…
6th Feb Michael Gove, William Wilberforce, and the defect of durable degradation by @natcphd at IOE 19th Feb: http://t.co/yw26a9JPO9 #ukedchat
6th Feb RT @the_if_man: The winning #OnceUponanIf novum entry is: 'What if no one had the ability to lie?' by Amy: http://t.co/BMFdrNIzGo @philosop
6th Feb We have a winner for the #OnceUponanIf comp @ACBedu which @the_if_man will announce soon...drum roll...
6th Feb RT @the_if_man: .@philosophyfound Great night at @PhilosophyFRAll Despite tube strike a full room greeted my #OnceUponanIf talk on 'Stories…
6th Feb Come on @the_if_man who is the winner of #onceuponanif @ACBedu Novum competition?
6th Feb RT @ACBedu: Here's a great classroom starter from @the_if_man and #OnceUponanIf - http://t.co/PNNjVSK3w5 Spooky!
6th Feb RT @SteveHoggins: Told a story from #OnceUponanIf of a boy looking for names. Yr5 child: "*chair* isn't its name, just like *human* isn't m…
5th Feb Don't let the tube strikes stop you thinking! Kant's cave tonight is @the_if_man doing stories & philosophy: http://t.co/dr7SqaaC6z
5th Feb Islam in the West w/@the_if_man & Mohsin Abbas talking about #NationalStorytellingWeek #OnceUponanIf & philosophy: https://t.co/MSSpYLQBwm
5th Feb RT @Thoughtings: @philosophyfound @the_if_man #P4C #ukedchat nospacetothinkmakesnosense. Space to think makes sense.
4th Feb RT @BITC_arc: Great catch up with arc #socents @Renaisi, @SkylightCafeLDN, @givemetap and @philosophyfound at our 'Mix @ 6' social http://t…
4th Feb RT @nickhitchen: For #NationalStorytellingWeek please take part in the Matches Enquiry http://t.co/ttMr71LyYk @philosophyfound with prompt …
4th Feb @Nickylids @PhilosophyQutes see God of the Gaps and Hume's Dialogues concerning natural religion for discussions around first cause / god
3rd Feb RT @the_if_man @RobTorrington I'm having fun with the new Sindbad Stories in #OnceUponanIf with some Year 5s for #nationalstorytellingweek
3rd Feb RT @RobTorrington: #nationalstorytellingweek @philosophyfound @the_if_man Ceebie Stories with my chn surprising even grizzled vet like me.
3rd Feb RT @the_if_man: #nationalstorytellingweek this week so I will be telling stories to begin all my philosophy sessions in schools this week #…
3rd Feb Call for Workshops http://t.co/1m9c2uaxEz for the next @SOPHIA_Network meeting in Zagreb May 8th-11th - open to all w/interest in philosophy
3rd Feb RT @GuardianTeach: Stories are a great way of getting pupils to discuss profound issues in a safe context, says @the_if_man http://t.co/nEj…
3rd Feb RT @philosophybites: Philosophy for children: @the_if_man on using stories to think through profound issues http://t.co/YHjMbXaL1d @guardian
1st Feb Happy #NationalStorytellingWeek #ukedchat Want 2 inspire your class 2 tell stories this week? Use this by @the_if_man http://t.co/EufCpIc4x1
1st Feb RT @Miss_H_Teacher: "@the_if_man: #OnceUponanIf I what-iffed some children away today in 'The Incredible Shrinking Machine' - they got bett…
31st Jan You might just win for the amount of novum offered @EmmaLillaJazz, what do you think @the_if_man? Or are you after the best novum?
31st Jan RT @EmmaLillaJazz: @philosophyfound Does a man shape a nation or does a nation shape the man?
31st Jan @EmmaLillaJazz yes, that is intriguing...
31st Jan Still out today too @the_if_man, look: http://t.co/kSvhFS0gm3 #OnceUponanIf
31st Jan @EmmaLillaJazz would *cough* stopping *cough* birth of hitler save Anne Frank? So many possible worlds #OnceUponanIf
31st Jan @EmmaLillaJazz It does indeed...that's no bad thing!
31st Jan RT @remischief: 22nd International Philosophy Olympiad 2014 Lithuania 15th to 18th of May http://t.co/q398otiNJ1 @philosophyfound @philo
31st Jan @RobTorrington what can you do a CPD on? ;-)
31st Jan @NorahColvin that was March 23rd 2011! #OnceUponanIf finding its way to you soon!
31st Jan Sorry @RobTorrington that one's already been done by Richard Baron: http://t.co/pk3bXPLFmA
31st Jan @EmmaLillaJazz any history, or your personal timeline? #OnceUponanIf
31st Jan Nice @EmmaLillaJazz ... which moment would you choose?
31st Jan RT @EmmaLillaJazz: #OnceUponanIf What if it were possible to go back in time and change just one moment in history?
31st Jan Do you want a copy of #OnceUponanIf @RobTorrington?
31st Jan RT @RobTorrington: #OnceUponanIf what it you could make one moment last forever?
31st Jan RT @RobTorrington: #OnceUponanIf what if you knew all the consequences of each of your actions?
31st Jan #ukedchat last chance to get hold of a free copy of @the_if_man's new book - stories for thinking #OnceUponanIf: http://t.co/ZKmIWMrd3f
31st Jan See what a few glasses of wine can do: @rosiecoaching: #OnceUponanIf what if meat eating was not the norm, but an option chosen by a few?
31st Jan Rumours that @the_if_man may write a story based on best novum suggested for #OnceUponanIf comp: win a book & story: http://t.co/cvxzGoWHS1
31st Jan RT @drangiehobbs: Repeat: a very, very carefully worded statement.
31st Jan RT @drangiehobbs: Here is a very carefully worded statement from the BPA about proposed Philosophy A-Level changes: http://t.co/lL87VbCQjZ
31st Jan Still got time to enter #OnceUponanIf competition http://t.co/cvxzGoWHS1, put up your feet, poor a glass of wine and let your mind wonder!
31st Jan Statement from BPA relating to recent proposed changes to @ALevelPhilos in the UK http://t.co/yiD25tHYYz @tombennett71 @DrJohnLTaylor
31st Jan Great Novum idea @CMajoinen, thanks
31st Jan RT @CMajoinen: What if whenever you imagined something it became real? #OnceUponAnIf
30th Jan RT @the_if_man: Interesting new paper: http://t.co/xe48i81tGb very AdB!
30th Jan RT @the_if_man: My new book #OnceUponanIf is out today! http://t.co/OiUQ3hyrVc For a (free) taster: http://t.co/yxe1TKgecw
30th Jan great novum! RT @dansumners What if you could remove your brain, have it wired up to a small ship and sent out into space? #onceuponanif
30th Jan One day to enter the @ACBedu competition to win a copy of #OnceUponanIf by @the_if_man write a novum - details here http://t.co/0o9L0M4hjs
30th Jan RT @BookSpace: RT: Great resource! It's #NationalStorytellingWeek next week (1st-8th Feb) #OnceUponanIf resource: http://t.co/fx2vDROXTX
30th Jan RT @ACBedu: Happy publication day to @the_if_man & #OnceUponanIf! Perfect for would-be storytellers. We're inspired by the cover! http://t.…
30th Jan RT @gutterfighters: @philosophyfound please encourage those who are concerned to email philosophy@aqa.org.uk
29th Jan To see new AQA suggested specifications visit http://t.co/eotZVrb0YB @ALevelPhilos
29th Jan What do you think of this http://t.co/MoO2Azqg1D @DrJohnLTaylor? @ALevelPhilos are trying to get people to respond positively to save it.
29th Jan RT @DrJohnLTaylor: SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY CONFERENCE MAR 19. With @philosophybites @ALevelPhilos @stephenlaw60 @philosophyfound @SAPERE_P4C htt…
28th Jan Very pleased to see World Philosophy Day being included on Teach Nursery's wall planner! http://t.co/JLeWG8bZVB
28th Jan A new 5 start review on @GoodCPDGuide this time for The Philosophy Shop book. We are not asking our friends!: http://t.co/0hJRwotQKk
28th Jan RT @HollyBloomsbury: Who knew Shrek was a philosopher?! http://t.co/kab5C7DY4N Great article and resources for storytelling from the @the_i
28th Jan RT @EducEndowFoundn: Kevan Collins, interviewed by The Economist on the issue of underachievement of white working class pupils http://t.co…
28th Jan You cannot win a copy of your own book @the_if_man - we should have put that in the small print @ACBedu! #OnceUponanIf
28th Jan RT @the_if_man: I have a #OnceUponanIf what if? novum: What if we didn't tell stories but stories told us?! See: Stephen King's 'Word Proce…
28th Jan RT @dansumners: He locked the last two pieces of pipe together and stood back, smiling. That was the last time he'd ever run out of custard…
28th Jan Our January bulletin about upcoming events all in one place, Philosophy Matters: http://t.co/UDphbW9t2K
28th Jan @keith_wilson @keithfrankish yes indeed - some schools have already stated that they will only provide RS from 2014 due to these changes
28th Jan @keith_wilson @keithfrankish is that because the majority of students come from outside A Level philosophy at the moment?
28th Jan @keith_wilson @keithfrankish Yes, & do you think departments going to have to up their outreach to encourage students to take on new sub?
28th Jan @keith_wilson @keithfrankish do you think it will be a problem for philosophy departments?
28th Jan You teach philosophy @tombennett71, right? Got anything to say on the new AQA specifications? http://t.co/MoO2Azqg1D
28th Jan What do you think @greenwich_FS? Know Sarah Jones had things to say about AQA philosophy: http://t.co/MoO2Azqg1D
28th Jan A Level Philosophy Teachers: http://t.co/MoO2Azqg1D AQA threatening to ditch single A Level in philosophy pls respond if relevant to you
28th Jan RT @ACBedu: Don't forget our competition with @philosophyfound-write a Twitter novum to win a copy of #OnceUponanIf-details here http://t.…
28th Jan RT @dansumners: What if you could become any animal - and change back - whenever you wanted? #onceuponanif
28th Jan @zorankojcic petit philosophy are part of the organising team this year Join the FB group to keep up to date: https://t.co/583dVQTkL2
28th Jan Happily ever after? Using children's stories to teach philosophy #OnceUponanIf http://t.co/PtIlQyxKff by @the_if_man in @guardian #ukedchat
28th Jan @SteveHoggins but that is the one thing she CAN'T have. Do you mean what would she want rather than get?
27th Jan RT @zorankojcic: Quick reminder for my short article on Philosophical Practice in Croatia, published in SemiotiX earlier this month http://…
27th Jan .@zorankojcic we'll be seeing you at @SOPHIA_Network then in May? (soon to be announced CFP for this years Network meeting)
27th Jan RT @Samfr: Superb presentation from @informed_edu on how to use the Pupil Premium effectively https://t.co/Pha5ULILoK
27th Jan A blog entry into the #OnceUponAnIf novum competition: 'what if we never asked what if?' by Richard Baron @PhilosophyNow
27th Jan RT @richboakes: What if every thought, across all sentient beings, could be uniquely numbered? #OnceUponAnIf
27th Jan Write twitter novum and win a copy of @the_if_man #OnceUponanIf thanks to @ACBedu details here: http://t.co/ZKmIWMrd3f
27th Jan RT @ACBedu: Competition time! Write a Novum. What's one of those? Here's what- http://t.co/e75rYxuzhd We'll collect, share & winner gets #O
27th Jan RT @ACBedu: We are excited to introduce @the_if_man and his new book #OnceUponanIf, out Thursday! http://t.co/up3Ezxlp2Y Competition coming…
27th Jan RT @thinkingclassrm: ...sections full of shiny things calling out, "Read me! Try me out! Have a think about me!” http://t.co/JJafCVwa0w
27th Jan RT @thinkingclassrm: "@the_if_man 's book almost hijacked my day. Week. I resisted the multiple temptations of the contents pages...Sort of…
26th Jan Join @the_if_man in 'Kants Cave' 5 feb @sfs_uk #NationalStorytellingWeek he will be discussing narrative philosophy: http://t.co/dr7SqaaC6z
26th Jan RT @Sophrosyne_1: @the_if_man @philosophyfound Have you heard this R4 prog on storytelling? Quite interesting - http://t.co/w6x3WBAtor
26th Jan RT @AGahlin: @the_if_man The song's last notes died away and all the memories melted back into the unlocked box #OnceUponanIf
26th Jan RT @the_if_man: Here's my #OnceUponanIf flash fiction story: The story of the contradiction monster ended before it began.
26th Jan RT @the_if_man: Write a flash-fiction story in 140 characters or less. Include #OnceUponanIf so we can collect them. Be inspired: http://t.…
26th Jan RT @Mike_Bostock: "Rote learning not enough to create successful learners in the 21st Century" http://t.co/ZzjHmtiVWv
26th Jan Thanks @ClaireMTyler @tes we think it's important to start young and not teach critical thinking in isolation.
26th Jan RT @ClaireMTyler: @tes Hopefully initiatives such as @philosophyfound can start bridging the gap & continue great job of raising profile of…
25th Jan RT @philosophybites: Philosophy: the Basics - a course starting in early March in central London http://t.co/qpLgbQu09O
25th Jan RT @natcphd: Critical Philosophy of Race: Here and Now | 5-6th June 2014 | G22/26, Senate House, London @rapclassroom http://t.co/dlhk87J5…
24th Jan RT @Thoughtings: well done @the_if_man @philosophyfound staff meeting based on Thoughtings receives 5 star review on @GoodCPDGuide: http://…
24th Jan ICPIC essay prize competition open for another week - all entries receive free membership: http://t.co/q7AOElnYuj
24th Jan RT @ALevelPhilos: The AQA have today released a new A Level Philosophy specification for immediate teaching from September 2014:... http://…
24th Jan #ukedchat Free resource 'thinking in pictures' picture books, themes & questions from @the_if_man #OnceUponanIf: http://t.co/YIHIhBEfiL
23rd Jan RT @the_if_man: A favourite picture-book #OnceUponanIf is Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems. The question I find never fails is: Does Trixie talk…
23rd Jan #OnceUponanIf @TomWallo2 @FulwoodPolitics @FulwoodEnglish @yazzcevik do tell! As long as they get us thinking...
23rd Jan #ukedchat Free resource 'more stories to think with' list of stories and themes w/@the_if_man new book #OnceUponanIf: http://t.co/KRpzOp6E0f
23rd Jan RT @the_if_man: Some free e-resources from my upcoming book #OnceUponanIf (Jan 30) now available from @philosophyfound website: http://t.co…
23rd Jan Thanks for the tip @SparkyTeaching, will try that one out.
23rd Jan RT @SparkyTeaching: #OnceUponanIf 'Bambert's Book of Missing Stories' provokes loads of "What if?" questions... http://t.co/tWaQgUEmA0
23rd Jan Yes, that's a great one @SimonWhitehall - have you tried the Frog stories by max velthuijs? #OnceUponanIf
23rd Jan RT @SimonWhitehall: @philosophyfound @SparkyTeaching #onceuponanif love using Where the Wild Things Are with reception
23rd Jan RT @lynne_hailey: @philosophyfound also I use Wonder by RJ Palacio. An excellent book with loads of opportunity for discussion #OnceuponanIf
22nd Jan RT @2minuteson: @SparkyTeaching Out of Shadows by Jason Wallace a popular and incredibly thought provoking read for teens #OnceUponanIf
22nd Jan @SparkyTeaching thanks for RT - have you got a favourite story for thinking? #OnceUponanIf
22nd Jan RT @the_if_man: .@HortusC @philosophyfound the grandfather's argument: the liar? Mad? Or telling truth?-argument features here. If not L or…
22nd Jan RT @the_if_man: yes,@HortusC Chapter 5 (I think) flawed logic argument is great for thinking with @philosophyfound #OnceUponanIf
22nd Jan RT @HortusC: @philosophyfound #OnceUponanIf - C.S. Lewis, The lion, the witch and the wardrobe < Narnia
22nd Jan RT @Insularix: #OnceUponanIf madame bovary. Between women rights and misoginia
22nd Jan We'd like to hear your favourite story that gets you (or your class) thinking deeply. Use #OnceUponanIf so we can find your story #ukedchat
22nd Jan What's your favourite story that gets you thinking deeply @drangiehobbs? #OnceUponanIf
22nd Jan What's your favourite story that gets your class (or you) thinking deeply @the_if_man? #OnceUponanIf
21st Jan Journey of a Social Entrepreneur @the_if_man & @rosiecoaching feature in this months @the_young_fdn newsletter: http://t.co/GCckUINR43
20th Jan RT @the_if_man: @Thoughtings Number Wonders: Year 4s: How does someone blind from birth imagine a number? It has to be an invisible number.
20th Jan thanks @SurrealAnarchy, @davowillz see resources on our website, and contact @andyday3000 who has developed maths resources for us.
20th Jan RT @the_if_man: #ukedchat What's your #OnceUponanIf? Name and share a favourite story that gets your class (and/or you) thinking deeply or …
20th Jan Thank you @SOPHIA_Network
19th Jan Analytic Teaching & Philosophical Praxis vol 34 explores relationship between mathematics, philosophy & education http://t.co/oMU1UEzgHP
18th Jan @RaleighMiller @SchoolsImprove the CBI have been saying this for quite sometime, and thank you for the recommendation.
18th Jan RT @SchoolsImprove: From today: Schools are becoming ‘exam factories’ which don’t equip students for the world of work, claims CBI http://t…
18th Jan @TheLoveof_Truth @philosophytweet @apipipro @Min_filosofi @europeanhistory philosophy NOT just for elite. See our work!
17th Jan RT @the_if_man: #OnceUponanIf My daughter just put a stool on her head & said 'this could be a hat.' Must have been reading 'The Chair' in …
17th Jan .@nickhitchen @Alpha_PlusGroup #religiouseducation #pshe all good things we hope Nick?
17th Jan RT @JAGSPhilosophy: The End: C4 education's philosophical "game of self-discovery for teens" (highly recommended by yr10 philosophers): htt…
17th Jan Congratulations to @the_if_man who is now the new President of @SOPHIA_Network taking over mantel of @PhilosophDoctor.
17th Jan RT @lewis_lizzy: Charlie (6) looking forward to his first philosophy lesson today - with his mum!
17th Jan Hope you and Charlie have a great lesson @lewis_lizzy, what are you doing?
16th Jan Happy birthday @JDLiteracyTrust was the scherzo put in the 2nd or 3rd movement, and did it have 2 or 3 hammer blows at the end?
16th Jan RT @MikeTweetham: Oh to be sandwiched between these 2! Check out peter's cool new book @the_if_man http://t.co/gpBAKu3wpK
16th Jan RT @HollyBloomsbury: 2 wks today until #OnceUponanIf publishes @the_if_man! Sneak preview of copies hot off the press! @philosophyfound htt…
16th Jan RT @JAGSPhilosophy: JAGS philosophy conference for sixth-form students now taking bookings for places. Thurs 27th Feb: details here: http:/…
16th Jan @nickhitchen be great to hear / see what you come up with...
16th Jan RT @nickhitchen: Leading RE & PSHE forum this afternoon. Focus on creating 'epic question' schemes of learning @philosophyfound
13th Jan RT @GoodCPDGuide: Great new @GoodCPDGuide reviews for @philosophyfound @enliven_ed and @tutor2u! See how users rate impact of services: htt…
13th Jan 5 min short of our Houses of Parliament event, with young people from across London: https://t.co/tF4jZTnniI
13th Jan Reviews of our INSET and in-school training have sent one of our courses on @GoodCPDGuide to the top of the listings: http://t.co/9PPib62BKu
13th Jan RT @kelliestrom: Here’s @drangiehobbs on @philosophyfound philosophy for primary and secondary schools: http://t.co/tdyWw2wb7F – More: http…
13th Jan Ofsted approve of our classes, @lastenglishking "Lessons in philosophy encourage pupils to reflect and think more deeply." @drangiehobbs
13th Jan RT @drangiehobbs: Here's the full video of my introduction to Philosophy for Children event in Houses of Parliament: http://t.co/U0zQLEy2d2…
11th Jan @EmmaLillaJazz Thanks! You seemed to really grasp what we are about. Would you care to write a review, perhaps? http://t.co/dgPXOm7mnW
10th Jan We think a lovely dedication from @the_if_man in Once Upon an If. To all teachers - you matter! #ukedchat http://t.co/sknSgVuXl6
10th Jan It's bigger than The If Machine & The If Odyssey, @the_if_man's new book has just arrived Once Upon an If http://t.co/nxAT2zYYJw
10th Jan Early Day Motion supporting reasoning & philosophy in education, thank you to all MPs who support this & our work: http://t.co/POOVxdNUqQ
10th Jan Need to learn critical literacy along with facts so as not to be duped: facts & google are not infallible @SchoolsImprove #schools
10th Jan RT @SchoolsImprove: Today’s poll: Is there any point teaching facts in school when everyone can access Google? http://t.co/cnxH7sosIm #sch
10th Jan RT @zaranosaur: @philosophyfound this presupposes that in that state they could conceive of being recipients of racism, sexism, disablism &…
9th Jan You have until Jan 31st to enter ICPIC 2013 essay prize: http://t.co/q7AOElnYuj philosophy with children #p4c
9th Jan .@drangiehobbs although thanks 2 @kingsphilosophy there was more actual football in our match than in Pythons. Ask the ref @philosophybites
9th Jan RT @drangiehobbs: @MikeC_MC Alas, I think I would have been out of position anywhere on the pitch. I hoped to go as Zeno, and refuse to mov…
9th Jan RT @EmmaLillaJazz: @philosophyfound Thank you for a brilliantly stimulating session yesterday at Bloo... Can't wait to read the If Odyssey!…
8th Jan Always learning something new & interesting about @andyday3000 (we've known him for 3 years) today we learned he was a teacher in Zimbabwe!
8th Jan RT @PhilosL: [Final Reminder] CFP: Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2014 - submission deadline Mon 13 Jan 2... http://t.co/…
8th Jan @zaranosaur by wiping everyone's memories, wrapping them in bandages & asking them then to make the rules by which we live? #rawls
8th Jan RT @oxfordlitfest: RT @chaletfan: 'Just looked at the #kidlit lineup for @oxfordlitfest MY GOD IT'S GOOD YOU GUYS. http://t.co/NOzXXjhEpe '…
8th Jan RT @oxfordlitfest: New children's events on sale incl Peter Worley @the_if_man Miffy and Jonny Duddle #oxfordlitfest @chaletfan http://t.…
6th Jan #ukedchat Finding the right question - training day with @visitandum in SE London on Feb 1st: http://t.co/mjbYEbSLiO
6th Jan Full programme schools philosophy conference at Rugby http://t.co/TlhmgU6v5f w/workshops by @the_if_man @lewis_lizzy @DrJohnLTaylor & more
6th Jan RT @DrJohnLTaylor: SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY CONFERENCE March 19th Baroness Mary Warnock @philosophybites @stephenlaw60 @philosophyfound & more htt…
6th Jan RT @thom_brooks: Simon Hoggart #RIP http://t.co/M1dLKoyuBd
5th Jan RT @headguruteacher: @philosophyfound There's a really good discussion on S&L in the comments on this blog post. http://t.co/8s8iAGI1Cg
5th Jan Thanks @MikeArmiger for letter @truan_steve @headguruteacher @imagineinquiry What do you all think about decision to remove grading of S&L?
5th Jan @headguruteacher @imagineinquiry @truan_steve thank you again, that would be good to put in the public domain.
5th Jan RT @alomshaha: Impressed that @SundayAssembly has grown to provide more than just the "church" service.
5th Jan RT @alomshaha: @headguruteacher wrote this a year ago after my first visit. http://t.co/EWPy1jpPs1
5th Jan thank you @headguruteacher that is good news @imagineinquiry @truan_steve
5th Jan @headguruteacher @imagineinquiry @truan_steve indicating or confirming?
5th Jan RT @headguruteacher: @imagineinquiry @truan_steve I had reply from query to OfQual indicating well-established subjects like drama and PE a…
5th Jan RT @truan_steve: Still no news on whether drama & PE will survive as GCSE Plz start 2014 by fighting 4 them by signing & RT this http://t…
5th Jan RT @NanetteNielsen: Brilliant >> RT @RealGeoffBarton Lovely student letter in the Observer today #AppliedLearning http://t.co/fTc720TPXt
5th Jan @lonanglo it's interesting that even the academics Gove 'agrees' with still disagree with him. Seen this?: http://t.co/XVfPS1OXsN
5th Jan Planicking? Join our website for free & download enquiry plans, watch videos & more: http://t.co/YO9abY8GSC #ukedchat #edchat #philosophy
5th Jan On Feb 3rd prices of The Philosophy Shop & Thoughtings are increasing, get them from us whilst you can for £8 saving http://t.co/iP0DXQRP0t
5th Jan RT @lonanglo: Cambridge history professor hits back at Michael Gove's 'ignorant attack' http://t.co/DJEW5uWN0X
5th Jan How to teach: the best bits of 2013 http://t.co/cYevsLEMYY via @guardian
5th Jan The reading list: misspent pupil premium, the critical thinking debate and reasons to be cheerful http://t.co/hMXZf0rNCW via @guardian
3rd Jan RT @HistPhilosophy: A new blog on sports and philosophy by the great @davidpapineau: http://t.co/exBkpN8iHq
3rd Jan RT @CtMyfanwy: @ITVWales Another bigger picture of my dad Richard Thomas. Please keep re tweeting ppl. We need him home safe xx http://t.co…
3rd Jan .@tes It worked for our CEO, teen tearaway @the_if_man
1st Jan @the_young_fdn @YFAccelerator thanks for the tweet.
1st Jan RT @the_young_fdn: @FT @alaindebotton more philosophers in the boardroom requires more in the classroom. See great work @philosophyfound cc…
31st Dec .@imagineinquiry thank you for that blog, inspiring & something we can all learn from. May 2014 bring you health and happiness #Nurture1314
31st Dec RT @imagineinquiry: Thank you to everyone who has read this & written such kind & supportive messages: A year with cancer #nurture1314 http…
30th Dec Thank you @HayekWorld for the correction. The Philosophy Shop now available in Korean. Looks lovely. @CrownHousePub http://t.co/quMcKR1wrd
30th Dec Particularly like Graham Taylor's constant sideline call of "Angie! Angie!" to get @drangiehobbs attention @IngerHaapasaari @SDMumford
29th Dec Perhaps we could arrange proper debate on philosophy in schools @EducationFest this year? @drangiehobbs @Rokewood arguments for & against?
29th Dec RT @drangiehobbs: Here's the link to this am's Saturday Live discussion; main interview from 2.11-12.50 plus various other comments: http:/…
29th Dec RT @bergmanwatch: @SDMumford Haha! That's such a great video! :) @philosophyfound
29th Dec RT @SDMumford: @bergmanwatch @philosophyfound It was such a great day, even though my team came 2nd!
28th Dec RT @berkeley_15: @philosophyfound @BrotherDelphi @BBCRadio4 Words and numbers do not exist, much less make sense, without the mind.
28th Dec @BrotherDelphi @the_if_man look forward to hearing your ideas. But be careful not to base your idea of our work on a few films! ;-)
28th Dec RT @MichaelRosenYes: Why should I believe that I should question what I should believe? #saturdaylive @BBCRadio4
28th Dec RT @DrJohnLTaylor: The value of philosophy lies in its capacity to stimulate inquiry; to make the 'obvious' problematic & so make students …
28th Dec @BrotherDelphi Sounds like you might have had a similar experience to our CEO @the_if_man
28th Dec Try 'Religion Without God' by Ray Billington @AdamLeBrocq @Tracey94249526 @BrotherDelphi @BBCRadio4
28th Dec RT @SDMumford: @philosophyfound That's right. It's still shaking!
28th Dec @BrotherDelphi that's sad to hear - we put 'why' at the centre of our enquiries - for teachers and pupils. Don't dismiss: help to change
28th Dec @BrotherDelphi @BBCRadio4 interesting idea. We would argue philosophy is foundational to learning Maths & English: http://t.co/IJMW2Hbs31
28th Dec RT @SDMumford: I was Blue no.4 “@philosophyfound: want to see how philosophers play football? Philosophers football match: http://t.co/5cM7…
28th Dec Seem to recall you had a falling out with a goal post? @SDMumford
28th Dec .@BrotherDelphi @BBCRadio4 @drangiehobbs once children have language they should be given an opportunity to explore concepts
28th Dec thanks @AdamLeBrocq, we get children talking about minds and brains age 5/6 @BrotherDelphi @BBCRadio4 @drangiehobbs
28th Dec @bsfc_literacy @BBCRadio4 @drangiehobbs I'm afraid that links broken now: we haven't been able to keep it alive! Maybe next year...
28th Dec what age do you think, and why? @BrotherDelphi @BBCRadio4 @drangiehobbs
28th Dec want to see how philosophers play football? @BBCRadio4 the philosophers football match @drangiehobbs mentioned: http://t.co/hObTzczsmo
28th Dec RT @BBCRadio4: 'It's crucial to be trained from a young age to ask why you should believe something' @drangiehobbs #saturdaylive.
24th Dec .@the_if_man yes indeed Turing. Posthumous apologies.
24th Dec RT @the_if_man: “@philosophyfound: (Posthumous) pardon for Turin welcome, sadly 60 years overdue.” Here's the missing 'g'!
24th Dec (Posthumous) pardon for Turin welcome, sadly 60 years overdue.
20th Dec @kumuakeakamai @JanaMohrLone always happy to collaborate - even if we are on different islands!
20th Dec RT @aeonmag: Even in our digital age, live storytelling has a spellbinding effect more potent than any DVD box set http://t.co/PKXkCsBNcA
20th Dec RT @drangiehobbs: I will post the full text of my introductory talk in New Year @philosophyfound
20th Dec RT @pengedad: @philosophyfound @NewYorker re Limits of empathy, I think Stalin said that the death of 1 person is a tragedy but a million i…
20th Dec Thanks @drangiehobbs that would be great - so many good arguments for philosophy to be in our schools.
20th Dec @MichaelCooper09 will do, thanks Michael.
20th Dec It is not all about academia: the importance of music and sports in education http://t.co/RqII4zgNlf via @MichaelCooper09
20th Dec Paul Bloom: The Case Against Empathy http://t.co/6NSGBCPNQ2 via @NewYorker HT @pengedad. What do people think? Do you empathise?!
20th Dec So here's how @the_if_man creates controversy w/ truth telling necklace, a lying stone & a box: https://t.co/lyOgsFN1z0 @drangiehobbs
20th Dec Warm and glowy feeling: The Philosophy Foundation book series with @CrownHousePub: http://t.co/mbfvwgFXY4
19th Dec RT @HMeese_IMechE: #Ethics of #STEM in #Society: one day scientists and philosophers will join hands http://t.co/Dvf9MueR0d #engineering #p
19th Dec RT @kumuakeakamai: 8th grade students doing #phillosophy with 11th and 12th graders? At public school? A Glimpse Into the Future. #p4c http…
19th Dec Interesting blog @kumuakeakamai @JanaMohrLone, we've been doing it too: http://t.co/DUcJzHanjv Year 7 students doing philosophy with Year 6.
19th Dec RT @EducationFest: We have over 100 speakers confirmed and will be releasing their names over the coming weeks. About 100 more to be add +…
19th Dec Philosophy in Houses of Parliament: https://t.co/lyOgsFN1z0 we tried to make it shorter, but kids were so good we couldn't! Pls watch & RT
19th Dec RT @dansumners: @philosophyfound ah, thank you! yes, lots of game playing and lovely goodbyes *sniff*
19th Dec Hope @dansumners last day in school was good. We're very sorry to see you go. We will be clinging on as long as we can! Hip hip hooray 4 Dan
19th Dec MASSIVE YAWN: DfE Have Appealed My Free School FOI Judgement http://t.co/seaZZmebtC via @miss_mcinerney
19th Dec There's still time to buy social this Christmas with @BITC_arc #socent: http://t.co/4oABsDb6F8
18th Dec Kids say some great stuff: https://t.co/Ut4YbDD5nI
18th Dec December news from The Philosophy Foundation: upcoming events and news http://t.co/Mz7f1GEHPp
16th Dec Critical Philosophy of Race: Here and Now conference next year at UCL: http://t.co/sGqnOoIF7h w/@natcphd presenting
13th Dec Photos from our #WorldPhilosophyDay event in the Houses of Parliament: https://t.co/gt6OJXKus8
12th Dec @Voicetheunion not so much nature *or* nurture, but nature *and* nurture.
12th Dec Genetics accounts 4 more than 1/2 of variation in exam results http://t.co/d4i7ELZyvA *healthwarning* determinism not confirmed by findings
11th Dec RT @EducationFest: Ignorance and wisdom by @anthonyseldon http://t.co/7l0jO09rlW
11th Dec RT @BBCr4today: LISTEN - Universities UK advice 'violates women's freedom' http://t.co/nOCcpX079x #r4today
11th Dec What's the difference between a meaningful life and a happy one? http://t.co/jVCyAGWN3h
11th Dec Like to see what @SirKenRobinson would say to this: 'We Say We Like Creativity, but We Really Don’t': http://t.co/UT9EgU3dB8
11th Dec @BITC_arc @calverts many thanks
10th Dec @LeopardprintLtd thank you
10th Dec @freeza8 @BITC_arc good to see you too Mike, thanks.
10th Dec @LeopardprintLtd can you do it for less than £8 per certificate?
10th Dec can anyone recommend a company that would print certificates - preferably eco friendly, and not too expensive? #socent
10th Dec We want to thank everyone who helped us with our recent Crowdfunder campaign - https://t.co/NaMbD9wYkx
9th Dec RT @GuardianTeach: What are your career plans? Share your ambitions as a teacher for a chance to win £200 worth of Guardian books! http://t…
9th Dec .@bsfc_literacy for more philosophy within children's literature see Thomas Wartenberg's A Sneetch is a Sneetch & Big Ideas for Little Kids
9th Dec Use children's literature to explore philosophy via @histphilosophy blog, there are 6 related posts so far: http://t.co/HOyniMnkJi
9th Dec RT @GuardianTeach: Introduce your class to the Odyssey in this great philosophy activity Circe and the Pig men http://t.co/FCh4RRHei0 thx @…
8th Dec RT @the_if_man: .@philosophyfound @histphilosophy also check out A Sneetch Is A Sneetch and Big Ideas For Little Kids both by Thomas Warten…
8th Dec @HistPhilosophy do you have more philosophy in children's literature posts? @the_if_man ?
8th Dec RT @HistPhilosophy: Childrens' book philosophy 6: Theory of naming in "Alice Through the Looking Glass": http://t.co/YZLO11KWpT
6th Dec @DeputyMitchell that works...
6th Dec @rapclassroom @the_if_man @ACBedu hope you'll join us for the launch - will send you details when I've arranged it...!
6th Dec .@the_if_man @rapclassroom @ACBedu Once Upon an If is actually due out January 30th, not Dec 28th as per previous twitter.
6th Dec RT @SteveHoggins: Yr5 child on Chinese room: "you would know it was human if it made a mistake, computers don't." Me: tiny little mind blow…
6th Dec @the_if_man @BBC_Four careful, we'll minus one for smugness...
6th Dec .@the_if_man @ACBedu it's great, perfect for the book. Looking forward to the launch in January #OUaI
6th Dec .@the_if_man @BBC_Four shame you got Wittgenstein wrong, but seeing as you got all the others we'll give you 5 points. 5 out of 4 ain't bad!
6th Dec RT @m_sherrington: #onthisday 1865 US Congress ratifies 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”-…
6th Dec RT @m_sherrington: "Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural ... it can be overcome" - Nelson #Mandela
6th Dec RT @the_if_man: V pleased with cover for my new book #OUaI #ukedchat by the wonderful Tim Bradford: http://t.co/BXVHwNRkNv @ACBedu http://t…
6th Dec RT @SocialEnt_UK: How social enterprise can get you in Santa’s good books http://t.co/SXorf6G2dR #buysocial
5th Dec RT @the_if_man: Loving guessing who's coming next in the story of logic in @BBC_Four's The Joy of Logic. Great. Good for philosophy too @ph
5th Dec So Pope Innocent VII was not so innocent @m_sherrington!
5th Dec Parting note from another teacher: http://t.co/sJ6EbhsQID #ukedchat
5th Dec RT @the_if_man: @ACBedu @philosophyfound today's philosophical exercise: can you try to forget something? Oh, and, DON'T THINK OF PINK ELEP…
5th Dec RT @suzanne_moore: So my mushy head is 'hardwired' for girly things, is it? If this is science, I am Richard Dawkins | Suzanne Moore http:/…
5th Dec RT @carlgardner: Anyone who's commented on the "forced caesarian" story must read this: Mostyn J's ruling allowing doctors to operate: http…
4th Dec RT @PhilOfEdGB: International Network of Philosophers of Education Conference 2014, Cosenza, Italy. Submission deadline 1st... http://t.co/…
4th Dec RT @3Diassociates: "A balance between academic & non-academic learning is critical to children's wellbeing & happiness in school" #PISA htt…
4th Dec @jbohistory and therein lies the problem! @the_if_man
4th Dec RT @the_if_man: Philosophical exercise for today: try to make a mistake on purpose. @ACBedu
4th Dec .@AudreyFleur you can train with us and become involved by doing philosophy in schools: http://t.co/S2RiJacfwD #philosophy #ukedchat
3rd Dec RT @edutopia: Thought-provoking: Why can’t education be more about thinking? http://t.co/soTEc4UePe via @MichaelCooper09 #edreform
3rd Dec RT @EnableEducation: Being smart doesn't quite cut it anymore. http://t.co/6cyY88gbKy @AndyNulman #innovation
3rd Dec "It may have been a form of play, but the message was profound." Article on day in parliament. Thinking not testing: http://t.co/4maX5ypGTW
3rd Dec @SurrealAnarchy @MichaelRosenYes sometimes old knowledge (OK) is good, but sometimes OK is just wrong. Think w/ OK to get new knowledge.
3rd Dec .@Schools_News successive governments put more emphasis on passing tests & not on developing understanding & intellectually active citizens.
3rd Dec RT @3Diassociates: @MichaelRosenYes Good item on learning with understanding on @BBCr4today - ruined by conclusion that it might happen onl…
3rd Dec RT @MichaelRosenYes: As the world pleads for thinking,creative people education is controlled by calvinist fact-crunchers obsessed with old…
3rd Dec .@julesevans77 interesting point - an invitation to a dichotomy: happiness or success? Or is it a false one?
3rd Dec RT @julesevans77: Indonesian kids bottom of PISA tables, but happiest. South Korean kids top of PISA, but least happy... http://t.co/HcmA8f…
3rd Dec @Wigdortz the need to develop understanding? Rose & Cambridge review both say its importance has been neglected in age of teaching to test.
2nd Dec RT @the_if_man: #P4C 'so there must be an infinity of infinities, one between every integer.' Not Cantor, but 10 year old Lucy.
2nd Dec RT @MichaelRosenYes: @tes On cue, the obvious but mind-numbing 'solution' to the PISA problem: even more bloody teaching to the test: http…
2nd Dec Beautiful illustrations by @Tamarmagan just arrived for our new book coming out in Jan w/@CrownHousePub exciting: http://t.co/KmuUCn72Fg
30th Nov @SteveHoggins the man to talk to about twitter is @muzrobertson (as well as sister, obviously)
30th Nov @SteveHoggins if you want your comment to be public to all followers you need to put a dot before @the_if_man otherwise private conversation
30th Nov RT @SteveHoggins: @the_if_man (book: The If Odyssey) and @guardianreview you both use Homer to talk about real issues of war http://t.co/kk…
30th Nov RT @SussexPhilos: Reminder: Acting on Principle, Onora O’Neill Workshop, 13–14 December @SussexUni. Call for Registration. http://t.co/v16j…
30th Nov RT @drangiehobbs: Here's a link to my blog on some of the pros and cons of Stoic ethics: http://t.co/YHfm0wefTo #stoicweek @BBCr4today
30th Nov RT @the_if_man: #stoicweek @julesevans77 has a stoic tattoo!
30th Nov RT @the_if_man: #stoicweek with the smallest number of attendees that makes me the greatest stoic, doesn't it?
30th Nov RT @the_if_man: #stoicweek @julesevans77 voting on workshop attendance is like a stoic X factor!
30th Nov RT @the_if_man: #stoicweek @julesevans77 says stoics wrote beautifully and beauty persuades.
30th Nov RT @the_if_man: #stoicweek stoic techniques carry no cost says @richardsorabji.
30th Nov RT @the_if_man: #stoicweek stoic peace of mind can be taught without having to be a stoic. Says KCL prof.
30th Nov RT @the_if_man: #stoicweek @microphilosophy stoic ideas have since been bettered by others.
30th Nov RT @the_if_man: #stoicweek stoicism not needed, there's Christianity. Says mark vernon @platospodcasts
30th Nov RT @the_if_man: #stoicweek love @timlebon's expression 'stoic hopes'.
29th Nov RT @daveixd: Help this teacher make a great point to her students about the consequences of social network use. Please RT widely. http://t.…
29th Nov @julesevans77 @the_if_man and you - we are committed to a diversity of approaches to doing philosophy in the public sphere.
29th Nov RT @julesevans77: @the_if_man @philosophyfound sounds good, I like what you do, just want to do something different
29th Nov RT @the_if_man: .@julesevans77 @philosophyfound so children do learn inherited wisdom but make own philosophical insights and develop own w…
29th Nov RT @the_if_man: .@julesevans77 @philosophyfound I would say we don't do 'free enquiry' but guided, structured enquiry & introduce philosoph…
29th Nov RT @BITC_arc: #BuySocial this xmas with gift ideas from #socents @philosophyfound, @SouthbankMosaic, @Bikeworksuk and Sleeping Bags http://…
29th Nov @Phaedrustweets That's it.
29th Nov RT @KizelArie: @philosophyfound @StoicWeek You should argue what is a good man in order to become one #P4C #p4c2013
29th Nov @julesevans77 there is a large amount of research into enquiry based learning impacting on cognitive, social and affective skills.
29th Nov 'Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.' Clare from Dr Who…or Marcus Aurelius @StoicWeek http://t.co/IQfhh0tRqn
29th Nov @julesevans77 there are many contemporary philosophers who engage people with moral thinking & effect behaviour: e.g @PeterSinger, Foot.
29th Nov @julesevans77 or just do philosophy and cover all bases? ;-)
29th Nov Play by specialist philosophy teacher @andyday3000 currently on at Phoenix, v. good & interesting story behind it: http://t.co/fbERMtCOzq
29th Nov Yes @Phaedrustweets, exploration of truth, knowledge and lies. Description of opening on facebook page (Nov 21st) https://t.co/Ut4YbDD5nI
28th Nov How does @the_if_man create controversy w/ truth telling necklace, a lying stone & a box? Film coming soon http://t.co/fJQwFIgDIe
28th Nov Two of the children from our schools at the Houses of Parliament with @drangiehobbs after discussing 'truth & lies' http://t.co/orhokuGEmo
28th Nov @JeanHollywood so is @the_if_man but he now swears by it (and with at least a book a year he definitely gets use out of it).
28th Nov @MaudsleyPhilo our chair of trustees @pengedad is a consultant psychiatrist and is trying to bring the two disciplines together more too.
28th Nov @JeanHollywood you should see what you can do with Scrivener (great for book writing, and we imagine for thesis writing).
27th Nov @__Kim__R @nickhitchen Indeed, harder to find regular space in 2ndry curriculum - although again, once schools see impact they do make room
27th Nov .@EducationShow ...so although we want to close the gender/diversity gap in philosophy we are providing male teachers in primary schools
27th Nov .@EducationShow we have an interesting dilemma: bringing philosophy into primary schools means our teachers are mainly men...
27th Nov @__Kim__R @nickhitchen ... Teachers see impact across the curriculum, and children love discussing big philosophy questions.
27th Nov @__Kim__R @nickhitchen not necessarily the case. We've been in some primaries for over 10 years running discreet philosophy sessions...
26th Nov RT @FeministPhils: ‘Classic’ readings by women: A reader sends the following query: Our department is setting up a proseminar (ba... http:/…
26th Nov RT @alicewoolley1: Does anyone know philosopher Hidé Ishiguro? Would be lovely for her to hear about her mention in this... http://t.co/GT…
26th Nov Join @the_if_man to find out how we do stoicism in schools as part of @StoicWeek this Saturday: http://t.co/ZXwdIDILnG
26th Nov What can we do to help close the gender gap in professional philosophy? Gendered Conference Campaign http://t.co/yiVfIUHIOm
26th Nov The BPA have reported on women in philosophy with the aim of developing policies to foster diversity: http://t.co/LbYTs6zT2c
26th Nov And here are women writing about their experience in #philosophy: http://t.co/vLEfkOJYqm
26th Nov Jonathan Wolff writes about #philosophy as a male dominated subject http://t.co/pD1HjW5q8c via @guardian
26th Nov RT @StoicWeek: Features: See Like a Stoic: An Ancient Technique for Modern Consumers http://t.co/lKIlefz2Ho
25th Nov RT @nickhitchen: Interesting discussion with @philosophyfound about embedding the enquiry method across the curriculum. #childrenasphilosop
25th Nov RT @BBCr4today: "I think that anger is the right and necessary response to certain people, actions or events." - Prof Angie Hobbs #stoicwee
25th Nov @3Diassociates thank you!
25th Nov .@3Diassociates @BBCr4today on Saturday as part of @StoicWeek @the_if_man will be running a session on stoicism in schools.
25th Nov In defense of philosophy http://t.co/gMbYKhnJpy via @AJEnglish
23rd Nov RT @tes: 'If understanding and well-being are central to education then philosophy must be taught in schools' http://t.co/2vKVcAuYdl #philo
23rd Nov RT @Charmantides: @MissClark_RE @philosophyfound @tes Not how I remember RE lessons. And I have a philosophy degree.
23rd Nov RT @MissClark_RE: @tes but Good #RE already teaches Philosophy! #reteacher
23rd Nov .@kelliestrom @the_if_man @drangiehobbs thanks for this blog & good note about the difference between philosophising & debate #ukedchat
23rd Nov RT @kelliestrom: Blog post - Peggy plays philosophy at Parliament - on a @philosophyfound event with @the_if_man and @drangiehobbs - http:/…
23rd Nov RT @the_if_man: #ukedchat #RETeacher join our conversation about whether philosophy should be at the heart of education: http://t.co/JUP63r…
22nd Nov #WorldPhilosophyDay Adam (10 yrs): 'if everyone was right then philosophy wouldn't make sense.' I couldn't agree more, Adam.
22nd Nov RT @bysarahbaker: @Katektcb was super in The Sister @ConwayHall last night. More please! #worldphilosophyday
22nd Nov The incomparable @dansumners introducing the evening @ConwayHall for #worldphilosophyday last night. He's rather good http://t.co/vAKmOUxkKB
22nd Nov .@MeganHoggins and @matt_steer, Oliver Senton from @TheShowstoppers and Gordon Peaston who remarkably is not on twitter...thank you all.
21st Nov "Apology? I'd rather read something he got right" #Worldphilosophyday @ConwayHall http://t.co/Zb8y44bkJj
21st Nov We're off!! http://t.co/kSfNjBZbQP
21st Nov So it begins!! #worldphilosophyday @ConwayHall Final run through: http://t.co/dhLVHlmDHa
21st Nov Soit begins!! #worldphilosophyday @ConwayHall Final run through: http://t.co/5c86fUcaQf
21st Nov We love Sid from @ConwayHall who came in on his day off to help out. :)
21st Nov @MeganHoggins that's what comes of only having conditional existence. You don't picture well!
21st Nov @ACBedu thanks!
21st Nov RT @ACBedu: It's World Philosophy Day & @philosophyfound are preparing an evening of stories & enquiry. #worldphilosophyday http://t.co/0Pc…
21st Nov RT @MeganHoggins: . @the_if_man is almost impossible to capture in photographs during an enquiry, except as a blur. @philosophyfound http:…
21st Nov RT @the_if_man: Seeing as it's #WorldPhilosophyDay and #DoctorWho's 50th birthday silly not to promote it. http://t.co/4RGEYOCjwt via @Amaz
21st Nov RT @the_if_man: #WorldPhilosophyDay Something from the archive. Fair-play to fairness from our own Angie: http://t.co/tAQCJgU2S3 via @guard
21st Nov @cathyby great episode! Also got the right to genecide question in it when the doctor has chance to wipe them out. Great dilemma!
21st Nov @cathyby @the_if_man presume you've got this?: http://t.co/z8x6RH9veA
21st Nov @cathyby indeed, believe @the_if_man based the TX on exactly that episode.
21st Nov RT @CrownHousePub: Indulge in philosophy for #WorldPhilosophyDay with this great series of books from @philosophyfound http://t.co/4t2oVeFH…
21st Nov @stevencolborne pleasure - have a good World Philosophy Day.
21st Nov .@cathyby in #ThePhilosophyShop session on unintended consequences using the idea that the Daleks unite planets against them. Good Daleks?
21st Nov RT @cathyby: EX-TRA-PO-LATE! Moral philosophy and the Daleks http://t.co/DMwVxf8AVx #WorldPhilosophyDay #DoctorWho
21st Nov RT @stevencolborne: From 5pm today, use the hashtag #UltimateTruth to tweet me your questions about philosophy for #WorldPhilosophyDay. Ple…
21st Nov 'In his heart every man knows quite well that, being unique, he will exist in the world only once'#WorldPhilosophyDay http://t.co/8CqEhmJ234
21st Nov 'Because lunatics sometimes say true things that no-one else would say. And that was always the case with Nietzsche.' #WorldPhilosophyDay
21st Nov RT @IAI_TV: Indulge your inner philosopher with a feast of philosophical treats for #WorldPhilosophyDay Whet your appetite here: http://t.c…
21st Nov @HistPhilosophy it's ok, Wittgenstein, Parmenides, Heraclitus, Zeno all got a mention yesterday in our Houses of Parliament event with kids.
21st Nov If understanding & well-being are central to education then #philosophy must be taught - by @the_if_man in @tes http://t.co/coVN5ZGJc2
21st Nov .@drangiehobbs great having you there, & you can read the opening ideas from the children here: https://t.co/p2MNILW8nc #WorldPhilosophyDay
21st Nov RT @VersoBooks: It's #WorldPhilosophyDay - who's your favourite philosopher? - see our #RadicalThinkers: http://t.co/P8MUQZXSUk
21st Nov @MarlboroughApp thanks
21st Nov a brief summary of the opening of our enquiry yesterday in the Houses of Parliament into Truth & Lies: https://t.co/p2MNILW8nc
21st Nov Teaching philosophy to children? It's a great idea | Michelle Sowey http://t.co/tI9fmWg4mm via @guardian
21st Nov .@JusSumChick @Randall77 @GuardianTeach it started yesterday for us, & continues tonight @ConwayHall thinking caps on! #WorldPhilosophyDay
21st Nov RT @michaelambjorn: Think I'll check this one out: The Philosophy Shop from @philosophyfound #WorldPhilosophyDay http://t.co/0REcZRw9If
21st Nov RT @michaelambjorn: Superb pre-#WorldPhilosophyDay event - on the nature of truth - and at Westminster no less... Thanks @philosophyfound f…
21st Nov RT @kelliestrom: Daughter Peg and classmates Freya and Jimi had a great time of talk, tea & cake, with @philosophyfound in the Palace of We…
21st Nov RT @brilaprojects: Very grateful to @philosophyfound for the invite to see kids philosophize about education with MPs at the Houses of Parl…
21st Nov @GuardianTeach that'll be the Magician's Misery, now on GTN as well as in The #Philosophy Shop book: http://t.co/CmzcQOeyPy
21st Nov RT @GuardianTeach: Happy World #Philosophy Day! Get the grey matter churning with this resource on the importance of difference @philosophy
21st Nov RT @5x5x5create: @GuardianTeach it's #Philosophy day @philosophyfound AND #TakeoverDay w kids taking over cultural venues @kidsinmuseums su…
21st Nov Unfortunately we couldn't tweet during the event at Westminster yesterday (phones aren't allowed in the palace) but photos coming soon!
21st Nov @nickhitchen @the_if_man So were we! Thanks for coming, and delighted you enjoyed.
21st Nov RT @nickhitchen: So impressed with pupils who took part in @the_if_man 's enquiry at the Houses of Parliament yesterday #WorldPhilosophyDay
20th Nov @michaelambjorn thanks for coming!
20th Nov @nickhitchen except there has been a change of plan: we're doing truth and lies instead.
20th Nov RT @PTRBirmingham: @philosophybites We are asking people to respond to this: The world needs philosophers because...#WorldPhilosophyDay htt…
20th Nov .@guardian #worldphilosophyday tomorrow theme this year is sustainable planet. #thinkingchanges
20th Nov Today's the day! Kids converge on the House of Parliament... is Parliament ready?! http://t.co/F9jLRBYP7c
20th Nov @nickhitchen Thanks! So are we!
20th Nov RT @nickhitchen: Looking forward to @philosophyfound leading a philosophical enquiry into education at the Houses of Parliament this after…
19th Nov RT @mobilewashunit: "The learning of many things does not teach understanding" #Heraclitus πολυμαθ η ν ον ο διδ σκει· σ οδον γ ρ ν δ δαξε κ…
19th Nov .@EnableEducation @UNESCO #WorldPhilosophyDay we have 2 events happening: at the Houses of Parliament & @ConwayHall: http://t.co/F9jLRBYP7c
19th Nov RT @indigomemoirs: Excited for an evening of #philosophy #storytelling #playreadings to celebrate World Philosophy Day on Thurs @philosophy
19th Nov Python boys reunited! Do you think they'll want to borrow our beards? http://t.co/pnIJf4HePV
17th Nov @monkeyjuggler69 why is your brain being scanned?
17th Nov Tickets for @ConwayHall World Philosophy Day event are now sold out! If you've booked and can't make it, let us know so we can offer spaces
17th Nov Just £95 to go to hit our target for World Philosophy day! But we have to hit the target to get any it, twitter crew? http://t.co/FXjSn06f70
17th Nov Only another £110 to receive before we hit our target for World Philosophy Day. Big thanks to all our backers so far: http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv
15th Nov Only 5 spaces remaining for our event with @ConwayHall on World Philosophy Day, book now if you want to come: http://t.co/2RxjTCxohJ
15th Nov @Joey7Barton we do philosophy in primary & secondary schools Would you be willing to be interviewed by our young philosophers for a podcast?
14th Nov RT @MichaelRosenYes: Spent morning in a cubicle talking to local radio stations one after the other re my "Alphabetical" book. Fly on cubic…
14th Nov Year three pupil from @RathfernPS on "what is philosophy?" Or perhaps, just general good advice http://t.co/efqbyaN3vm
13th Nov @PythonJones thanks again!
13th Nov RT @PythonJones: retake on Python sketch with added beards to get kids into parliament: http://t.co/XoR9GSCVFB
13th Nov The wonderful Oliver Senton from @TheShowstoppers is playing in The Sister @ConwayHall in a week. Free! But be quick http://t.co/KofYjBQFBs
13th Nov RT @MeganHoggins: Cast announced for When Nietzsche Went Mad & other stories #event #London @philosophyfound Free but places going fast htt…
13th Nov @monkeyjuggler69 check out the beards! http://t.co/N8QR4ccgw1 def your sort of thing!
12th Nov RT @PythonJones: @philosophyfound retake on Python sketch with added beards to get kids into parliament: http://t.co/XoR9GSCVFB
12th Nov .@PythonJones thank you Terry.
11th Nov Delighted to announce Gordon Peaston is joining the cast of The Sister @ConwayHall on the 21st. Free, but be quick! http://t.co/d0i498Ky7K
11th Nov Stunning pieces by the very talented @Tamarmagan for our crowdfunder. But can you name them all? http://t.co/7w3utclxdS
11th Nov @GuyJWilliams Thanks!
11th Nov Great stuff our pupils say: #kidsasphilosophers http://t.co/HDx7Mck9JL
11th Nov @fatimamanji great, thanks. It's just winging its way over to you now.
11th Nov RT @NietzscheQuotes: The demand to be loved is the greatest of all arrogant presumptions. #Nietzsche
11th Nov A big twitter thankyou to @GuyJWilliams for pledging towards http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv We tip our hats & beards to you sir!
11th Nov RT @MeganHoggins: Forgotten how pretty the windows @ConwayHall are. 10 days to go! @philosophyfound https://t.co/aq1PWjpj0i http://t.co/vym…
8th Nov Part 2...Luke has a badge on his shirt we would say God has a God on his God." #spinozaiswrong by Y6 pupil
8th Nov Part 1. Y6 pupil: "Spinoza is wrong. God can't be everything. If he was then instead of saying...
8th Nov RT @the_if_man: re marine conviction for classroom discussion on jus in bello (justice in war) see ch 2 in The If Odyssey #edchat #ukedchat
8th Nov @ewanmcintosh Could we send you an email/message with some details of an event where we take children to debate in the Houses of Parliament?
8th Nov @fatimamanji can we message /email you about an event at the Houses of Parliament on World Philosophy Day where kids challenge MPs?
8th Nov @ACBedu the beards were itchy but the cause is a good one! http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv #kidsinparliament #kidsasphilosophers
8th Nov Oliver Senton as Duessen & @jamesalbrecht01 directing @andyday3000 's The Sister @ConwayHall on 21st! http://t.co/YpUQvFS8rB
8th Nov We're 1/4 of a way to our target which means now we just need 23p from each of our followers. Mars bars cost 2x that! http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv
8th Nov RT @MeganHoggins: http://t.co/KmN9gOrnNH "we need to support more broad-based, Renaissance-style educational opportunities and experiences,…
7th Nov RT @brainpicker: Fantastic read: Albert Camus, born 100 years ago today, on happiness, unhappiness, and our self-imposed prisons http://t.c…
7th Nov Re last tweet: You can buy gum and help. It isn't a choice between Fresh breath and charity go hand in hand. http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv
7th Nov 31p each from all our twitter followers and we'd make our target.That's less than gum! Not trying to make you chose.. http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv
7th Nov The rather gorgeous Tamar Levi original, signed Illustrations have arrived! http://t.co/INRsW6QEF1
7th Nov Stoicism in everyday life? Free all day event @StoicWeek includes a worskshop from @the_if_man on Stocism in schools. http://t.co/0imzNtF2jB
5th Nov RT @the_if_man: @NorahColvin @alaindebotton here's one of my (our @philosophyfound) answers to the question of philosophy in schools: http:…
5th Nov @robinince depends which Wednesday. And what you mean by forwards...#TIME
5th Nov RT @the_if_man: Why do I have to?: http://t.co/bQ6ppHM4gK via @NorahColvin Is this an accurate analysis of the discussion? Should philosoph…
4th Nov RT @eed_net: Legacies of old irrelevant subjects & gaps in core competencies essential to fuelling today’s fast paced workplace http://t.co…
4th Nov RT @BITC_arc: Read how @CBSOutdoorUK and @BITC1 member @BP_Press have helped #socent @philosophyfound on the @BITC_arc programme http://t.c…
31st Oct What Philosophy is, according to year 6 at Lady Margaret Primary school: #kidsasphilosophers http://t.co/REqgvsciKf
31st Oct RT @MeganHoggins: My new event! http://t.co/QtxlJSHRPn & we're getting kids to challenge MPs http://t.co/Unu4HdmBSU @philosophyfound #kidsi
31st Oct @KizelArie @SteveHoggins Please do! & check out our plan to get #kidsinparliament. We want to see if MPs can keep up! http://t.co/fUYgUdb4RJ
30th Oct @evvnt our events @MeganHoggins officer didn't scare you off with the Leia and Shampoo talk then? (we've moved all liquids out of reach)
30th Oct @miss_mcinerney Children should debate this too! http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv
30th Oct Massive thanks to the Philosophy Club http://t.co/Z8jCpYt2eq for sponsoring us http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv . We love you! #kidsinparliament
28th Oct @JeanHollywood thank you
28th Oct @JohnStamm In the classroom? Yes, we've got a great session with it that @peter_worley has been developing recently.
28th Oct RT @RunnymedeTrust: 'Absent from the Academy: A film confronting the lack of black academics in academia' via @Independent http://t.co/Ycfa…
28th Oct Taking young philosophers from across #London to the Houses of Parliament but we need your help! http://t.co/lzDFDULbux
28th Oct RT @philosophybites: 'My dream is for every child to do philosophy' http://t.co/7IUyqWtu4K @guardian
28th Oct @TheNewPhil is it you we want to thank and send a massive virtual hug to for backing on http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv ?
28th Oct Why I became a philosophy teacher: http://t.co/VNnth9XY7R frank & interesting journey for our @SteveHoggins. Thanks Steve, inspiring read.
28th Oct @drangiehobbs thanks Angie.
28th Oct RT @drangiehobbs: The admirable @philosophyfound are raising money to support World Philosophy Day events on 21 Nov: http://t.co/k7QZ0O43L3
25th Oct RT @Katektcb: So come & see me play Nietzsche's sister in this http://t.co/17Z4vzKXIf She was called Elisabeth & arguably much madder than …
25th Oct Check out "When Nietzsche Went Mad and other stories" http://t.co/PlQt58wRxw one of our World #Philosophy Day events you are all invited to!
25th Oct Big thanks to Michelle Sowey for sponsoring us! http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv #kidsinparliament
25th Oct Read all about it: World #Philosophy Day, Plays, Stories, Awards and Crowdfunder, all in our lovely Oct Newsletter: http://t.co/sg3L62rKuq
24th Oct @robinince please RT, not only does this short film have Monty Python, it also has mention @ProfBrianCox in it too: http://t.co/FXjSn06f70
24th Oct And you can see the BAFTA nominated children's programmes, based on @peter_worley's If Machine, on our site: http://t.co/tOlpyCBamd
24th Oct BAFTA nomination BBC interpretation of stories from The If Machine, what makes me, me? Congratulations @peter_worley http://t.co/J5NaKIrdjy
24th Oct RT I just pledged to @philosophyfound World #Philosophy Day Events @crowdfunderuk #crowdfunder http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv beards made me do it
24th Oct BEARDS! This is why we wore beards. That and the curiously enjoyable scratchy feeling http://t.co/EYWRsmXRnv
24th Oct @UNESCO #WorldPhilosophyDay2013 is in under a month, how are you celebrating? Storytelling, Philosophy and plays? http://t.co/xcsyxSLG6y
23rd Oct BBC News - David Beckham inspires new branch of thought http://t.co/vbPbZRlbGo
23rd Oct RT @HuffPostUK: Poll: Should religious education be mandatory for very young children? http://t.co/bWRY2S4Z3X
23rd Oct RT @P4Cdialogue: 4 Workshops in Amsterdam Nov 1-3 http://t.co/TRQy6PAMYV via @PhilosophDoctor
23rd Oct RT @GuardianTeach: Perfect for wednesday morning, a philosophical discussion on what is happiness? Thanks @Philosophyfound http://t.co/NgBc…
22nd Oct RT @BITC_arc: We spoke to Emma Worley, co-founder of arc #socent @PhilosophyFound to find out more about the project http://t.co/ibl1Na9H0D
18th Oct Task question: what is the smallest thing? 'Nothing...if nothing is the smallest thing then the biggest thing must be...something.' 10 yrs.
18th Oct "He's not a philosopher, he's a very thoughtful boy"http://t.co/XoU4v2TFzx
18th Oct Photos and notes from our most recent CPD up on Facebook. Come on, come and like us. https://t.co/Ut4YbDD5nI There are beards there too.
17th Oct @nickhitchen we've just published this article on our blog partly about SOLE learning: http://t.co/5R9LWjlguM
17th Oct The tribulations of beards: Eating biscuits becomes a two man job. @SteveHoggins @dansumners http://t.co/ZYOett2Mnb
17th Oct @superdonal going for sultry or serious? http://t.co/gm0ASFUWFG
17th Oct "Why are we wearing beards?" A normal day at the TPF office. http://t.co/iGgMB2K4Oo
17th Oct @PhilosWarwick pleasure.
17th Oct Good intro session to @philosophyfound today at Warwick university @PhilosWarwick
16th Oct@Katektcb: Because mates have told me to do this, in case you missed last blog: http://t.co/Kk4lfoW04m” We look forward to your Elizabeth!
14th Oct Currently casting for a reading of @andyday3000 play about Nietzsche's sister for World #Philosophy Day. @Katektcb playing Elizabeth.
14th Oct Can you kill a goat by staring at it? Critical look at minimally invasive education by guest blogger, Michelle Sowey:http://t.co/MFFaFU6ZjN
14th Oct Final programme of 20th Anniversary @SOPHIA_Network meeting: http://t.co/tC6BL7pbfA are we right thinking @rapclassroom will be there?
12th Oct Specialists take on a more physical approach to the trolly problem (http://t.co/3KQhX2di0f) #CPDday @SteveHoggins http://t.co/km0CFJEfFm
12th Oct RT @MeganHoggins: @philosophyfound #CPDday : The Philosopher's natural pose http://t.co/FKdhWJlthd
12th Oct "If you’re confused, you’re definitely not wrong." #CPDday
12th Oct #CPDday Need inspiration for enquiries? Try internet, articles, verb/noun game or even the pupils' E.g : Why don’t animals commit suicide?
12th Oct Venn, great idea, @trishramsay. Popular opinion here was that opportunity to define usually led the pupils to come to defining MRS GREN
12th Oct #CPDday debate: pupils often confuse "exist" and "alive". Should facilitator clarify the terms or encourage enquiry of them?
12th Oct If a conversation has no right or wrong answer, what’s the point? If I were to tell you an answer, how would you know it was right? #CPDday
12th Oct CPD day @RavensbourneUK We're playing blind assassin. This guy killed everyone, but he was blind, so is it his fault? http://t.co/WtCLFnSEtB
11th Oct Nobel Peace Prize nominee Malala Yousafzai, leaves Jon Stewart nearly speechless. http://t.co/J0rgzU8pdU via @usatoday
9th Oct RT @philosophybites: Introductions to Philosophy: my recommendations http://t.co/FfZzGRbpoU @tweetingmanatee #fivebooks
9th Oct RT @SteveCooke: RT @philosophybites Introductions to Philosophy: my recommendations http://t.co/p9H8ltdVwK < some good books but I'd be war…
8th Oct @tes @savechildrenuk give me a child till they're 7 and I'll show you the man?
8th Oct RT @jonathanwebber: "feral is what children should be" :: http://t.co/ERfiuAe3Z6
7th Oct RT @PhilosophDoctor: Philosophical Stories for Children & Teenagers http://t.co/xw3fnw6r0a
5th Oct In 1961, Bertrand Russell was jailed for 7 days. He was offered exemption if he pledged to "good behaviour", he replied: "No, I won't."
3rd Oct @Debsgf yes, absolutely - we can all learn from working in collaboration, but not sure that top down (or sideways) dictats work.
3rd Oct @Debsgf think schools need to respond to their own communities and what works for one will not always work for others.
3rd Oct #ukedchat interested in philosophy w/children? Come to Amsterdam 1-3 Nov & find a diversity of #p4c styles & methods: http://t.co/KbfptzR8VU
3rd Oct #XandYshow @MarcusduSautoy new show @sciencemuseum with Complicite - really want to see this, #maths & #philosophy : http://t.co/7uZomFsfqx
3rd Oct from @MarlboroughCol "happy @PoetryDayUK. Your @Thoughtings are invaluable to today and so many of our lessons at School. THANK YOU."
2nd Oct @PrimaryTeacherU and thank you for giving it!
2nd Oct Finding Philosophy. In soup. by @dansumners http://t.co/J8aTbcu3Gi
2nd Oct RT @GuardianTeach: Grt resource from @philosophyfound poem to really get students thinking http://t.co/W8PbKOn3DM #ukedchat @PoetryDayUK
2nd Oct "The If Odyssey" won Bronze in @PrimaryTeacherU awards! We even have a pretty badge, look! http://t.co/EQ4o0e7OqY
2nd Oct Join us in Amsterdam for the @SOPHIA_Network 20th Anniversary Meeting 1-3rd November #philosophy #p4c #diversity: http://t.co/KbfptzR8VU
1st Oct @PoetryDayUK on Thurs Oct 3rd, theme this year is water, here's a poem from @Thoughtings for you on our site: http://t.co/mgMyEwtGlh
30th Sep @ACBedu @GuardianTeach & The If Odyssey has just won Bronze at the Primary Teacher Update Awards: http://t.co/15t89G0hu2
30th Sep RT @ACBedu: A great article from @GuardianTeach on teaching Ancient Greece at KS2. Look out for @philosophyfound http://t.co/zmgAyQPiZM #uk
30th Sep Delighted to announce that The If Odyssey has won Bronze in the Primary Teacher Update Awards. http://t.co/15t89G0hu2 http://t.co/G0E9mivhYo
26th Sep "Philosophy is an inherently social activity"http://t.co/6Nf76JFBPc via @ethicistforhire
25th Sep RT @JanaMohrLone: Three philosophy for children graduate fellowships now in place at University of Washington http://t.co/iMdU1LxBWh #Ph
25th Sep Have some available spaces for this years #philosophy Transition Project in secondary schools: http://t.co/HmrRVk675I #ukedchat pls RT
25th Sep @SteveHoggins argh, misspelling alert: #philosophy not #philosphy (surprised at how many hashtags came up for that spelling actually) RRT
25th Sep @HortusC #philosphy #ukedchat thanks for the RT
25th Sep Book of the Year stickers have arrived! Looking good. The #Philosophy Shop: very proud @CrownHousePub http://t.co/pwqUCB3eJX
25th Sep @zippydjh thanks for the RT
25th Sep @Informutation thanks for the RT
25th Sep @Debsalini @dansumners Is there an email we could use to send you an invitation (when they're ready)?
25th Sep @Debsalini @dansumners would you be interested in joining us at the House of Commons on November 20th when we introduce MPs to our work?
25th Sep Have some available spaces for this years #philosphy Transition Project in secondary schools: http://t.co/HmrRVk675I #ukedchat pls RT
24th Sep How to teach… ancient Greece http://t.co/X5qxl8gBeH via @guardian with links to @peter_worley's If Odyssey
24th Sep Our fantastic Honorary Patron @drangiehobbs on private passions: http://t.co/1Yq69peHyb
24th Sep RT @drangiehobbs: Looking forward to introducing @philosophyfound session on teaching philosophy in schools in House of Commons on Nov 20th…
23rd Sep Results mentioned here http://t.co/ewUfdCsgFG were part of our transition programme - if you're interested in taking part this year email us
23rd Sep RT @MichaelRConnell: @philosophyfound Here's a #philosophy resource for you: http://t.co/1yuXEq5izt #Plato's allegory of the chariot explai…
23rd Sep RT @MeganHoggins: Plotting wonderful things at @philosophyfound for World #Philosophy Day. I may have to have a small jig soon. Or a nap. B…
23rd Sep RT @GuardianTeach: The first R: why we need to teach philosophy in the classroom http://t.co/Q66kW1RxTs do you? @philosophyfound
23rd Sep RT @GuardianTeach: Something to ponder – what is happiness? Explore with your class - thanks @philosophyfound for the inspiration http://t.…
19th Sep @BBCr4today if only it were possible to measure eudaimonia (not simply happiness, more like flourishing). #r4today
19th Sep http://t.co/EDkkG0NeDC "MOST people would die sooner than think – in fact they do so." @newscientist new issue on thought.
19th Sep RT @EducationFest: Homework for yr 9: ‘Why do we create monsters, and why do we like being scared?’ Interested to know why we need bogeymen…
19th Sep 9yo on #philosophy & #Science -things can't disappear. They can get smaller so you can't see them but not disappear completely. @ri_science
18th Sep Early schooling damaging children's wellbeing, say experts http://t.co/IsqPOlKSy5 via @guardian
18th Sep @seb_gomez_u this might be up your street: How Evil Should a Video Game Allow You to Be? http://t.co/8ztaFXGiVa
18th Sep Teaching in favelas: a new approach to schooling children from slums http://t.co/ZVx3gBsJgl via @schoolsimprove
17th Sep Philosophy is not a 'ridiculous' pursuit. It is worth funding | Paul Redding http://t.co/n8IGfp0eYv via @guardian
17th Sep RT @SteveHoggins: Discussing 'what is talent?' a Y5 child: walking is a talent but only when you're a baby. Love #philosophy teaching with …
16th Sep "thanks again for a brilliant course. Best I've ever been on, and that's in 12 years of teaching." course feedback: http://t.co/6MGAcobT2G
16th Sep RT @nickhitchen: 'Do you think the Queen should be able to own the sky?' #childrenasphilosophers @philosophyfound
16th Sep RT @nickhitchen: What does it mean to say 'I own...'? (Children as Philosophers session with Year Three at @FalconsGirls with @philosophyfo
13th Sep @ZaraBain yes, but there are specific sections within it relating to diff areas of philosophy: the mind, identity, words, perception, etc
13th Sep @ZaraBain sorry to jump in, but if you're looking for a philosophy poetry book for teaching you will not find better than @Thoughtings
13th Sep @MeganHoggins that's what happens when you get paid in Sushi
13th Sep @MeganHoggins We paid you in wine last week, this week you can have Sushi.
13th Sep If your kids enjoyed our sessions #philnowfest13 check out @andyday3000 @W4BookFest tomorrow. Philosophy session from @thoughtings #aporia
13th Sep RT @ianwylie: They've got it covered. The fifth Chiswick Book Festival starts today http://t.co/QwjpMXne9t @W4BookFest
13th Sep RT @PhilosL: Film: Dear all, I'm teaching a class on democracy and the knowledge/expert society and have been challenged t... http://t.co/…
13th Sep RT @nickhitchen: Oliver making compelling case for the use of the enquiry method in art #aptm @philosophyfound http://t.co/dGllelKsMc
11th Sep Great shot of our stand #PhilNowFest13 by @MeganHoggins http://t.co/s2oDx7Dtkc
11th Sep Photos from #philnowfest13 with @PhilosophyNow and @ConwayHall are now up on our facebook: https://t.co/3SRtOzz788 along with quotes!
11th Sep @BITC_arc @BITC1 this looks lovely, and nice to see #ThePhilosophyShop standing proud there!
10th Sep Pictures from #philnowfest13 coming up! @PhilosophyNow @ConwayHall. Photos by Liz Bond and @MeganHoggins http://t.co/rzaDaYUtUx
9th Sep RT @TalkLearning: Another date for your diary: catch @andyday3000 at @W4BookFest on Sat 14th. Perfect for 7-11 year olds @philosophyfound
9th Sep RT @peter_worley: Great day of philosophy sessions for 9-13 yr olds at #philnowfest13 with @philosophyfound: 'time is a feeling', 'time jus…
9th Sep RT @njmatch3: Lovely example of great teaching http://t.co/N68pjsjyaS by @peter_worley
8th Sep @PhilosophyNow we all learnt about Charles Taylor today! #philnowfest13 going to find out more now.
8th Sep RT @GesturH: @philosophyfound Dear PF, would you know where an MA Phil. student of Kingston Uni. could find space to rent until mid-Dec? Pl…
8th Sep @GesturH not especially, will RT - have you tried the Uni?
8th Sep Great event today, had lots of great discussions with young philosophers and we sold all of our Philosophy Shop books #PhilNowFest13
8th Sep RT @MeganHoggins: Working with @philosophyfound at #philnow13 today. I am going to give up talking to adults, kids think outstandingly http…
8th Sep RT @PhilosophyNow: #Russell quoted: dividing philosophy between analytical and Continental is like saying all cars are coupes or Japanese #…
8th Sep RT @dansumners: at #PhilNowFest13, lots of interesting talks & sessions for children w. @philosophyfound - and it's free! #philosophy http:…
7th Sep RT @InnovateMySchl: The absent teacher: preparing children for the real world http://t.co/DY2Jc894qo by @peter_worley
7th Sep @nmckain @jo3grace @reonline_tweets you could also try the film resources on our website made for the BBC: http://t.co/E7sOceYl96
7th Sep @peter_worley using @wmarybeard response to trolling to talk about moral behaviour when hidden from view 10am tomorrow at #PhilNowFest13
7th Sep Philosophy Tomorrow #PhilNowFest13 Come down 2 Conway Hall: whole range of events 4 young & old. Fun starts @ 10am: http://t.co/JdA1Z6XLQS
7th Sep RT @PhilosophyNow: Has a single book radically changed how you think? Philosophical bibliotherapy at #PhilNowFest13 this Sunday …http://t.c…
6th Sep RT @East_of_Dulwich: Is Big Brother watching us for our own good? Round table discussion #surveillance + privacy at #PhilNowFest13 Sunday h…
5th Sep Thanks for the RT @SAPERE_P4C, hope to see some of you there at #PhilNowFest13
5th Sep @YFAccelerator good memories and good contacts still! Meeting at Cabinet Office next week thanks to report on social investment in education
5th Sep RT @YFAccelerator: We are looking for #socent who are looking to scale their innovation in #education apply now for the 2013 @YFAccelerator
5th Sep @peter_worley session at #PhilNowFest13 will be on ring of gyges in modern world, subjects could range from trolling to drones & the riots
5th Sep RT @peter_worley: Malala and The Philosophy Shop. I love this pic. The association makes me so proud. http://t.co/6857gvS5SC @philosophyfou
5th Sep RT @TalkLearning: Don't miss Peter Worley at #PhilNowFest13 this sunday @philosophyfound @PhilosophyNow
4th Sep @julesevans77 @cathyby Keiron's argument set out in this @philosophersmag article: http://t.co/uiP36tcqK9 by @peter_worley
4th Sep @julesevans77 @cathyby I'm sure Kieron could take on the arguments! We'll show you his, hang on...
4th Sep @cathyby @julesevans77 we've got an argument from a 10 year old which tries to prove that there is only 1 universe & 'nothing' doesn't exist
3rd Sep RT @cathyby: Aka Socrates' pal RT @sonofspeke Tonight #BBC2 9.00 features greatest comic dramatist who ever lived - Aristophanes http://t.…
3rd Sep @rapclassroom @NotEvilJoe you might be interested to meet @natcphd he is setting up a conference on the philosophy of race, may have ideas.
3rd Sep RT @TrudaSpruyt: Full transcript of Malala's speech here. @philosophyfound http://t.co/NnMquTFkOu #Lob2013
3rd Sep The Stone: Women in Philosophy? Do the Math http://t.co/RgCN9jUXOe ht @l_powell
3rd Sep @TrudaSpruyt @Telegraph inspiring words from an incredible young person. http://t.co/NM7HcoAhKe Malala opens @LibraryofBham
3rd Sep RT @TrudaSpruyt: Video: Malala Yousafzai opens new £188m library in Birmingham via @Telegraph http://t.co/GrK7WhnC0v here is the speech @ph
3rd Sep ‘The content of a book holds the power of education and it is with this power that we can shape our future and change lives' Malala #LOB2013
3rd Sep @TrudaSpruyt @edvaizey thank you!
3rd Sep @edvaizey @LibraryofBham will we be able to hear her speech?
3rd Sep V. proud to say that Malala was given gift of our book The #Philosophy Shop after opening Birmingham Library today #LoB2013 @CrownHousePub
3rd Sep RT @TrudaSpruyt: Malala receiving The Philosophy Shop @philosophyfound http://t.co/Hohie4MeA1
3rd Sep @JDLiteracyTrust it looks fantastic. Congratulations to all @LibraryofBham may your shelves live long and prosper!
3rd Sep RT @darshnasoni: Library of Birmingham now officially open. Malala presented with copy of The Philosophy Shop #LoB2013 #c4news http://t.co/…
3rd Sep RT @LibraryofBham: Even one book one pen one teacher and one child can change the world says Malala #LOB2013
2nd Sep RT @DerekSuttie: @peter_worley thanks for today's session - great "X" stuff!
2nd Sep RT @wclou: @emmaannhardy @ICTmagic try the if machine by Peter Worley great ideas to create excellent discussion
1st Sep @rosiecoaching @PhilosophyNow @peter_worley after this week in the news the ethics of war would be an interesting discussion.
1st Sep RT @rosiecoaching: @PhilosophyNow on that, for @peter_worley early morning discussion (10am) requests so far range from trolling, & feminis…
1st Sep RT @PhilosophyNow: Less than one week to go until #PhilNowFest13 -- Zombies, Vampires...who could ask for more. http://t.co/rdDp6ETIwt
1st Sep RT @philosophybites: A one-day introduction to Philosophy this Autumn - booking open http://t.co/7FuovNjbzA
1st Sep RT @njmatch3: Philosophy for children http://t.co/AtBJvD6h3v
31st Aug RT @PhilosophyNow: If you're coming to the festival 8.9.13, or are just taking part virtually, the hashtag is #PhilNowFest13 programme:htt…
29th Aug An extended version of @peter_worley article about questioning and concepts is being presented at ICPIC this weekend: http://t.co/1HUCSq4ICB
29th Aug The Question X by @peter_worley in forthcoming Creative Teaching & Learning, why closed questions aren't all bad: http://t.co/EYeUOByVw5
27th Aug RT @Cluelesslou: At Secondary Sch we had short Philosophy course as part of GS. We ALL lapped it up! Wish they'd taken it further. Good wor…
27th Aug See programme for @W4BOOKFEST and details of @Thoughtings event run by @andyday3000 on Sat 14th here: http://t.co/UFUKvS0VZZ @CrownHousePub
27th Aug RT @TalkLearning: See Andrew Day, author of Thoughtings on 14th Sept #chiswickbookfest @W4BookFest @philosophyfound @CrownHousePub
23rd Aug @sheldon_kent our chair of Trustees Dr Andrew Flynn (@pengedad) thinks philosophy should be in Dr training.
23rd Aug RT @sheldon_kent: We all want our doctors to be educated in medicine but when it comes to morality it seems the same requirement doesn’t ap…
20th Aug RT @YaleBooks: Exclusive Yale UP @goodreads Book Giveaway for 'Friendship' by A. C. Grayling! Enter to win here - http://t.co/1uhXkjM5Bc @p
19th Aug @CrownHousePub congratulations to you all there & @itPressUK for being shortlisted for The Philosophy Shop - beautiful design & production
19th Aug @rimaaaida meet @RobTorrington who will be sending you content by Wednesday. Rob, here's a sample of Adiaa's work.
19th Aug RT @CrownHousePub: @philosophyfound The Philosophy Shop has been shortlisted in the British Book Design&Production awards 2013! http://t.co…
18th Aug RT @PhilosophyNow: "Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions." Have you a passion for reason? 9.8.13 http://t.co/Bu24cEK6L…
18th Aug @fustbariclation @RichardDawkins IOE currently carrying out mixed research into our programme of #philosophy in schools. Results out Nov.
18th Aug @RichardDawkins you don't need a pill: research has shown that regular philosophy at primary can raise IQ by 6pts: http://t.co/Vy2HnQml38
17th Aug @SparkyTeaching @itPressUK @CrownHousePub Great stuff - very useful!
17th Aug RT @SparkyTeaching: If you like our book reviews (mostly from @itPressUK / @CrownHousePub), you'll be interested that we've done this... ht…
17th Aug @LifeInCustody @lonanglo @GuyLongworth @Clare_McGregor or that A levels don't measure the 'smart' of philosophers?
16th Aug Our sessions already over 1/2 full, so if you want your young philosophers 2 join us book now so that they aren't :-( http://t.co/JdA1Z6XLQS
16th Aug @rimaaaida That's very kind of you, thank you.
16th Aug @YoungAdvisors thanks Gary - it's won 3 out of 4 so far, we're very proud! Best Philosophy Book, Best Educational Book, Best Compilation
16th Aug Getting withdrawal symptoms about us not mentioning The #Philosophy Shop recently? Now shortlisted for another award: http://t.co/9N7cElFP3N
15th Aug @JeanHollywood thanks, we'd love to read it: do send it over to info@philosophy-foundation.org if you want. What did you read?
14th Aug Bauman & the Purpose of Education http://t.co/ZFsUYWF24s via @dhuisjen2 4 more on why philosophy should be in schools http://t.co/QUvn27tvmc
12th Aug A modern morality play from @royalcourt, The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas by Dennis Kelly http://t.co/f2W7cwJ69C #philosophy #ethics
12th Aug @tony_colville thanks for the RT Tony, hope all is well with you.
11th Aug Only 2 weeks to send us an application for our new project manager: http://t.co/fVtiN8pf4B #jobvacancy
11th Aug If you, or more specifically, your children want to attend our sessions @PhilosophyNow festival remember to book: http://t.co/296Nd2XSuF
10th Aug RT @anitaleirfall: RT “@AllenStairs: Here I am, defending philosophy. Given my usual cynicism, that may be a bit of a surprise. http://t.co…
10th Aug RT @philosophytweet: I want to make clear that @philosophytweet has no financial relationship with anyone it tweets or retweets.
9th Aug RT @rlj1981: Pls help! Are any of you teachers of ancient history? Would really appreciate making connections. Pls RT and thank you : )
9th Aug RT @BloomsburyPhilo: WIN a book of your choice + a @BloomsburyAcad #goodiebag today! RT + follow or #ff us to enter – good luck! http://t.c…
8th Aug RT @ukedchat: Tonight's #ukedchat topic again: Lack of science/maths teachers: What other skills/specialisms are needed in schools? http://…
7th Aug @anitaleirfall @peter_worley and @SteveHoggins are enjoying it too. Maybe you'll bump into each other?
7th Aug We have expanded our #philosophy in schools training course in Sept due to demand. Find out more and apply here: http://t.co/pRlGYnLIYT
6th Aug @BITC_arc thanks - but its 7 in London, 45 across all companies in the index so far! #socents #SE100 http://t.co/Sx3NdYtjah
5th Aug RT @JanaMohrLone: The Philosophical Child by Jana Mohr Lone is“highly recommended” by the American Library Association’s Choice Reviews htt…
5th Aug RT @BITC_arc: Here's six handy Twitter lists all social entrepreneurs should be following http://t.co/OJgqcaNYpn #socent
5th Aug Fancy working with us? We're in need of a Project and Events Manager. See the details here: http://t.co/fVtiN8pf4B
3rd Aug @ZaraBain we try!
2nd Aug @caxtonian @philosophybites @PhilosophyNow @stephenlaw60 nobody, they are going to be showing his programmes and you can wonder in and watch
1st Aug @GuardianTeach day in the life of an English teacher http://t.co/F7RWGIbhn0 on a day we were there! Simon was fantastic & a joy to work with
1st Aug @AdyCBB Yes, sorry everyone about DM impossibility. Email emma@philosophy-foundation.org.
1st Aug @ZaraBain Wonder how many #Marxists #Gove knows, or has asked, in order for him to say, 'Marxists support free schools'?
1st Aug want a years free subscription to @philosophynow? Volunteers required for http://t.co/JdA1Z6XLQS DM us for details.
1st Aug @philosophybites @IrishTimes @cathyby here's a @philosophynow radio show about importance of philosophy in schools: http://t.co/uRBBg8ObG5
1st Aug RT @philosophybites: A plea to teach philosophy in Irish secondary schools http://t.co/VNIlEGJNBl @IrishTimes via @cathyby
1st Aug Space limited for our sessions with young people at http://t.co/JdA1Z6XLQS so do book early for 'tricks of the mind' & 'aliens & underpants'
1st Aug -> 'whistle-blower or enemy of the state?' happy to take suggestions for a topic for @peter_worley dialogue at http://t.co/JdA1Z6XLQS
1st Aug If @PhilosophyNow festival was this week Early Bird dialogue could be 'Ring of Gyges & the morality of trolling'; 'women on the note.' ->
1st Aug @PhilosophyNow festival programme now available http://t.co/JdA1Z6XLQS @peter_worley dialogue at 10am will be on a news event...
31st Jul RT @ACBedu: Great resources for teaching philosophy in the classroom from @GuardianTeach http://t.co/29tMlqokaf Includes the brilliant @pe
31st Jul @GuardianTeach another GTN #philosophy resource not mentioned in article is Singing Women from The If Odyssey: http://t.co/v8tNdyhR0j
31st Jul Be employable, study philosophy: http://t.co/KKVbpq8pAV via @TomSTutor HT @normblog
31st Jul RT @GuardianTeach: How to teach … philosophy http://t.co/qobH0ODWhl thanks so much @philosophyfound and #p4c for these seriously stimulatin…
30th Jul The anticipation is killing us but there will soon be a full programme for @PhilosophyNow Festival we're involved in http://t.co/JdA1Z6XLQS
30th Jul RT @LogicalAnalysis: “@smatthewliao: Best Majors for GRE Scores in 2013: Philosophy Dominates http://t.co/NJ9u38tPRD @NYU_Bioethics#Philo
29th Jul Seems we are ranked 46 (out of 767) in the social enterprise growth index, 7 for London! Well done us #SocEnt: https://t.co/7HsG5yqjE9
29th Jul special issue of journal Teaching Philosophy in Philosophy in High Schools, inc. article by @JanaMohrLone http://t.co/GvBdpVBWUn
27th Jul @princekimujiesh thank you
26th Jul finally, the answer to what happens to caterpillars when they turn into butterflies. Can sleep well tonight. Thank you @BBC_Springwatch
26th Jul RT @GuardianTeach: Get minds working with Mostly Made of Space - thanks @Philosophyfound for being so stimulating! Grt for next term http:/…
25th Jul Year 7 students become year 6 philosophy teachers in innovative Transition Project http://t.co/Pywt9eLjMF Funded by @phf_uk
23rd Jul RT @dansumners: so, my first year #teaching #philosophy to children with @philosophyfound comes to an end - what an experience! highly reco…
22nd Jul RT @GuardianTeach: What is happiness? Thnks to @philosophyfound for sharing this + many other lovely resources http://t.co/ezUeDWsnSp 4 htt…
18th Jul RT @SteveHoggins: Huge thanks to the yr7 #philosophers for this year's work. An ambitious project yet you exceeded my expectations @philoso
18th Jul Fun: copy of OnPlanetFruitcake by Anne Fine arrived, AF describes it as 'fiction 2 explain how philosophers ask questions about the world.'
15th Jul Just finished a teacher plenary on @phf_uk transition project: 'philosophy was a hill of happiness next to a meadow of despair' @teachfirst
15th Jul @toniford here's a very small starter. http://t.co/pk3bXPLFmA
12th Jul @SteveHoggins @VHSchool some great responses from Y6 & 7 pupils in @phf_uk funded #philosophy project. Looking forward to next year.
12th Jul RT @SteveHoggins: "it should be done all over the country" - Year 6 child in response to 'what do you think of philosophy?' @VHSchool
12th Jul RT @ManYanaEd: http://t.co/TWBQ8id31i You simply MUST watch this short video clip. Then, FORCE your SLT to watch it. Ofsted T&L views. #otp
12th Jul RT @BenjaminHarwood: Oxford survey finds humanities degrees pay http://t.co/4qd5yWwp5d
12th Jul Here's one to keep for reference. Narrowing the gap: Pupil Premium and CPD by @informed_edu http://t.co/bvK6UTtWTA
11th Jul RT @IdeasRoadshow: @drangiehobbs, Honorary Patron of @philosophyfound, an award winning charity that brings philosophy to all, will be in o…
11th Jul RT @Debsgf: Really interesting #ukedchat tonight, looking at state vs private schools and collaboration. Come and join the discussion at 8p…
11th Jul Looking forward to this conversation between our hon. patron @drangiehobbs & @IdeasRoadshow http://t.co/GQRJMXkW7o #philosophy 4 the masses
9th Jul @Alpha_PlusGroup thank you card from St Anthony's, one boy's comment: #philosophy has, 'filled my head with many creative thoughts.'
8th Jul @NJE_Hitchen thank you card from St Anthony's comments: 'Philosophy makes me look forward to school on Fridays.' #philosophy
8th Jul RT @BBKPhilosophy: Call for Papers: The 2nd Annual Dorothy Edgington Lectures. Graduate Workshop on Race & Gender Hate Speece: http://t.co/…
5th Jul @GeorgeEliotPrim congratulations!
4th Jul We're off to our Debate Event at Deptford Green school. Good luck to all our Y6 teams today, but let's look deeper at what #debate is.
2nd Jul RT @CrownHousePub: The Philosophy Shop @philosophyfound winner @ForeWordmag Philosophy Book of the Year Award http://t.co/VfLNu5Pub6 @Talk
2nd Jul How to set up a #philosophy club by @peter_worley in @TeachSecondary available online: http://t.co/4kWIxKKpo0
1st Jul @mattbuxton10 @forewordmag thank you, matt.
1st Jul The art of teaching: engage, excite, involve your learners. #RSARobinson
1st Jul Purposes of education: economic, cultural, social (participation) and personal #RSARobinson
1st Jul @iamsamthomas @thersaorg @SirKenRobinson #RSARobinson looking forward to it.
1st Jul 2012 Winners in Philosophy (Adult Nonfiction) — Book of the Year Awards https://t.co/h0mjZ2Ubah via @forewordmag
1st Jul @BITC_arc thanks, #Philosophy Shop takes Gold, link to see winners in #BOTYA philosophy: https://t.co/frClTvEtFz
29th Jun RT @drangiehobbs: Delighted that 'The Philosophy Shop' won Gold in the Foreword Reviews Philosophy Book of the Year: http://t.co/ArUKoU7Pqa
29th Jun #ThePhilosophyShop wins Gold in #Philosophy Book of the Year https://t.co/h0mjZ2Ubah @CrownHousePub @ITLWorldwide Congratulations to all!
28th Jun RT @CrownHousePub: #philosophyFryday A shot from the @EducationFest with David Birch and Steve Hoggins from the @philosophyfound! http://t.…
25th Jun RT @tomutrerano: @philosophyfound Spanish govnm wants to get rid of philosophy in schools http://t.co/ZJAUj14fUf … … … Intellectuals protes…
22nd Jun RT @tes: AC Grayling: "Education *is* philosophy doing its best to make the best of us." #EducationFest
20th Jun @EducationFest do you have a hash tag to use for the festival? We'd like to follow what's going on there, and tweet when we're there on sat
20th Jun @andyday3000 co-author of @Thoughtings comments on @SDMumford blog re #poetry or prose http://t.co/yPsTioUuhL
17th Jun RT @rjmorris67: Testing Analytics on updated website. Pls just click through to help us check - thanks & have a great weekend. http://t.co…
16th Jun RT @DrJohnLTaylor: @philosophyfound Good point! The best way to teach philosophy is to do philosophy, tout court.
16th Jun @DrJohnLTaylor agree, but why #p4c? Why not just 'philosophy'?
14th Jun RT @mattpearson: And then I hope. Thinking for oneself. There is no exam in that. That, indeed, is the coursework of life. http://t.co/vuH…
12th Jun Patterns of Thought Conference, Liverpool 21st & 22nd June, abstracts now available to see here: http://t.co/df63T4tDNY
12th Jun @pirateV Continued Professional Development, we got together and shared knowledge about women in philosophy and their philosophies.
12th Jun RT @SDMumford Some prose about poetry: http://t.co/yPsTioUuhL#ArtsMatters sure @peter_worley & @andyday3000 might have something to say
11th Jun RT @EducationFest: To WIN 1 of 50 pairs of #EducationFest tickets, follow us, and tell us what you think makes a great teacher in 140 chara…
11th Jun RT @EducationFest: And if you want to talk to Mister Gove about iLevels, O levels, A levels, IB, MYP, GCSE, 11+, Latin, coding, NC...he'll …
7th Jun @RealGeoffBarton @tes there's a great short story by Issac Asimov called 'The Fun They Had' about technology & education in the future.
7th Jun Dr Philip Cam doing a p4c workshop in the Netherlands this Summer (coinciding with his trip to the World Congress): http://t.co/uvj8hD2GYj
7th Jun @andyday3000 article on CPD in @TeacherDevTrust newsletter this month 'How not to do it' http://t.co/TVA73P5coj
5th Jun RT @NJE_Hitchen: @philosophyfound Very impressed with whole school commitment to enquiry.
5th Jun @NJE_Hitchen glad you enjoyed it, are you sticking round for more?
5th Jun RT @NJE_Hitchen: Observed fantastic Year Three English lesson on 'What is a rule?' at Ravenscroft Primary. @philosophyfound
5th Jun RT @NJE_Hitchen: Visiting Ravenscroft School in Canning Town to discover how they are using @philosophyfound methods of enquiry across the …
31st May RT @VladStanev: @philosophyfound I love what you guys are doing. #Philosophy and critical thinking in general ought to be taught to all our…
31st May @VladStanev thank you
29th May #MNWP @ifru_london 2nd edition of a philosophy all-nighter from 7pm to 7am, on 7 June, Over 100 events & It's free: http://t.co/1AdTT79PPo
29th May RT @BITC_arc: How to turn insatiable questions into interesting conversations with .@philosophyfound at #EducationFest 21-22 June http://t.…
29th May May news from The Philosophy Foundation, find out what we are up to, and philosophy news from around the world: http://t.co/XbXa5eLbO8
28th May Philosophy isn't dead yet | Raymond Tallis http://t.co/yqMvcSD6pN via @guardian
27th May RT @stephenlaw60: My interview at West Midlands Faith Forum (after riots) on raising moral kids: http://t.co/MqR6YqIEON @HeythropCollege @c
24th May @NJE_Hitchen glad to be useful! Have you tried our thinking poems yet? Free downloads here: http://t.co/mgMyEwtGlh
24th May RT @englishpen: Male poets, why not contribute to this @SYP_UK anthology in support of @Everyman_Cancer? http://t.co/VJ140b4cVr
24th May RT @PhilosophyNow: What can the undead teach us about philosophy? Our Zombies & Philosophy issue is now online: http://t.co/U3CbpKauMF
24th May RT @FalconsGirls: Year Six are blogging about the Scorpion and the Frog #sole http://t.co/BNhjfVmvwB
24th May RT @FalconsGirls: We began by watching the @philosophyfound Scorpion & Frog animation (narrated by @arobertwebb )
23rd May @NJE_Hitchen And we're pleased to be continuing our work with you, thanks Nick.
23rd May @GoodCPDGuide pleasure! More to follow, thanks for the tweet.
23rd May RT @GoodCPDGuide: Thanks to @philosophyfound for uploading the courses on their GoodCPDGuide! Find them here http://t.co/Towi1s02Da
22nd May @bbceducation's short film resources for doing #philosophy in the classroom now available on our site: http://t.co/d77l0LAJaq
22nd May Theatre Production of "Socrates and his Clouds" by W. Lyons by Melina Theocharidou http://t.co/wYshvsJ81O via @kickstarter
20th May Looking forward to International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children's conference Cape Town Aug 30-Sep 2: http://t.co/9QXjkbMDcv
19th May RT @SurrealAnarchy: @SirKenRobinson @philosophyfound @guardian if we 'know' what creativity is does it cease to be creative?
19th May RT @alomshaha: @philosophyfound As philosophers, you might want to read this piece by a teacher on why Robinson is wrong: http://t.co/yyXSh…
19th May RT @SirKenRobinson: To encourage creativity, Mr Gove, you must first understand what it is. http://t.co/UlHcBzJ5UM via @guardian
16th May Issue 2 Vol. 33 Analytic Teaching & Philosophical Praxis now posted: liberation philosophy & related concerns http://t.co/wfJg2yZZ92
14th May ‘Dad, who am I?’ Philosophy: learning how to speak when you are lost for words, workshop @EducationFest Sat 22nd: http://t.co/Zr0SNdno7d
11th May http://t.co/TzkPWadWOJ Alan Smith spent 14 years teaching philosophy and literature to violent criminals in a prison in England...
11th May @ArfurSmith @peter_worley's new book Once Upon An If has a story in it about the patience of trees. Leads on to a discussion of free will.
11th May RT @ArfurSmith: What i love about a tree is that it seems entirely content to be a tree.
11th May RT @RobTorrington: @MichaelRosenYes used 'crumbs in the brain' from @Thoughtings in Yr5. Child,head tilted over,asks friend"come,see if you…
11th May RT @cathyby: A one minute animation based on the words of Richard #Feynman. Science doesn't kill beauty. http://t.co/u6vtoQbW7N Ode to a fl…
11th May RT @helenarney: Tonight! @robinince hosts a spectacular line-up of physics-inspired aceness for Feynman Night - tix still available! http:/…
11th May RT @ProfWetpaint: If #saturdaylive discussion with Michael Sandel excited you, do a philosophy degree! http://t.co/ciJF8gKLB7
11th May @BBCRadio4 #SaturdayLive we do philosophy in schools with children as young as 4 - they are not afraid to tackle the big questions!
11th May Socrates learnt a melody on the flute whilst waiting 4 hemlock "What use will that be?" "At least I will learn this melody before I die."
11th May @sianwilliams100 @BBCRadio4 #saturdaylive discussion about intrinsic vs instrumental value might be interested in this quote by Emil Cioran-
11th May RT @sianwilliams100: Morning all: money and morals on @bbcradio4 #saturdaylive. What's the best experience you've had, that money couldn't …
10th May @RobTorrington @dansumners @SteveHoggins #tpf #4rs liking those. Too late for creativity here.
10th May @RobTorrington you're only saying that because they're talking about 'forms'!
10th May RT @UoWBookFestival: Angie Hobbs: The Erotic Magus:Socrates, Eros & Magic, #warwickbookfest 15 June 2.30pm http://t.co/t77YpBaeqa @drangieh
10th May A Theory of Justice: The Musical - a romp through 2,500 years of philosophy http://t.co/TIuv3UF8Cw
10th May @SteveHoggins & David Birch will be running workshops @EducationFest on Sat 'Philosophy: learning how to speak when you are lost for words'
10th May RT @RobTorrington: @philosophyfound response to #ifodyssey yesterday. Year 5 "Leetho is the form of Odysseus' mind". Excellent #philosophy
10th May RT @RobTorrington: @philosophyfound Yr4 ideas on #thoughtings 'It Started In The Library' "labels are words that represent the meaning of w…
9th May RT @GrahamBM: I would teach children music, physics & philosophy - Plato http://t.co/pOa54zUp #IncludeDesign #ReclaimEducation #lwf13
9th May RT @sirkkunikamaa: Educational Book of the Year: The Philosophy Shop. A great resource even for language teachers!
8th May RT @PoetrySociety: The National Poetry Competition is open for entries! Go, Go, Go! http://t.co/osFySMLRoI
8th May @NJE_Hitchen how did the pupils presentation go?
4th May @EducationFest some of us will be there on Saturday.
4th May RT @EducationFest: Delighted that Ziauddin Yousafzai - Malala's father - is speaking at the Festival this year. Profoundly important lesson…
4th May @EducationFest incredible, would love to be there.
2nd May Socrates learnt a melody on the flute whilst waiting 4 hemlock "What use will that be?" "At least I will learn this melody before I die."
1st May @tesEnglish #goverhythmics 'Gove Moves In Mysterious Ways' @tes
1st May HT @shinetrustuk: http://t.co/0fTB8Bh7YP have £150,000 in grants to give away to innovative teachers
1st May RT @CrownHousePub: The Philosophy Shop @philosophyfound vote at The People's Book Prize http://t.co/CXgpnNP9Am @itPressUK @ThatIanGilbert
30th Apr RT @informed_edu: Listen out for @CLeslieMP on @BBCr4today at 8.40 talking about the new report "Towards a Royal College of Teaching" http:…
30th Apr RT @SteveHoggins: When asked why should people do #philosophy one 7 year-old replied, "philosophy stops your brain from going soggy" @philo
29th Apr @peter_worley article in @TeachPrimary on his ideal school, the 'Hellenic Academy': http://t.co/79PkWpVDQM
29th Apr The If Odyssey review from @teachsecondary: 'brilliant book' http://t.co/jsMxwXggeQ
28th Apr RT @StanfordPHIL: The world's top 20 Philosophy journals according to Google Scholar. http://t.co/QUZWxDsYwE
28th Apr @DrJohnLTaylor didn't know AC went to Rugby. #somethingneweveryday
28th Apr @ThatIanGilbert our lessons cost £2.37 per child, do you think we could get in on this? :-/
28th Apr 'What makes me me' BBC learning resource 4 philosophy in schools based on @peter_worley If Machine & @philosophymanqs http://t.co/mrD00snKYZ
26th Apr Patterns of Thought, conference on #aesthetics, #education and #art http://t.co/g3gbLgSgOf Liverpool 21-22nd June
25th Apr RT @Thoughtings: #shortings I've got 140 characters I can play. Which one shall I be today? Let's see what other people do and what they m…
25th Apr RT @SteveHoggins: 'What if your being brilliant, but they are being... not brilliant?' and 'winning work' @philosophyfound. This Sat. http:…
25th Apr @SteveHoggins whose responsible four the errant 'your'?!
24th Apr RT @3Diassociates: Liz Truss, nurseries, hothouses & economics http://t.co/erlsRoOD7n via @wordpressdotcom More neo-liberal 'solutions'…
24th Apr RT @argumentalism: Calling all #improv fans - tomorrow at 7.00pm GMT join some of the UK's leading proponents in a debate http://t.co/rVBL0…
21st Apr RT @Thoughtings: Philosophy. Noun. If so, why so? If not, why not? Is this it? If not, then what? If so, so what? #shortings @andyday3000
21st Apr RT @peter_worley: Words and music @BBCRadio3 on the subject if time. Now. Absolutely awesome!!
19th Apr RT @spcb: For those who love words, read this book. Great fun. #Etymologicon #MarkForsyth http://t.co/MVUianLSy7
18th Apr RT @ukedchat: Join @JoeLittlewood in 40 minutes @8pm to discuss ‘Behaviour policies, rewards and sanctions. What works well?’ #ukedchat
18th Apr @MrMichaelShaw something to do with the weather perhaps?
18th Apr @EducationFest #battlesfought? #battleground? #lessonslearned? 'Course it's too late now really. Would have been good to follow.
17th Apr RT @SteveHoggins: Still running the #marathon in our refusal to be cowed by anything, even our our wrecked bodies. Sponsor me here https ...
17th Apr RT @dansumners: "Pupil1:What is the point of infinity? Pupil2:Infinity is a worded number, it shows it goes on for ever." #philosophy wi ...
17th Apr RT @Thinking_Space_: Debra's petition made the news last night. Sign here if you're that way inclined. http://t.co/OpjCObMYyf
16th Apr V. proud of all the pupils & teachers we work w/@ Horniman primary school, winners of school we like comp http://t.co/M6pAJ3E2hH @guardian
16th Apr Review of #TheIfOdyssey we've just found in Teach Secondary: http://t.co/H5Mjxrj8kh
14th Apr @Philosophy_Muse thank you!
11th Apr @dansumners it's going to be a fun evening, and there's no free will involved!
11th Apr RT @BITC_arc: #philosophy in Forest Hill tonight! @philosophyfound freewill #storytelling night http://t.co/cXD5gUo5LK.
11th Apr RT @dansumners: are you free? join @philosophyfound @the_HOB tonight for #storytelling & we'll have a think about it http://t.co/Bi ...
10th Apr RT @rosiecoaching: Just been rehearsing our stories for tomorrow night. Made @peter_worley cry! Join us for laughter & tears @philos ...
10th Apr RT @dansumners: it's tomorrow! the @philosophyfound #storytelling night - do join us if you can... http://t.co/BiNiCG1Upk #philosophy
9th Apr RT @rosiecoaching: @dansumners @philosophyfound #philosophy #storytelling don't forget the stories of suicide, sirens, weddings and behe ...
9th Apr RT @dansumners: #stories of murder and incest at our #philosophy #storytelling night on Thursday! http://t.co/BiNiCG1Upk @philosophyfound
8th Apr RT @PostFilm: Have we forgotten John Dewey? "Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living." #edchat
7th Apr 'Innovation ready' http://t.co/TRKW7qjDl8 How critical and creative thinking are more important than 'facts' for today's students.
6th Apr RT @Thoughtings: #reversery instead. do to what know but done I've what from learn can I ahead other the and me behind eye one With #sho ...
5th Apr RT @Thoughtings: .neeb ev'I erehw ees ot teg I sgniht otni pmub I 'oht 'niog m'I erehw gnikool fo em fo detcep's'tahw gniod fo draoB #re ...
5th Apr RT @Thoughtings: Neither, nor, never, no, nothing, nought, nowt. Need noise negativity now. Now I've got it out! #shortings
4th Apr RT @RussellGroup: Have you seen our FAQs about subject choice post-16?http://t.co/kDGuipfoRl #informedchoices
4th Apr RT @LondonSE4: Got my ticket 4 "Once upon an if..." thinking event by “@philosophyfound @the_HOB http://t.co/qVj65Ym5Iy April 11th, disc ...
3rd Apr Dear Mr Gove: Michael Rosen's letter from a curious parent http://t.co/c6A0xvH6J1 via @guardian
2nd Apr @ZenaEdwards the consumer?
2nd Apr What stories are you telling @dansumners @peter_worley @SteveHoggins for #storytelling & #philosophy event on Apr 11? http://t.co/sTqvxGbHuX
2nd Apr RT @rosiecoaching: Be warned @philosophyfound forthcoming #philosophy & #storytelling event story I'm telling isn't 4 the feint hear ...
2nd Apr @BITC_arc thank you
2nd Apr RT @BITC_arc: Congratulations @philosophyfound on receiving the Education Resources Award for new book 'The Philosophy Shop' http://t.co ...
2nd Apr RT @dansumners: @philosophybites the @philosophyfound would appreciate a RT for its #storytelling event on free will http://t.co/BiNiCG1Upk
2nd Apr @peter_worley article on philosophy in the classroom in @philosophersmag http://t.co/qxSxurVSul
2nd Apr RT @dansumners: if you're free on 11 April, join @philosophyfound for some #storytelling and enquiry into free will http://t.co/BiNiCG1Upk
29th Mar RT @Thoughtings: 'Snot slugs!' I have two pet slugs that go where I goes. ''S'not slugs, mummy' I explain, as she - armed with tissues - ...
28th Mar RT @Thoughtings: I've been taught what I ought n oughtn't've done but could of and would of are sort of short of should of so I'm sort o ...
28th Mar @Thoughtings nospacetothinknospacetowinkbetweenwordsnospacetopauseforthoughtortothinkaboutwhatI'vejustbeentaught. #teach @andyday3000
28th Mar RT @Thoughtings: .'yldrawkcab kniht ot' ro dedeen s'tahw si yresrev esrever semitemos tub ,yllaretal kniht ot dna loohcs ta og ot dlot m ...
28th Mar RT @Thoughtings: What would the Hodja say? 'I didn't think your house was as big as it is.' 'What did you think? That it would be as big ...
28th Mar RT @Thoughtings: 140 characters is not a big poem but a lot of letters where to exactly stop it. 140 characters is what I'll do even if ...
28th Mar RT @Thoughtings: Think, drink, blink, poo; all things you and me can't not do. Any more 'ink's you can't not do? If not, I'll settle for ...
27th Mar Listening to miles Davis Footprints by Wayne Shorter. Great!
27th Mar RT @phf_uk: Featured in our latest newsletter: @Tate @TateCollectives @CollectionTrust @philosophyfound @musicalfutures... http://t.co/K ...
26th Mar RT @dansumners: if you're free on 11 April, join @philosophyfound for some #storytelling and enquiry into free will http://t.co/BiNiCG1Upk
25th Mar RT @NJE_Hitchen: Visual minutes from the 'Children as Philosophers' session led by @philosophyfound at today's #alphaplus KidsMeet. http ...
25th Mar RT @rosiecoaching: https://t.co/hhCcemOUsh join @philosophyfound for an evening of 'thought stories'. I'll be telling an incredible stor ...
25th Mar "Once upon an if..." Our first storytelling & thinking event @the_HOB http://t.co/JBGBH7TRkF April 11th, stories & discussion on Free Will
25th Mar Lovely review of #ThePhilosophyShop http://t.co/lUvcpJUsaw "a delicious meal for mind and soul." #edchat #philosophy
22nd Mar @cajames4 they are Christine, and in the States, Australia and Europe.
22nd Mar @brilaprojects thank you!
22nd Mar #Worldpoetryday inspired @peter_worley & @andyday3000 to write more find them here 4 free to get yr class #thoughting http://t.co/se0gNfLT9F
21st Mar RT @peter_worley: #WorldPoetryDay my favourite poem is the Anglo Saxon poem The Seafarer: http://t.co/3bh4Gzo83d check out Simon Armitag ...
21st Mar RT @englishpen: Read & share the work of four poets imprisoned in violation of their right to free expression on #WorldPoetryDay htt ...
21st Mar RT @Thoughtings: Our #WorldPoetryDay winner announced congratulations David Smith for unsaid words. Beautifully written & thought-fu ...
21st Mar RT @SparkyTeaching: #WorldPoetryDay today... We recommend this gem to get your class thinking big through little poems >> http://t ...
21st Mar Philosophy book wins as academics criticise lack of emphasis on thinking in new curriculum: http://t.co/HfOdqwgV1v
21st Mar RT @Thoughtings: Nospacetothinktodrinkwordssaidnospacetoknitorthroughthemthreadthatwhichgivesworditscauseorthoughtorsparkorroomtopause # ...
21st Mar Happy #WorldPoetryDay, may your day be filled with rhyme and reason: http://t.co/se0gNfLT9F
20th Mar RT @phf_uk: [#Education & Learning] ‘The #Philosophy Shop’ by @philosophyfound wins @besatweet Educational Book Award - http://t.co/ ...
20th Mar The dangers of the new National Curriculum proposals via @Telegraph http://t.co/vNt9JiDp5b Here here!
18th Mar CBeebies new philosophy programme starting this week: What's The Big Idea? http://t.co/0mQLij4z4w
18th Mar World Poetry Day on Thursday, use poems from #Thoughtings to get your children thinking, free resource here #edchat: http://t.co/se0gNfLT9F
18th Mar Congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 Educational Resources Awards, see them all here: http://t.co/Xz9NOJsvho #edchat
17th Mar RT @theprimaryhead: NEW BLOG POST https://t.co/LESQj80JpB After Cameron's comments on education yesterday I wrote this. Read it and RT i ...
16th Mar RT @peter_worley: @museumofthought, @andyday3000 says #philosophy is "the right shape for the gap it fits" in #Thoughtings @Thoughtings ...
16th Mar RT @peter_worley: @museumofthought agreed. I call it 'the thinking gap' in our education system.
16th Mar @johntonta thanks John.
16th Mar You gotta love Travelodge. They won't even splash out to give 'lodge' it's own 'l'.
16th Mar "we will miss the thinkers when they are gone" http://t.co/kK8ml08AcD
16th Mar We are v proud The #Philosophy Shop book won Educational Book 2013 last night at ERA. Thanks to @ThatIanGilbert @CrownHousePub & @itPressUK
16th Mar RT @CrownHousePub: Congratulations @philosophyfound The Philosophy Shop winner Education Book Education Resources Awards @itPressUK @Tal ...
15th Mar RT @HYWEL_ROBERTS: The Philosophy Shop for @CrownHousePub is a winner! #buzzing http://t.co/aPXB32jZYg
15th Mar @dansumners another good reason to work with us! Did you eat the hole as well?
13th Mar @CrownHousePub congratulations on winning Independent Publisher of the Year - we've enjoyed working with you, and think it is well deserved!
13th Mar RT @CrownHousePub: @philosophyfound great review in @HeadteacherNews on The Philosophy Shop http://t.co/mtHQv1gqDc in readiness for #Wor ...
12th Mar @NJE_Hitchen great stuff - which story did @pedagogue17 tell to demonstrate how to tell a good thinking story?
12th Mar RT @NJE_Hitchen: At #alphaenglish @pedagogue17 is sharing storytelling approaches learnt at @philosophyfound training http://t.co/LQLHA ...
12th Mar RT @EducationShow: On Thursday hear representatives fromDepartment for Education give details of new draft National Curriculum http://t ...
12th Mar RT @dansumners: great #philosophy class with fab pupils this morning: "a robot can be a person if it's intelligent like a human" @philos ...
12th Mar Our third shortlisting for The Philosophy Shop book! http://t.co/1qenSU4D4m
12th Mar #ThePhilosophyShop is a 2012 Finalists in #Philosophy (Adult Nonfiction) — Book of the Year Awards https://t.co/Hqv5DIodrn via @forewordmag
12th Mar RT @NJE_Hitchen: RT @FalconsGirls: We are excited that Andy Day from @philosophyfound will be visiting us today to lead #childrenasphilo ...
11th Mar @peter_worley's blog post: New resources. Visit to find a new philosophy game for young children http://t.co/aC0m3tuhjv
10th Mar RT @Sophrosyne_1: @philosophyfound Subject of #moralmaze last week was The Ring of Gyges and the basis of morality. http://t.co/TGZCLR0974
10th Mar RT @sexdeathrebirth: The Rise of the Philosopher Queen is out! http://t.co/rJgi0XpvXt ▸ Top stories today via @philosophyfound
10th Mar RT @hgurmin: 'Male domination of philosophy must end'. http://t.co/KRf0PWSTLJ
10th Mar @hgurmin thank you! We'll try to be stoical whatever happens.
10th Mar RT @SDMumford: Very sad twitter news “@LilyLivingstone: sad to read that Gary Banham @Kantian3 died after a having a stroke in Rome http ...
10th Mar @pirateV also, this video on gender and philosophical intuition: http://t.co/IBBDfMnCBJ
10th Mar @pirateV we did a CPD on women in philosophy, should be able to give you notes from that if it is any help?
10th Mar The Stone: Was Wittgenstein Right? http://t.co/pWFVqop1Bl
9th Mar @hgurmin @museumofthought #philosophy shop is up for educational book of the year at the ERA awards on Friday, with @peter_worley #IfOdyssey
9th Mar @museumofthought @peter_worley thanks for your words about The #Philosophy Shop book, glad your kids are enjoying it.
9th Mar RT @museumofthought: @peter_worley I bought 'philosophy shop' for my 10 and 6 year old - they love it - this is one of the best books fo ...
9th Mar liked @peter_worley blog post: Review for Plato Was Wrong! http://t.co/3fyZzG6N1s
9th Mar RT @peter_worley: New post with an important update for the chapter 'Where are you?' in The If Machine: http://t.co/em19hFsazB
9th Mar RT @peter_worley: I've started a blog on Goodreads of updates to my books that should be of interest to any readers/users of my books: h ...
8th Mar @BITC_arc talk about our work in business: http://t.co/tX4wtM3X5Y
7th Mar RT @Primary_Ed: To prove how many teachers use twitter, RETWEET IF YOU ARE A TEACHER! #ukedchat #poweroftwitter
6th Mar RT @oxhse: @philosophyfound Arts/Youth orgs needing work space? 6 spaces (238- 573 sq ft) available Aug 2013. More at http://t.co/ObjN ...
6th Mar RT @timrayner01: Philosophers! Thought you'd enjoy this one @philosophyfound @philosophybites @eudaimoniaLife @PhilosophyNow http://t.co ...
5th Mar @classicsforall What do the Sirens, Odysseus & The Bag of Winds have to do with modern education? http://t.co/ZbSnj1ULQ4 #edchat #ukedchat
5th Mar RT @PhilosL: Convention for Higher Education conference: Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE), Uni... http://t. ...
5th Mar RT @emilyryall: If you want to listen to the discussion from Sat's Philosophy of Running event, then podcasts can be found here: http:// ...
5th Mar RT @tombutlerbowdon: Launching new book 50 Philosophy Classics in London on March 15 - please come! http://t.co/JUk9GfJwIj Reply for d ...
5th Mar RT @dansumners: The #Philosophy Shop by @philosophyfound has been entered in The People's #Book Prize - please vote if you like it! http ...
4th Mar Please vote for 'The Philosophy Shop' in People's Book Prize http://t.co/qx3WOS9QIA It really is an excellent resource for doing #philosophy
2nd Mar Hitman finds morals after reading Kant: http://t.co/4wI54LrLCF funny #philosophy
1st Mar RT @andyt21: Doing something amazing with your #pupilpremium ? http://t.co/bNfCXxL5E1
1st Mar RT @NatEdTrust: We are looking to recruit a Director of School & Academy Improvement from Sept '13: http://t.co/CUSOaZUQTL
28th Feb RT @NJE_Hitchen: Excitement growing for the first #alphaplus #kidsmeet , including session with @philosophyfound
28th Feb RT @GuardianTeach: What do the Sirens, Odysseus and The Bag of Winds have to do with modern philosophy? http://t.co/3JRJVh6f3T #edchat # ...
28th Feb RT @peter_worley: Ray Billington obituary http://t.co/WcILXnCwNq via @guardian this guy taught me and had a huge influence on my religio ...
28th Feb Guardian article about using The Odyssey to do philosophy in schools. http://t.co/OXX0lJF0cY
28th Feb How to use the enduring power of Greek myths in your classroom http://t.co/3wqC0UVz50 by @peter_worley via @guardian
26th Feb 'Republic Island' from #TheIfMachine, but for grown ups! The Philosophers: https://t.co/nqk2aeETUj #philosophy on film
26th Feb Interesting articles about The Self in @newscientist this week http://t.co/GIAOX7g3YH #existential
25th Feb RT @robinince: here is yesterday's opinion piece from The Observer on the pointless of most of my opinions (and maybe some of yours) htt ...
23rd Feb Stuart Low Trust and the work of some of our Philosophers in guardian today http://t.co/N15tJstgr5
23rd Feb RT @SteveIredale: Are schools facing a cut in their budgets after all? Is this slight of hand by the treasury? More smoke and mirrors. h ...
22nd Feb @Mosaic_Films very enjoyable! When are we going to create some extra resources?
22nd Feb RT @Mosaic_Films: Watch our new series What Makes Me Me? @BBCiPlayer for nxt 7days http://t.co/d0rSNaodLO @philosophyfound @P4CGallions ...
20th Feb @Reteach10 using stories (& telling rather than reading) to stimulate philosophical enquiries, eg the Sirens in Odyssey to discuss free will
20th Feb RT @treetopstherapy: Wonderful news that @philosophyfound is thinking of running a bi-monthly philosophy storytelling evening event
20th Feb RT @SteveHoggins: @dansumners @philosophyfound Brilliant! I want more #storytelling. Today's few have whet my narrative appetite and exc ...
20th Feb RT @itPressUK: @peter_worley speaking at PLATO Conference, New Orleans. See Peter @philosophyfound talk Philosophy @spitalfieldsE1 http: ...
15th Feb RT @hallcyon: “@philosophyfound: American philosopher and legal scholar Ronald Dworkin dies in London aged 81 http://t.co/ocbV1aXk”
14th Feb RT @dansumners: @philosophyfound @stevehoggins great course, thanks! #storytelling
14th Feb RT @iamsamthomas: Dworkin was that very rare thing... a philosopher who could write beautifully as well as think clearly.
14th Feb American philosopher and legal scholar Ronald Dworkin dies in London aged 81 http://t.co/TQf79PX1
14th Feb @TrudaSpruyt yes - we're doing it @alaindebotton, getting philosophy out onto the street: http://t.co/Wa60hczH
10th Feb @SteveHoggins @dansumners we're now thinking of running a bi-monthly philosophy storytelling evening event. More soon.
9th Feb Great stories spun today by all on our storytelling 4 thinking course @dansumners YalleryBrown atmospheric @SteveHoggins Diogenes energetic
1st Feb @drangiehobbs loved his half time speech as well: http://t.co/fw2TfaRV Greek Philosophers better than England Players?
1st Feb This brings back fun memories: Our Philosophers Football Match 2010 @drangiehobbs perfoming very well for a non-footie http://t.co/kaG3iFCL
30th Jan RT @dansumners: here's what the @philosophyfound got up to on World #Philosophy Day 2012 http://t.co/uHTcJYeH #video
28th Jan On World Philosophy Day 2012 @philosophyfound took to the market to talk to people about #philosophy #edchat #socent: https://t.co/6Wj8KMbf
28th Jan Win a week of creative writing with @arvonfoundation and @englishpen's Made Up Words Competition! Enter here: http://t.co/We2Nnt87
27th Jan National #storytelling week, special offer for our twitter followers: our storytelling course on 2nd and 9th Feb for only £40 email for info
25th Jan @YFAccelerator demo day we've had an investment already. Admittedly it £10 for a book, but every journey begins with a single step #socent
24th Jan #Education and culture special on #Dewey #Philosophy and childhood #edchat http://t.co/PtnnLMJ1
23rd Jan Timestheyareachanging: 2 #philosophy books shortlisted for ERA 'Best Educational Book Award', The Philosophy Shop & The If Odyssey #edchat
23rd Jan congratulation @peter_worley on 'The If Odyssey' being shortlisted for ERA Award: Best Educational Book of the Year. #edchat #philosophy
23rd Jan RT @drangiehobbs: Delighted that Peter Worley's 'The If Odyssey' has been shortlisted for the ERA: Educational Book of the Year @philoso ...
19th Jan @BBCRadio4 #bbcpm @ProfBrianCox agrees with Plato that confusion is an important part of learning, see this short blog: http://t.co/KQMILV4A
18th Jan @MichaelRosenYes pls RT. People's Book Prize closes Feb 28, please vote for #Thoughtings & get young people thinking http://t.co/bkEXoa2p
15th Jan Cogito by Christian Kronsted — Kickstarter http://t.co/nTvC51Of via @kickstarter a new philosophy game - could be fun.
14th Jan @nicholasbuzzrad focus on one and hopefully the other will follow. If it is philosophical or education based we might be able to point?
14th Jan @nicholasbuzzrad the project or the people?
9th Jan Still some spaces left on our 'Storytelling for Thinking' course in February in East London, full details here: http://t.co/7AMUtJ8M
9th Jan We're running a CPD with TLP Wales on March 4th for EY & KS1 teachers wanting to do science and maths enquiry #edchat: http://t.co/ZzmAcrKP
7th Jan RT @tesResources: If you've been training today, what is the most important thing you've learnt? Was it a useful day?
7th Jan RT @IAI_TV: Oxford philosopher of mind and language Peter Hacker on why we should study philosophy: http://t.co/IPJ7A3d7 @philfacox @rou ...
4th Jan RT @PeterFlorence: Gove's reform project - http://t.co/E7vVVdqT comprehensively negated by David Priestland (with whom I went to schoo ...
3rd Jan "I thought my yr 7 class were too old for #storytelling but as '...The alien craft shot past the window' 1/2 class turned round to look."
1st Jan RT @ProfBrianCox: A careful analysis of my + @robinince 's @NewStatesman editorial, which reflects many of my thoughts on the matter htt ...
1st Jan RT @The_DoNation: Wondering how to bundle all those #resolutions & good intentions together? Do a Do challenge: get fit & create ...
21st Dec @dansumners ahhhh!
20th Dec Only 5 If Odyssey's left in stock on Amazon, and 2 5 star reviews discussing the impact in the classroom: http://t.co/eatlnzmz
20th Dec RT @the_young_fdn: Aged 18 - 30 and interested in social change? Please spare 2 mins to fill in this short survey for @yearhere http://t ...
20th Dec RT @humanutopia: Life isn't about finding yourself - it's about creating yourself!
20th Dec RT @dansumners: fab! @philosophyfound wins compilations/anthologies category of New England Book Festival http://t.co/2GTNIvap ace work ...
20th Dec We are thrilled: The Philosophy Shop is the winner of the Compilation category of New England Book Festival Comp:   http://t.co/n8vbGl0H
19th Dec Thank you card from our young philosophers at Brecknock Primary school after our If Odyssey project this term. http://t.co/dSAbvdjK
19th Dec @YFAccelerator don't eat them all at once - short term pleasure is just that! Thank you all for your help and support - see you in January.
19th Dec @YFAccelerator @WolffOlins this entrepreneur obviously knows what they're doing...
19th Dec RT @4C3d: Learning. It is not always about doing, most of the time it is about thinking too! Give you and your students time to think. # ...
19th Dec @YoungAdvisors in which case I'd leave them to it!
19th Dec RT @mobilewashunit: I love philosophy; not sure it loves me back: the heart has its reasons. reasons to love philosophy http://t.co/6Lq ...
19th Dec One of our senior leadership team calmly taking in the view of an advert on the tube. @dansumners @RobTorrington http://t.co/Yq6GcOA0
19th Dec RT @CHumanutopia: @philosophyfound @CBSOutdoorUK my head says yes, my stomach says no! C
19th Dec Getting Londoners thinking during the Christmas Season...many thanks to @CBSOutdoorUK Spot the ad? tweet us your answer http://t.co/k79Laisx
18th Dec "I had never realised the power of stories until I learnt how to tell a story properly." Stories for thinking course: http://t.co/oBJTFnDe
18th Dec Today's question: what did #philosophy ever do for you? tag: #phido4u
17th Dec RT @HeythropCollege: A Level Conference: Philosophy 1st March 2013, featuring @stephenlaw60 and @philosophybites Book at http://t.co/y1j ...
17th Dec RT @HeythropCollege: Are you an #REteacher ? Check out our FREE #HeythropALevel conferences on Philosophy, Theology, Religion and Ethics.
14th Dec RT @itPressUK: @Thoughtings @philosophyfound @tesResources Don't miss out on this fantastic lesson plan by Peter Worley http://t.co/zmo4SY0P
14th Dec RT @YFAccelerator: Yesterday with @philosophyfound then @WolffOlins really got us thinking. So what do you all think about this article ...
14th Dec RT @PolakPaulina: @YFAccelerator Thank you for a great networking event and opportunity to meet @balloonkenya @philosophyfound and Futur ...
14th Dec @jimalkhalili congratulations, everyone @philosophyfound wishes you a successful time as president of @BHAhumanists.
13th Dec RT @YFAccelerator: @honeyclubkingsx thanks for a great talk about @WolffOlins local impact - delivering #socent impact and connections h ...
12th Dec RT @ACBChildrens: @peter_worley Congrats on the wonderful coverage of The If Odyssey in @tesResources http://t.co/wXl7IyZs
11th Dec @PoetryFound @GuardianBooks our favorite #poetry collection at the moment is #Thoughtings great for pondering big ideas with 'short' poems
11th Dec @TrudaSpruyt's Alfie on TES website talking about The If Odyssey http://t.co/mCX3bwRh Thanks Alfie!
10th Dec RT @senseaboutsci: For 3 days @Daily_Express has refused to edit its dangerous cancer advice. So we did it for them. http://t.co/YVsXgOZ2
9th Dec Six Point Plan @HeadsRoundtable: the future of our eduction system - more importantly future learning of children http://t.co/jvYlfdDq via
8th Dec @philosophybites @eltonteb Good luck Nigel from all of us here as well - is this another worrying sign of HE Philosophy dept. shrinking?
7th Dec RT @PhilosL: CfP: Causality and Experimentation in the Sciences - Paris 1-3 July: Call for papers Please circulate widely --... http:// ...
7th Dec @Sandra_L_Jones Thanks Sandra, we will.
7th Dec RT @TrudaSpruyt: Good to see philosophy poster boy Alfie in the TES today promoting @philosophyfound If Odyssey.
6th Dec @julesevans77 thanks for both your last tweets, will look into IPC.
6th Dec RT @julesevans77: Telegraph on a school's philosophy club for 8-year-olds. h/t @1prokopton http://t.co/JY2yKF2G @philosophyfound @SAPERE ...
6th Dec RT @Thoughtings: #hodjashortings Hodja's friend says 'how do they build those wonderful minarets?' Hodja replies 'they take a well and t ...
6th Dec RT @3Diassociates: #RSAlloyd John Lloyd: "Teacher-heros are those that say, I don't know . . . Let's find out."
6th Dec @IAI_TV They can be used as cognitive tools like #TheIfOdyssey http://t.co/tBdtDsyC & storytelling for thinking: http://t.co/0ceuBpeE
6th Dec RT @Thoughtings: #hodjashortings teacher to Hodja: Are you nodding off in my lesson? Hodja to teacher: No, I'm trying very hard to stay ...
5th Dec RT @bbceducation: Exam watchdog concern at changes http://t.co/nLLojkPw
5th Dec RT @teshelen: Just having quick glance at Gove at education select committee It's online here http://t.co/YxUL19W6
5th Dec RT @YoungAdvisors: Are you aged between 15 & 21? Do you live in Shepherds Bush? Tweet us if you'd like to become a Young Advisor and ...
5th Dec RT @3Diassociates: @teshelen I heard a secondary head say the same thing recently. Outrageous & just plain wrong. Teaching to tests ...
5th Dec RT @Thoughtings: If you like #Thoughtings please vote for it inThe People's Book Prize http://t.co/WXpzH28R @SparkyTeaching @philosophyfound
5th Dec RT @SparkyTeaching: .@peter_worley @philosophyfound Just posted a review of 'Thoughtings'. Great resource for making philosophy fun. htt ...
3rd Dec RT @CrownHousePub: Vote for @Thoughtings at The People's Book Prize http://t.co/cm10fmRS @itPressUK @philosophyfound
2nd Dec Storytelling for thinking course run by @philosophyfound details now available on @sfs_uk website: http://t.co/y26VgSnL
1st Dec RT @timrayner01: Timely meditations: Nietzsche on the death of God and the will to power http://t.co/QnLqs1XP @philosophyfound @philosop ...
1st Dec RT @philosophybites: Why we all need big ideas (video) @microphilosophy @philosophyfound and others http://t.co/mFlObhMq via @IAI_TV
29th Nov "@philosophybites: Philosophers own up to their shame http://t.co/gtnMtZbc via @damonayoung" Brilliant - more confessions please!
28th Nov Looking forward to #gdeals12 tomorrow http://t.co/dSyFfqfh
28th Nov RT @marcusmason: Am chuffed about working w/ @philosophyfound through @YFAccelerator - such a cool project taking philosophy to schools ...
26th Nov #ThePhilosophyShop now available on kindle as well: http://t.co/DUyvLJFn
23rd Nov RT @Thoughtings: 'Thoughtings' now available on kindle: http://t.co/tblpd2G5
22nd Nov '60 second adventures in thought' by @LaughingSquid #philosophy famous tx explained in less than 60 seconds: http://t.co/YKsxdIEG
21st Nov @NJE_Hitchen @Alpha_PlusGroup Great comments from the boys last night: "even though you're not writing you're growing your brain." #edchat
21st Nov RT @NJE_Hitchen: Boys from St. Anthony's presenting to @philosophyfound at @Alpha_PlusGroup Head Office #pupilvoice
21st Nov RT @YouthMediaA: Another great #speak4yourself training session at NewVic College-really impressive young people @englishpen @philosophy ...
21st Nov RT @wheresarchie: Brilliant #speakforyourself session inspiring stuff from the young people! Amazing six workshops from @YouthMediaA @ph ...
19th Nov RT @DavidAllenGreen: Here are 10 golden rules of Twitter by @DAaronovitch http://t.co/oMSp6Aiv
19th Nov The Philosophical Child by Jana Mohr Lone considers children’s philosophical potential. http://t.co/jNyvjnCv
19th Nov Plato Was Wrong! by David Shapiro is full of activities and games for exploring philosophical questions: http://t.co/LpyrHL7K
19th Nov Two great-looking new books coming from the Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children, 'Plato Was Wrong!' and 'The Philosophical Child'.
19th Nov The SFCP is hosting a day of Socratic Dialogue on Dec 25th in Southend-on-Sea. Email pawood@fastmail.co.uk for details.
19th Nov RT @kingsphilosophy: The latest History of Philosophy podcast with Peter Adamson looks at the great Church Father, Origen of Alexandria ...
19th Nov "there could surely be few more joyful and exciting ways of encouraging creative, empathetic thinking." #Thoughtings review @TeachPrimary
18th Nov RT @wellylearning: @Jon_Torbitt @C_Hendrick our visiting philosopher (@peter_worley) is at the forefront of the philosophy in schools mo ...
17th Nov RT @3Diassociates: @philosophyfound http://t.co/yBA7vCqH. Thank you for yesterday. Hope you enjoy the blog #worldphilosophyday #philosop ...
16th Nov "This may look like a book but in fact, it's a portal; a gateway into the boundless possibilities of the mind's perspectives" @Thoughtings
16th Nov New blog by 'The If Odyssey' illustrator about the book launch at the British Museum a few months ago: http://t.co/7YxYUfH0
16th Nov @CrownHousePub can the review be read online?
16th Nov RT @PhilosL: World Philosophy Day celebrations at Bilkent: World Philosophy Day: Future Generations. The Department of Philo... http:// ...
16th Nov RT @sbwilkie: @philosophyfound I wish I could have participated in your Spitalfields "Agora". Excellent idea! Interested to read The Phi ...
16th Nov RT @3Diassociates: @philosophyfound. Thank you for the event at Spitalfields today. Very inspiring. Looking forward to connecting up wit ...
15th Nov "Spitalfields market gets us thinking for World Philosophy Day" - @TimeOutLondon http://t.co/TxYdaYYe
15th Nov RT @itPressUK: If you're not already there get down to @spitalfieldsE1 market NOW to get involved in @philosophyfound book launch and de ...
15th Nov Down in the marketplace, @drangiehobbs running a philosophy session. http://t.co/UHrxjAEH
15th Nov Pop down to Spitalfields Market for some philosophy and a spot of bubbly. http://t.co/3CVlGtjy
15th Nov Return of the Socrates Wanderers. http://t.co/A4AsaXxx
15th Nov Running a philosophy session in the midst of Spitalfields Market. http://t.co/RHq2xl4l
15th Nov Our stall in Spitalfields Market, bringing philosophy back to the Agora. http://t.co/6nCK8wXY
15th Nov "Spitalfields market gets us thinking for World Philosophy Day" - @TimeOutLondon http://t.co/BXz0gxVG
15th Nov RT @amandajane: http://t.co/9MQjW99q Meet w/ real #Philosophers in London’s own ‘Athenian Marketplace’ - Spitalfields #worldphilosophyda ...
15th Nov Could Socrates save the BBC? via @Telegraph http://t.co/tHLoElnX by @peter_worley for #WorldPhilosophyDay
14th Nov @julesevans77 Great, see you tomorrow evening. We're recording the daytime event so you should be able to see some footage in a few weeks.
14th Nov @julesevans77 Are you joining us at all tomorrow Jules?
14th Nov RT @julesevans77: .@philosophyfound has a new book out tomorrow (world philosophy day) http://t.co/UptBI2SY > launch drinks tomorrow ...
14th Nov RT @itPressUK: @alicewoolley1 @GuardianTeach @LAMDAdrama @Thoughtings Poetry provokes creativity and literary understanding. http://t.c ...
14th Nov RT @BloomsburyPhilo: It's #WorldPhilosophyDay on Thursday! We'll run comps and give away books to celebrate! Follow for a chance to win ...
14th Nov Are we ready for #worldphilosophyday tomorrow? Football shirts, tick; music, tick; slideshow, tick; books, tick; change, tick; brains...?
13th Nov If you see people @SpitalfieldsE1 on Thursday wearing Socrates Wanderers football shirts, go & have a philosophical chat #worldphilosophyday
13th Nov V excited @ZenaEdwards will be writing poems based on philosophy conversations in Spitalfields on #worldphilosophyday join in between 12-2pm
13th Nov RT @dansumners: what are you doing for #worldphilosophyday on Thursday? why not join @philosophyfound for some #philosophy at @OldSpital ...
12th Nov Celebrate #WorldPhilosophyDay with us on Thursday: http://t.co/SmOwJ2Ja RSVP emma@phil-found.org #philosophy #edchat
12th Nov RT @GuardianTeach: Being an outstanding teacher relies on more than passing harder QTS test http://t.co/vI0vFGKq - tell us what you think
8th Nov RT @YouthMediaA: Another great #freespeech debate session with young people last night @englishpen @philosophyfound
8th Nov Please join us for our party on #WorldPhilosophyDay: Thurs 15th from 7pm in a pub near Spitalfields - email info@philosophy-foundation.org
2nd Nov @the_young_fdn introduces the next generation of #socent to receive support through @YFAccelerator http://t.co/EzbEF6H2
2nd Nov @headspinhq customer review on amazon: http://t.co/tWhOSCo2
2nd Nov RT @headspinhq: Has anyone read The Philosophy Shop from @philosophyfound? Wondering what you think. #thephilosophyshop
1st Nov The Accelerator Participants (we are one) http://t.co/Apf23yta @YFAccelerator
1st Nov RT @the_young_fdn: Here's our @YFAccelerator video - it gives the whys and hows of the programme and shows what we'll deliver. http://t. ...
31st Oct Enjoyed an inspiring evening @YFAccelerator looking forward to the start of the programme tomorrow
30th Oct RT @Thoughtings: Our first review for #thoughtings on Amazon ideal present for god parents apparently! http://t.co/r28jL1S3 #toastcrumbs ...
30th Oct Our first review for thephilosophyshop on Amazon, very pleasing! #philosophy #edchat http://t.co/hmyNg2GO
26th Oct Thanks to @feathersgracie for the cakes at The If Odyssey book launch at the British Museum yesterday, they were yummy! http://t.co/rioyOeQ5
25th Oct RT @eatbigfishLDN: Enjoying @philosophyfound's new book launch at @britishlibrary. Wishing them success in their challenge to education. ...
25th Oct RT @TrudaSpruyt: Philosophical cupcakes from @philosophyfound launch of If Odyssey @britishmuseum today. http://t.co/eUTizwGz
23rd Oct This article (in current edition of Think) came from a TPF blog by our philosophy teacher Oliver Leech 'Evidence & God' http://t.co/o1vWILyl
23rd Oct Looking forward to launch of #TheIfOdyssey @britishmuseum on thursday with author @peter_worley & foreword writer @drangiehobbs #philosophy
19th Oct Viewpoints: Teaching children to read http://t.co/ds7zResi #literacy #edchat
18th Oct RT @the_young_fdn: Should universities take a more active role at raising standards and qualifications before students even get there? h ...
17th Oct What did the Greeks ever do for us? How about help us learn to think… | Latest press releases http://t.co/mS8DZsbX
15th Oct @bibliomouse Might we suggest a delve into the Anthology of Unwritten Poems? http://t.co/c2fcoEYm
15th Oct RT @MichaelRosenYes: Poetry is doing and playing: 20 ideas for you http://t.co/5A91JJm7
15th Oct New Guest blogger: Oliver Leech on the Philosophy of History. Head over to our blog to discuss with Oliver. http://t.co/e4EVLNMh
14th Oct Can we afford David Cameron's idea of a 'great education'? http://t.co/lbTr3F9P via @guardian
10th Oct RT @YouthMediaA: Great first #speakforyourself session last night with @englishpen & @philosophyfound - Looking forward tonights se ...
8th Oct No, you're not entitled to your opinion http://t.co/NcKbMT4v via @conversationedu
5th Oct @keithfrankish see! )
5th Oct @keithfrankish so much more than that!
5th Oct Our 3rd book of the year arrived at our offices today: The If Odyssey by @peter_worley #philosophy in schools #p4c http://t.co/s4LET22H
5th Oct Under16s comp extended til Oct 18th: encourage young people to create not just memorise poetry #thoughtings #edchat: http://t.co/kakWK00p
5th Oct RT @Thoughtings: Under16s comp extended til Oct 18th: we want to encourage young people to create not just memorise poetry #thoughtings: ...
4th Oct Read our anthology of unwritten poems, had 30+ submissions on #nationalpoetryday. Still time to enter the competition: http://t.co/kakWK00p
4th Oct RT @GuardianEdu: Know any students who'd like a free year at uni? Tell them about our make-a-movie competition... http://t.co/KJESU0Fb v ...
4th Oct RT @HistPhilosophy: Next up, the last pagan philosophers: featuring Julian, Hypatia, Hierocles, Ammonius, Damascius, Olympiodorus and Si ...
4th Oct @artsemergency not without a fight! We are bringing #philosophy to schools and communities, with a focus on schools in disadvantaged areas
4th Oct RT @peter_worley: @MichaelRosenYes #nationalpoetryday short: epitaph: Done. long: What one word would you decide/To leave to say how you ...
4th Oct RT @uptone: Terry Jones of A Liar's Autobiography at the Toronto Film Festival 2012 - YouTube http://t.co/GA0BVYIr
4th Oct RT @alisha1803: For National Poetry Day: Not My Best Side, I'm Afraid http://t.co/nyI6TcBo @philosophyfound
4th Oct RT @MichaelRosenYes: Choose subject:eg morning. Short: wake up.Long:i cant find my socks.Short:ratty.= Wake up/I can't find my socks/ ...
4th Oct RT @MichaelRosenYes: #nationalpoetryday why not try 'short long short'instead of haiku for a change? Vgood for pair or group writing. Se ...
4th Oct RT @philosophybites: A reading of Dryden's translation of Lucretius on Death http://t.co/yjFlJlQw #NationalPoetryDay
4th Oct RT @greenwich_FS: And some great discussions with @philosophyfound on whether space is infinite - kids v convinced by Lucretius, Mr Brow ...
4th Oct RT @Thoughtings: #edchat #nationalpoetryday #gove don't get children to memorise other peoples poems, inspire them to write their own: h ...
4th Oct #edchat #poetryday #gove don't get children to memorise other peoples poems, inspire them to write their own: http://t.co/c2fcoEYm
4th Oct @EducationFest we're lacking under 16 entries to our poetry competition to win copy of #thoughthings closes #PoetryDay http://t.co/c2fcoEYm
4th Oct RT @BBCr4today: In case you missed it, poet @horovitzmichael serenades the Today programme on @PoetryDayUK http://t.co/LaIfBZkV
4th Oct @tesEnglish why not write a new poem and win a copy of either #thoughtings or #thephilosophyshop #poetryday http://t.co/c2fcoEYm
4th Oct RT @Thoughtings: #NationalPoetryDay. Feel inspired? Write a poem in response to archeology & win a copy of #Thoughtings #toastcrumbs ...
3rd Oct RT @Thinking_Space_: See what we were up to earlier this summer with The Philosophy Foundation and Sapere http://t.co/GEZs9BHX @philosop ...
3rd Oct RT @Thoughtings: @thoughtings I've been thinking, unblinkingly: can philosophy have rhyme, and does it rhyme with me?
2nd Oct RT @philosophybites: If you're interested in teaching philosophy to children, @philosophyfound has some excellent resources http://t.co/ ...
1st Oct RT @dominiquepere: Philo, le Journal nouvelle édition http://t.co/bZEWV04X ▸ Aujourd'hui à la UNE: @philosophyfound @FearLoathingBTX @Zi ...
1st Oct Thoughtings, featured in @GuardianTeach today, is released this week. Pre-order it here: http://t.co/x6ldmiwT
1st Oct Over at @GuardianTeach, @peter_worley discusses @Thoughtings, a teaching tool that blends poetry and philosophy: http://t.co/aNSVyelD
1st Oct RT @GuardianTeach: Move over Socrates: a practical guide to teaching poetry with philosophy http://t.co/IH5GeamM
1st Oct RT @itPressUK: To celebrate @PoetryDayUK, @Thoughtings & @philosophyfound are holding a poetry competition. Enter http://t.co/BLu5e0 ...
1st Oct RT @dansumners: this was waiting on my desk for me, looking forward to using it in the classroom http://t.co/5oGFcrGx #philosophy #teach ...
30th Sep RT @dansumners: This week @philosophyfound publishes The Philosophy Shop #book inc. #shortstory by me & more by @peter_worley & ...
30th Sep RT @dansumners: follow @Thoughtings for puzzles, problems and paradoxes in poetry to think with from @philosophyfound #philosophy
30th Sep RT @SteveHoggins: Thought year 7s might be too old for storytelling but when "the space craft shot past the window" about half of them t ...
29th Sep Help spread the word about ‘Anthology of Unwritten Poems’ & win a copy of #Thoughtings see our film competition: http://t.co/kakWK00p
29th Sep RT @Thoughtings: @PoetrySociety Write a poem for our 'anthology' 4 #nationalpoetryday & win copy of #thoughtings or #thePhilosophy ...
29th Sep RT @DrJohnLTaylor: @philosophyfound Just received 'The Philosophy Shop' - looks fantastic - congratulations!
29th Sep @DrJohnLTaylor thanks John - we are very pleased with it, it's both beautiful and useful! Look inside here: http://t.co/N2PkV1aw
29th Sep RT @timlebon: Are you a Stoic or an Epicurean? http://t.co/zTpb8Jgy
29th Sep @westfieldlondon we have an idea to run past you re launch of new book #thephilosophyshop how do we tell you about it? http://t.co/qZBSsML5
28th Sep RT @johntomsett: A must watch RIGHT NOW!! “@BBCNewsnight: Tonight on #newsnight - we reveal how the regulator leaned on exam boards to c ...
28th Sep http://t.co/c2fcoEYm Win a copy of Thoughtings (if you're under 16...) and a copy of... http://t.co/fl8UVOAI
28th Sep @PoetrySociety new website launched to inspire people to write a poem for NPD and win new book @Thoughtings: http://t.co/c2fcoEYm
28th Sep RT @enliven_ed: Yes H Ford designed the assembly line for cars not for humans @NJE_Hitchen" target="_blank">http://t.co/Jglcx198@NJE_Hitchen @philosophyfound
28th Sep Guardian Teacher Network http://t.co/y9y01CLC Are you prepared for National #Poetry Day? Free resources available by us on GTN #ukedchat
27th Sep 'The most anticipated book of the year out today' so it's either #thephilosophyshop or #thoughtings...right? http://t.co/x6ldmiwT
27th Sep The Royal Institute of Philosophy's 2012/2013 session of London lectures is on (different) "Philosophical... http://t.co/x6TURb8p
27th Sep RIP lecture series on different philosophical traditions, free & open to all: http://t.co/l28gQM91 #philosophy
27th Sep RT @PhilosophDoctor: 2 -Philosophy, Philosophising, CoPI and Philosophical Dialogue http://t.co/hmOC3cmj
27th Sep British Museum: Thinking through Odyssey @britishmuseum http://t.co/9RvohMzt
27th Sep RT @philosophybites: From the PB podcast archive: Nigel Warburton interviews Michael Sandel on what shouldn't be sold: http://t.co/5sNHrSsR
27th Sep #thephilosophyshop & #thoughtings have arrived at the office. Beautiful, beautiful books! Buy as a 'socratic bundle', http://t.co/2RdhIrar
27th Sep RT @CrownHousePub: Now available @Thoughtings by Peter Worley and Andrew Day and The Philosophy Shop edited by Peter Worley and @philoso ...
26th Sep Welcome @andyday3000 to twitter, co-author with @peter_worley of @Thoughtings, 'a collection of very very irritating poems' @MichaelRosenYes
26th Sep RT @Thoughtings: 'I’ve tried to learn what the teacher is taughting, But there’s something wrong with my way of #thoughting' #toastcrumb ...
26th Sep The Philosophy Shop and Thoughtings: Puzzles, Problems and Paradoxes in Poetry to Think With released tomorrow.
26th Sep welcome @Thoughtings - puzzles, problems and paradoxes in poetry to think with by @peter_worley and Andrew Day: http://t.co/Hu7D8mVk
25th Sep Settling down to watch the boy who can't forget on C4 - could be good stimulus for philosophical enquiries around personhood #philosophy
25th Sep RT @ZenaEdwards: Big Ups 2 @philosophyfound Encouraging young ppl 2 flex "the thinking muscle" #TeachMorePhilosophyinSchools
21st Sep RT @NJE_Hitchen: 'We don't have many factories any more; Britain isn't a factory any more. We shouldn't be teaching on a factory model' ...
20th Sep I created group The Philosophy Foundation on Linkedin.: http://t.co/yQiyPa8j
19th Sep RT @SteveHoggins: The @philosophyfound is teaching kids #philosophy "to bring something new, something lovely and shiny to the world" ht ...
19th Sep Running our Stage 1 course on doing philosophy in schools at Edinburgh University 29th/30th Sept - other philosophers in Scotland welcome
18th Sep RT @philosophybites: Some great resources for teaching philosophy in schools from @philosophyfound http://t.co/5mLPEvvh
18th Sep We're excited to be releasing three new books this autumn. Pre-order, and save on RRP, here: http://t.co/x6ldmiwT
18th Sep RT @crookedfootball: @jonathanwebber Oh dear. Whatever happened to Macintyre http://t.co/iE2l9zfi
18th Sep RT @jonathanwebber: Employability of philosophy graduates :: http://t.co/yxb2Qahf
18th Sep A new film by @eatbigfish, highlighting The Philosophy Foundation's mission to bring philosophy to a wider audience: http://t.co/eygcg0Rm
18th Sep We're featured in this film by eatbigfish, highlighting The Philosophy Foundation's mission to bring philosophy... http://t.co/kk2mdvz7
18th Sep RT @londonphilclub: Jonathan Rée on #philosophy clubs, societal change, @londonphilclub, Oct. 3rd, @ConwayHall: http://t.co/rFnBmbAz Pla ...
18th Sep RT @tes: John Hattie has the ear of many gov'ts. He may be the world's most influential edu-demic. We spoke to him http://t.co/BWGOC6C1 ...
18th Sep Apply now for a bespoke package of free support from @BITC_arc -deadline is Friday October 19th www. http://t.co/W1UZsKyz #socent
17th Sep @MiniPhilosopers @SpunOut Well done Gary...lets get to it! #philosophy in schools http://t.co/vlEq7Mpu
17th Sep Gove's new EBacc feels like we're swapping deck chairs on the titanic #ukedchat #newsnight
17th Sep GCSE exams to be replaced by EBacc http://t.co/fWOW5V1Z via @guardian why are politicians so concerned with testing rather than thinking?
17th Sep RT @EducatorMusing: Thoughtful challenge of 21st century learning concept #edchat #edreform 21st Century Schools or 21st Century Learnin ...
17th Sep RT @SteveHoggins: Just had my initial meeting with #GOSH - very excited about teaching #philosophy there next week!
12th Sep co-founders @rosiecoaching and @peter_worley talk about the challenge TPF is bringing to the education system: http://t.co/xoT5gorx
12th Sep The Foundation for Innovation http://t.co/xoT5gorx via @eatbigfishLDN
11th Sep @dansumners glad to hear it went well...we knew you would enjoy it!
11th Sep RT @dansumners: just facilitated first #philosophy session of the year in a #selondon #school; I LOVE this work! @philosophyfound for m ...
10th Sep Great reviews out already for Peter Worley's new book The If Odyssey:... http://t.co/wldKaTNP
10th Sep Outstanding reviews already out for @peter_worley's new book The If Odyssey, published October 4th: http://t.co/yjwOf3HN
7th Sep RT @dansumners: on way for final school start meeting of the week for @philosophyfound - excited to start #teaching next week! #philosop ...
5th Sep RT @ukedchat: #ukedchat poll has ended. Topic: 'How can we create a curriculum where all subjects are valued equally?' with @sirblimelyw ...
4th Sep RT @JamDanFish: Apparently too many people were having fun without exchanging money for specific goods during the Olympics
3rd Sep RT @wmarybeard: Does Gove know what purpose exams are supposed to be fit for? Real muddle. "Sudden death exams" sidelined for a REASON. ...
3rd Sep Back to school blues? Treat yourself, save money and get your class thinking with our 'Back to School Book Bundles': http://t.co/x6ldmiwT
3rd Sep Welcome @muzrobertson to our team: working to bring philosophy to schools and communities.
3rd Sep RT @dansumners: looking forward to starting teaching in #selondon schools with @philosophyfound - bringing critical thinking skills to a ...
21st Aug SOPHIA Network Meeting 2012, programme announced, '#Philosophy in Philosophising with Children'. Experts in the field: http://t.co/ex9Bz2IA
18th Aug RT @PhilosophyExp: Call for Papers - John Rawls Conference. http://t.co/e1BcWc5c #philosophy
18th Aug "Do things that have never been done before" - The guy who invented the computer http://t.co/MmPN1rBw #amazingencounters
15th Aug King's College London: History of Philosophy's Greatest Hits: Heraclitus: http://t.co/RUgvafkZ starring @HistPhilosophy
12th Aug @MichaelRosenYes Minority Report #schoolmovie
12th Aug And also The #Philosophy Shop book w/ contributions from many philosophers, thank you all! http://t.co/IlSV3Ume foreword by @ThatIanGilbert
12th Aug Very pleased to announce the forthcoming 'Thoughtings' by @peter_worley & Andrew Day with foreword by @MichaelRosenYes http://t.co/kF7ggRGn
12th Aug RT @MichaelRosenYes: Patrick Collins, show yourself so we can hug you: http://t.co/hseqgR9d
9th Aug Texas GOP rejects ‘critical thinking’ skills. Really. http://t.co/RIOEoTLP
7th Aug RT @GdnVoluntary: How can charities benefit long term from the Olympics? http://t.co/DWPBu4kd What will be the Olympic legacy on the sec ...
2nd Aug RT @WarwicKnowledge: @philosophybites @philosophyfound You might be interested in our podcast with @drangiehobbs about Olympic Heroes ht ...
2nd Aug http://t.co/2dTsa58r delighted to be a partner with @englishpen on this project for 16-21 year olds. Apply now for a place.
27th Jul @easyuk @viking_chat I’ve taken the #easyfundraisingvikingchallenge to win £200 for The Philosophy Foundation http://t.co/9r6wxMY5
25th Jul Phone down at philosophy found hq, please use 07941 215 051 till further notice (probably Friday).
23rd Jul http://t.co/jXU312vt Should every town have a philosopher?
23rd Jul Maths & reasoning TES: http://t.co/I7BIlaAJ We've said it before and we'll say it again: REASONING needs to be at the heart of all learning
23rd Jul #ukedchat - anyone from schools in Camden interested in taking part in our If Odyssey Project? 2 more free school... http://t.co/SlYOoIdC
23rd Jul New guest blogger this week, Rob James on 'Should Philosophy Be Taught As Part of RE?' http://t.co/4RkCzRCh What... http://t.co/KMiPFvtb
23rd Jul New guest blogger this week, Rob James on 'Should #Philosophy Be Taught As Part of RE?' http://t.co/4RkCzRCh What do you think? #edchat
19th Jul RT @sophiasbigideas: Are you a teacher looking to bring a little philosophy into your classroom? Free downloadable lesson plan: http:// ...
19th Jul We've got some great news this month in our newsletter - it really has been a terrific end to the year and I... http://t.co/vqlGUpLl
19th Jul So much to tell! It's been a great end to the school year for us all at TPF, thanks to everyone for all their support: http://t.co/QgZ0aSfv
16th Jul @TrudaSpruyt What makes us who we are? asks former pupil and July guest blogger Alfie Blagg, age 13 #philosophy http://t.co/LvDc0YnE
16th Jul RT @keith_wilson: Philosophers live at the #Leveson inquiry: http://t.co/hnRR6TvU #philosophy #ethics
10th Jul Heart vs Mind: What Makes Us Human? | Radio Times: http://t.co/mdpUFFk8 on tele tonight!
10th Jul Interesting article. Michael Ruse stands up for the philosophy of science in @philosophersmag #philosophyofscience http://t.co/y69hnIGs
10th Jul RT @philosophybites: From our archive: Ray Tallis on assisted dying http://t.co/KZTvpbUZ
10th Jul What does it mean to be happy? Free #philosophy workshop to celebrate release of The If Odyssey #edchat http://t.co/peFZxd3L spaces limited!
6th Jul RT @esmeefairbairn: We’re happy to announce some recent grants on our website http://t.co/jILus62I - more to come!
4th Jul Looking for a part time Executive Assistant to start Sep 2012 http://t.co/FO7WTmsw #philosophy #jobsinlondon apply by 6th Aug 2012
2nd Jul http://t.co/DVSFziLz @ 11.30 in @RobTorrington talks about philosophy in schools, later a mum talks about sessions we ran at @PhilosophyNow
2nd Jul RT @RobTorrington: On Radio Verulam discussing @philosophyfound methodology http://t.co/VH5QrdQl
29th Jun Check out our newsletter for this month, it's been an exciting few weeks for us here! http://t.co/Y1AJyefX... http://t.co/o3aGtrfG
29th Jun Catch us at #philosophy and film event Looking in, Looking out at Conway Hall this weekend. Tickets still available. http://t.co/gnVxNbg8
27th Jun New website "Big Questions Online", funded by the John Templeton Foundation, has just launched. The goal of the... http://t.co/gDN9V8zy
27th Jun New #philosophy site "Big Questions Online" just launched. New articles weekly- the first on beliefs & virtue http://t.co/bufLC1ho
25th Jun RT @PhaedrusTweets: The @EsmeeFairbairn funds a study led by the @PhilosophyFound to identify and measure the impact of doing #P4C in En ...
22nd Jun Check out the current issue of The Philosophers Magazine. Free content available.... http://t.co/ttFcDbYE
22nd Jun RT @PhilosophyExp: Check out the current issue of The Philosophers Mag. Free content available. http://t.co/ziVUQ5tl #philosophy
20th Jun Our next teaching #philosophy Stage 1 course is on September 8th and 9th, book your place early http://t.co/YczNrDYJ #edchat
20th Jun RT @HannahGraham21: @philosophyfound your work is fascinating, ironically reading about it is distracting me from revising to meet my un ...
18th Jun RT @muzrobertson: Corrupting the youth of Athe... er, running philosophy sessions for London schoolkids from Thursday, with @philosophyf ...
18th Jun New #philosophy blog by this months Guest Blogger @timrayner01 'Fate Happens. Deal With It': http://t.co/TiQpKnCv #stoicism
16th Jun Proposed primary curriculum: what about the pupils? http://t.co/ouAzHTz3
15th Jun RT @dansumners: How often I end up in #birmingham is quite curious. Off to speak to #students about @philosophyfound & how #philosop ...
1st Jun Only 2 places left on 2012's #philosophy Summer Congress. Could be an amazing experience for those about to go to Uni: http://t.co/l4FK7TPv
1st Jun @danielvazquezh well done Daniel and thank you very very much! Fundraising webpage still open for Daniel's marathon: http://t.co/MpG9fHyo
1st Jun RT @danielvazquezh: Yesterday after the #EdinburghMarathon. My fundraising webpage is still open. You can donate here: http://t.co/IOXVz ...
1st Jun New guest blogger @timrayner01 on stoicism and self control this week: http://t.co/rylvpy31 #philosophy from his new book #lifechanging
1st Jun Very nearly finished our new book with @CrownHousePub exciting, it's a great resource #philosophyshop: http://t.co/UTI2Jo4X
28th May A new philosophy journal Thought, online only completely free for first 2 years of publication. Call For Papers: http://t.co/9BJJoEvd
27th May RT @GuardianBooks: Michael Sandel: 'We need to reason about how to value our bodies, human dignity, teaching and learning' http://t.co/7 ...
27th May RT @philosophybites: If you're interested in Philosophy for Children, check out Peter Worley @philosophyfound's The If Machine http://t ...
27th May RT @philosophybites: An excellent event yesterday with @philosophyfound's Peter Worley, and @HistPhilosophy aka Peter Adamson - thanks t ...
26th May Fancy an all nighter of philosophy? Check this out: http://t.co/EBHwLgW6 @ifru_london #philosophy Nietzsche & Nihilism at 2.30am!
26th May RT @stephenlaw60: As my thing on Gove and antisemitisim exam row would not open for everyone try this http://t.co/cuTK03Hc #govesatwit @ ...
24th May Latest issue of Diogenes now available: Philosophical Reflections Across Cultures: http://t.co/ImC4YDRw #philosophy
22nd May In the shadow of Hegel: http://t.co/FsWxd0O9
21st May Free #Philosophy of Education conference June 15th, all meals included. Food for stomach and thought: http://t.co/OgvdDSxF #edchat
20th May conversations in philosophy at IOP, with @philosophybites @HistPhilosophy and @peter_worley next Saturday (must book) http://t.co/7lenBVX2
18th May 10 y-o in philosophy today about time, Q: how long is now? A: 'Now is the measurement of the shortest unit of time.' #philosophy #p4c
18th May RT @timrayner01: What is philosophy and why should I care? http://t.co/4rQitbQw @philosophyfound @PhilosophyFeeds :-)
16th May This looks an interesting talk, what makes us who we are: http://t.co/TRrBkrPC #philosophy #neuroscience
16th May RT @conwayhall: £35 earlybird tix on sale now for @microphilosophy @wself @bidisha_online and more @LiLoFestival http://t.co/gRdMBesK #f ...
16th May RT @NewHumanist: Philosophy and film fest at historic @Conwayhall, with W Self, Bidisha, Baggini and buckets of great films: http://t.co ...
14th May TPF's monthly newsletter is all about philosophical dialogue, film, theatre & conversations: http://t.co/uSRmrDYi
13th May Guest Blog, Mark Vernon 'to whom, or what, are you grateful when you say thank you?' http://t.co/s5OGayGg God: The Big Question, Mark Vernon
9th May RT @PoetryZone: The Poetry Zone now updated. Has your child/class you entered the Olympics poetry competition yet? http://t.co/O6MTkedU
9th May Win a trip to New York with the 9/11 Education Programme: http://t.co/50ZAI29e more on the http://t.co/KwJT0U1P #edchat
4th May If all followers were to support @danielvazquezh for £2 each we could give 180 children regular philosophy classes http://t.co/7NeBzaXc
4th May #FF @LiLoFestival very excited to be a part of the Looking In Looking Out philosophy and film festival at Conway Hall.
4th May Looking In, Looking Out a philosophy and film festival at Conway Hall 27th June - July 5th: http://t.co/EDcT9MoX
3rd May RT @lewis_lizzy: Just received Why Think? Looks fabulous - strongly recommend it http://t.co/rvTmYYP5
3rd May RT @DrJohnLTaylor: On May 8, join AC Grayling, Angie Hobbs and Julian Baggini to discuss philosophy's place in education - Please RT ht ...
30th Apr #EduMatters agree with Peter Hyman - too much talking from teacher, not enough collaborative / enquiry based learning. #philosophy can help
30th Apr Guest blogger, Mark Vernon, asks, 'what is religion?' in this weeks blog: http://t.co/K80GdUsM
27th Apr congratulation to our honorary patron @drangiehobbs: http://t.co/4BfQLKVn
23rd Apr Horrible Histories do the Ancient Greeks. Brilliant: http://t.co/l2wCubIg
23rd Apr This month our guest blogger Mark Vernon (@platospodcasts) writes about The Big Questions: God. First post on proofs http://t.co/LBnBvu4z
20th Apr -ve feedback: 'heating!' 'would have been good to have more time', 'setting in a primary school v. appropriate, but chairs are a challenge!'
20th Apr +ve feedback Stage 1 course: "Course exceeded expectations", "enjoyed the rapport between trainers", "an excellent course", "outstanding"
17th Apr This could be inspiring, a summer holiday with philosophy and philosophical enquiry: http://t.co/YqnNkmw8
16th Apr Philosophy: Far more than a witty remark, The Independent http://t.co/37t12WBB
13th Apr RT @muzrobertson: Excited about the @philosophyfound training course starting tomorrow. We need more philosophy in more classrooms. http ...
13th Apr Getting ready for our Stage 1 course tomorrow - it's the biggest we've ever run, think it will be a great course.
13th Apr Philosophy Foundation April Newsletter available here: http://t.co/7ZPuFUiB
3rd Apr @deontologistics @PhilosopherLiam @keith_wilson it is no easy task, which is why we train philosophers how to do it.
3rd Apr @deontologistics @PhilosopherLiam @keith_wilson we should perhaps qualify last statement, in primary & early secondary emphasis on dialogue
3rd Apr @deontologistics @PhilosopherLiam @keith_wilson multiple choice isn't on the whole how philosophy in done in schools in UK #dontpanic
3rd Apr RT @PhilosopherLiam: It's true that critical thinking skills are required by all but not only for uni, for life. The solution is teachin ...
3rd Apr RT @PhilosopherLiam: Gove needs to talk to @philosophyfound and @philosophyshop if he wants high school leavers to have critical thinkin ...
2nd Apr Stumbled upon this: http://t.co/iCTnlaLL #philosophy light relief for a Monday afternoon.
2nd Apr RT @anitaleirfall: CfP: 16th Philosophy Oxford Graduate Conference, 17-18th November 2012: http://t.co/jPbD7F90
30th Mar RT @rosiecoaching: "The child who has gained thinking skills is not merely a child who has grown, but a child whose very capacity for gr ...
30th Mar @sarastanleyp4c you certainly have a fan in Geof Timms. Congratulations, great work and use of philosophy.
30th Mar RT @ThatIanGilbert: Bloom's for Beginners. Neat little post this from @thought_weavers http://t.co/X6LcaqkQ
30th Mar “A reliable thinking skills program would prepare children for more effective thinking in the future.” Lipman #philosophy #edchat #p4c
30th Mar Scientists tap the genius of babies and youngsters to make computers smarter http://t.co/ZLq6EOAt
30th Mar Scientists tap the genius of babies and youngsters to make computers smarter: http://t.co/XqKdPYy5
29th Mar RSA - What kind of teachers do we need?: http://t.co/U6vqImEV
29th Mar RT @Sophrosyne_1: Brilliant @philosophyfound training today - can now bask in my organisational prowess!
29th Mar @Sophrosyne_1 agreed - but it will be worth it. @peter_worley inspiring trainer and a fun day ahead of philosophical enquiry.
27th Mar Great line up for Philosophy & Education Conference at Rugby on May 8th #philosophy #edchat http://t.co/TUm6C88i
26th Mar "Students will not acquire meaning merely by learning the contents of adult knowledge" Matthew Lipman 'Philosophy in the Classroom'
25th Mar @Jo_Bowers we already know about it thanks Jo, just unable to make it. Enjoy!
24th Mar "Thinking is natural, but it can also be recognised as a skill that can be perfected." Lipman '#Philosophy in the Classroom' #edchat #p4c
24th Mar @sarastanleyp4c @Rachevs @Jo_Bowers we feel left out now! ;-0
24th Mar "Students will not acquire meaning merely by learning the contents of adult knowledge" Lipman '#Philosophy in the Classroom' #edchat
22nd Mar @Rachevs @Jo_Bowers we&#39;ve only had +ve feedback. Don&#39;t worry about reading it cover 2 cover, read how to section and then try it out
22nd Mar Great feedback from our members about our site, see what it&#39;s like in our video tutorial: http://t.co/8oLYesWT #p4c #philosophy #edchat
21st Mar RT @Jo_Bowers: I bought "the If Machine" by Peter Worley today, so off to have a read of that now. #p4c
20th Mar @dansumners representing TPF @ Valuing Philosophy Degrees HE Workshop this Friday, 'philosophy outside the academy': http://t.co/dMFDI9aH
16th Mar @PhilosophyNow radio show, a discussion about philosophy in schools without an eristic debate. Great ideas & arguments http://t.co/QDG6xCsF
14th Mar RT @tomaxtalks: @philosophyfound @civitas come and hear your representatives speak about the worth of university, or lack of it...tonigh ...
14th Mar RT @BaldWorm: #childrenasphilosophers display at St. Anthony's school, inspired by @philosophyfound #alphaplus http://t.co/csn2j0LK
13th Mar #ukedchat tonight 7pm Philosophy Now radio show is on whether philosophy should be taught in schools, & if so, how?: http://t.co/uRuaYKJm
13th Mar @PhilosophyNow radio show tonight hosted by @peter_worley talking to Dr Stephen Boulter and Dr Michael Hand about #philosophy in education
13th Mar March Newsletter out now, inc news on Olympic ventures, @BITC_arc, @PhilosophyNow radio show and @tomaxtalks : http://t.co/OgypUR35
9th Mar Should we teach emotional wellbeing in schools? London Philosophy Club meeting April 4 @filipmatous http://t.co/7KfGfSXP
6th Mar Andrew Day representing The Philosophy Foundation at this ToMax talk...hope to see some of you there. http://t.co/thbU00XB
6th Mar RT @tomaxtalks: @philosophyfound will have their say at our talk 'Is Uni Worth It?' https://t.co/NJgUV4fd as featured on the ES website ...
6th Mar Time and space at institute of psychoanlysis Fri 9th March http://t.co/PAm5uT4f
6th Mar Please sponsor Daniel in his Edinburgh Marathon run for The Philosophy Foundation http://t.co/PFAX80RH
5th Mar RT @theRSAorg: RT @rsaevents: Watch live now: http://t.co/55Ay86sK as we ask, what are universities for? #RSAuniversities http://t.co/z7 ...
5th Mar RT @BBKPhilosophy: Interesting piece by Barry Smith on Comment is Free today: "Neuroscience & Philosophy must work together" http://t.co ...
5th Mar Second #Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organisation (PLATO) conference 2013, CFP: http://t.co/ee10temw #p4c #edchat
5th Mar 10 days til #EducationShow @peter_worley talk: developing critical & creative thinking in every child, Thurs 15th 10am http://t.co/uwjxKXvQ
5th Mar BHA Voltaire lecture this year presented by The Philosophy Foundation patron @robinince http://t.co/NUkeaf3r
3rd Mar RT @GTwistingTale: RT @rogerdooley RT @crisbalanzo The Narrative in the Neurons http://t.co/i4BTrGix #storytelling maybe evolved as tool ...
3rd Mar RT @MomentumLive: @EngageinEd Pls RT-Inclusion TV dates changed-April 25-27th,amazing training for profs working with young people http: ...
3rd Mar @RobTorrington unhappy ram - being happy all the time is not healthy.
3rd Mar @RobTorrington took you long enough!
2nd Mar Dear followers, we've changed our twitter account to @philosophyfound to keep inline with our charity name.
2nd Mar RT @Sophrosyne_1: #mathstest C,D,D,A. However, the problems you have used to test maths require good literacy skills. How do you isolat ...
2nd Mar @BaldWorm we look forward to hearing your feedback #childrenasphilosophers
2nd Mar @timrayner01 We look forward to finding out more about 'Life Changing: A Philosophical Guide' - that's why we do philosophy in schools!
2nd Mar #mathstest Important to understand how maths works in order to apply it. We developed a course in response to this: http://t.co/kks1s69D
1st Mar #worldbookday #philosophy #ukedchat as it is World Book Day I'm recommending teachers read Plato's Meno.
1st Mar RT @BaldWorm: Must read for teachers @philosophyshop: V. pleased to say that @peter_worley 'The If Machine' now available on kindle: htt ...
1st Mar V. pleased to say that @peter_worley 'The If Machine: Philosophical Enquiry in the Classroom' now available on kindle: http://t.co/nZcjI7jq
28th Feb RT @dailytelegraph http://t.co/1KhPaPoI http://t.co/XVlp2qzs Unbelievable! Where on earth does Peter Singer say this exactly?
27th Feb The Philosophical Quarterly Prize Essay Competition. This year is asking for submissions on philosophy and the... http://t.co/eIKcmfAr
27th Feb The Philosophical Quarterly Prize Essay Competition. This year, philosophy and the expressive arts: http://t.co/yhb5LXzL
26th Feb RT @HistPhilosophy: This week's episode on HoPWaG kicks off a series of five episodes on ancient skepticism: http://t.co/sQv78h1z
24th Feb Philosophical thinking in the classroom, article by @peter_worley in this months ATL magazine #ukedchat #philosophy: http://t.co/Sepbm4II
24th Feb Innovate My School - The absent teacher: preparing children for the real world http://t.co/i6iXh1C0 by @peter_worley
22nd Feb Want VIP tickets to see @peter_worley talk about questioning and philosophy at #EducationShow on March 15? Email emma@phil-found.org
21st Feb @iamsamthomas Hi Sam, great to meet you last night and we look forward to working with you in the future.
20th Feb @peter_worley on Sunday Politics talking about #4Rs campaign & bringing #philosophy in to schools (38 mins in): http://t.co/xjQYel35 #edchat
20th Feb February News from TPF inc news about workshops in Birmingham, #educationshow, 4Rs campaign & #SundayPolitics: http://t.co/WtkOdPZo
19th Feb RT @jennythepoet: @BBCPeterH Thanks 4 today's SP debate. Children learn when motivated = heard. Reason is the First R not the Fourth! (h ...
17th Feb @peter_worley on @sunday_politics South this Sunday discussing our 4Rs campaign w/@JohnGlenMP & PPC Sandra Gidley #philosophy #p4c #ukedchat
17th Feb The Stoics and how to use money http://t.co/gkd0iyGP via @danielvazquezh @HistPhilosophy
17th Feb http://t.co/8oBJ3CPj Please sponsor @danielvazquez as he pounds the streets of Edinburgh for The Philosophy Foundation.
16th Feb RT @MomentumLive -Inclusion TV training - for orgs working with young people check out http://t.co/xj6yCGTX-places still available
14th Feb RT @kclsu: RT @danielvazquezh: @kclsu Please help me to raise money for the Philosophy Foundation (@philosophyshop). Donate http://t.co/ ...
14th Feb RT @danielvazquezh: @kclsu Please help me to raise money for the Philosophy Foundation (@philosophyshop). Donate bit.ly/xa88Gi #philosop ...
13th Feb 'Getting Causes From Powers' by @SDMumford & @ranilillanjum great review on Amazon (avail from .co.uk as well): http://t.co/dU2brfeY
13th Feb @SDMumford @gtreality @ranilillanjum What's the book?
13th Feb Inclusion TV - http://t.co/DpOvEACY great project for anyone involved in inclusive work with young people @MomentumLive
13th Feb RT @stephenlaw60: Stephen Law: Discussion Tuesday 21 Feb, Magdalen College, Oxford - Swinburne, Atkins, Louis and myself http://t.co/AVl ...
13th Feb @peter_worley is giving a talk at the #EducationShow on 15th March about his book The If Machine: http://t.co/WHxqjiA4
13th Feb We are seeking a group of schools in London interested in engaging with the Classics in the form of #philosophy & The Odyssey KS2/3 #edchat
13th Feb RT @Open_Futures: Philosophy encourages more thoughtful & reflective children, enabling them to participate in society. http://t.co/BdDa ...
12th Feb @danielvazquezh Thank you !
12th Feb RT @danielvazquezh: I'm running the Edinburgh Marathon for the Philosophy Foundation Charity (@philosophyshop). Help me and donate! http ...
12th Feb RT @symphily: Teacher effectiveness matters ... test scores may not - http://t.co/zaUzeKmy [ #edchat #education #teachers #schools {via ...
12th Feb RT @SteveCooke: I bet my kids hate having an analytic philosopher for a dad. Whenever they say 'it's not fair!' I ask them to begin by ...
12th Feb RT @Thinking_Space_: Not sure that making #philosophy COMPULSORY is the best way to inspire students & teachers. Softly, softly Mr Massi ...
12th Feb RT @Thinking_Space_: In Feb & March we're offering half-price taster workshops for schools interested in philosophical dialogue & enquir ...
12th Feb @alainmas ref your blog about making philosophy compulsory, have you seen our petition re making 'reasoning' comp: http://t.co/a2sYUPqU
12th Feb Compulsory philosophy lessons: (Alan Massie obviously doesn't know about our petition http://t.co/a6KqbUIA) Telegraph: http://t.co/JXoMylSU
9th Feb #ukedchat poll for Thursday 16th February 2012, hosted by @ICTMagic http://t.co/96s7Ya5u Great choices!
9th Feb @teamjacklin @MattOswin @PhilWheeler1 @mrjonesICT Yes! Always good to go in to a new school knowing someone there #ukedchat
9th Feb @PhilWheeler1 Not really, and for all the schools we work in we generally work the last half of the summer term with Y6 for this #ukedchat
9th Feb @PhilWheeler1 we run philosophy sessions on change, identity, personal responsibility with Y6 to specifically aid transition #ukedchat
9th Feb @PhilWheeler1 speaking & listening project works with Y7s for a year doing philosophy they then facilitate sessions with Y6 pupils #ukedchat
9th Feb #ukedchat we've just developed a great project for Year 7, S&L & transition, have applied 4 funds, now need to find 5 schools in East London
9th Feb Imagine Children's Festival http://t.co/ERfabZq9 via @southbankcentre
9th Feb Our new 'Maths Booster' details on maths groups as an enquiry team #mathchat #ukedchat + article on the 9 dot problem http://t.co/2f5DjA02
9th Feb RT @GuardianEdu: Dividing younger pupils by ability can entrench disadvantage, study finds http://t.co/HlSR8WeR
8th Feb @samaraata We've already put in a letter of intent with you...
7th Feb @jonathanwebber Yes, sorry, trying to fit everything in had to thank you in next tweet!
7th Feb -> thanks to @jonathanwebber and @AllenStairs for tweet on #Turing's non-pardon and the reasons behind it. #badday
7th Feb #badreasoning grounds given for not pardoning #Turing appear to be grounds for not quashing conviction. A pardon doesn't quash conviction ->
7th Feb RT @dansumners: delieverd my last session of @philosophyshop training this afternoon, it's been loads of fun! now... http://t.co/dr0VWFI ...
7th Feb Only 6 spaces remaining on our Stage 1 #Philosophy in Schools course 14th and 15th April #edchat #p4c: http://t.co/OU9OwtBq
5th Feb RT @HistPhilosophy: Interesting discussion of Aristotle and mathematics on the website here: http://t.co/tyB1SKzk
4th Feb @HENRY8KS2TUDORS so are you a peripatetic tudor? ;-)
4th Feb RT @Veron: What school needs! http://t.co/UTc9Zt2W (Wesbite: @philosophyshop ) Great video as well.
4th Feb @Veron Thanks, have you seen some of these: http://t.co/CYK3sZFC
3rd Feb @philosofoyle 6 800 000 000 this is a number on the internet what does it represent? A question we ask children age 8 <, exploring knowledge
3rd Feb To read a blog about the @PhilosophyNow radio show of children doing philosophy visit: http://t.co/kGZIlHEF
3rd Feb @GTwistingTale thanks for the #FF
3rd Feb Downloads of @PhilosophyNow radio show of children doing philosophy with @peter_worley currently nearing 7000! http://t.co/JotArI2L
3rd Feb #nsw12 Year 3 philosophy. Dylan's Question: 'Once upon a time the end' Is this a story? If not, what is a story?
2nd Feb #nsw12 today's stories for thinking #philosophy: Gyges Ring (being good), Dream Witch (XP machine), Sinbad: Old Man of Sea (desire) #edchat
2nd Feb #nsw12 today's stories for thinking included: Frog & Scorpion (personal responsibility), The Tony Test (AI), 2 Painters (aesthetics) #edchat
31st Jan RIP lecture at St Mary's College, 'What is a philosophical question?' tomorrow evening: http://t.co/kRrY74GM #philosophy
31st Jan RT @HTLGIFestival: Watch this talk http://t.co/DqqbSBjr - why philsophy should be fundamental to our education system @philosophyshop
31st Jan RT @alicebell: Alan Turing, a broken heart, and the invention of the computer - UCL lunchtime lecture from @jon_agar, 16th Feb: http://t ...
31st Jan #nsw12 Year 5 #philosophy. Story: The 6 Wise Men. Question: Is an elephant one thing or many things? Story avail on our site for members
30th Jan RT @BaldWorm: New on 'Celebrating Learning': @philosophyshop + #lpplus + #wallwisher = children thinking philosophically at home! http:/ ...
30th Jan #nsw12 #ukedchat year 2 philosophy: a girl who wishes to always get what she wants. Question: Is it fair?
30th Jan #nsw12 #ukedchat Mr Good with Year 2. Question: should mr good go back to badland to teach the bad people how to be good or stay in goodland
30th Jan New book coming out later this year, proceeds to TPF http://t.co/uN6tpuTD, if you would like to contribute emma@thephilosophyshop.co.uk
30th Jan @zettel23 our experience and observations demonstrate that you're wrong on both counts. That is, if it's done well.
30th Jan #nsw12 #ukedchat doing the Odyssey part 12 with year 6: Kalypso. Question: can you choose to love someone, and: what is love?
30th Jan Our next #philosophy in schools course is taking place at Horniman Primary School in Forest Hill, April 14th &15th: http://t.co/OU9OwtBq
30th Jan #nsw12 #ukedchat 9:30: story of Polycrates of Samos with Year 4 - 'the luckiest man in the world' Question: does luck exist?
28th Jan RT @littleatoms: There's also a lovely little review of the excellent @philosophybites book in the Guardian Review. Highly recommended.
28th Jan #edchat #Philosophy teaching in Brazil is compulsory, but similar concerns over what it is and how it should be done: http://t.co/RB17KECu
28th Jan @ambrouk We have just posted your link on our facebook page, if you join you can see what other people think: http://t.co/0R7GOIVN
28th Jan Philosophy — What's the Use?: http://t.co/1c1lgHEz New York Times article.
27th Jan RT @ambrouk: I love this! 8-10 year old in a philosophy class discussing "how many things are here"? http://t.co/R7hCqPnI via @philosoph ...
27th Jan RT @FalconsGirls: We're using a #wallwisher to debate the @philosophyshop question 'If I change every plank, is it still the same ship.' ...
26th Jan RT @BaldWorm: @peter_worley says 'Teacher's role to help pupils navigate through the labyrinth' Key words: navigation; absence & tools
26th Jan @ambrouk Afraid not, but if you want to hear a live philosophy session you can download the one we did w @PhilosophyNow http://t.co/UCqdUHsm
26th Jan @pickledbooks -> looking @ names, meanings and non-existent entities: can something that doesn’t exist have certain qualities or features?
26th Jan @pickledbooks we will be telling stories as the stimuli for most of our philosophy lessons next week, for e.g. Cyclops from the Odyssey ->
26th Jan RT @BaldWorm: @peter_worley introducing 'children as philosophers' training @philosophyshop http://t.co/7itooVs7
26th Jan Our specialists will be doing all their philosophy sessions next week through storytelling for National Storytelling Week.
26th Jan Diogenes 227: Japanese Philosophy Today online access to papers: http://t.co/ImC9wdSq
25th Jan @nancydavispdx there are some more free Thoughtings for download at TES. There is a full e-book with loads more. Contact me if you want one.
25th Jan RT @nancydavispdx: @philosophyshop Thx for sending link to the lecture: http://t.co/Y8ijfqJr. Enjoyed reading it. Really love 'The Sibel ...
23rd Jan @nancydavispdx thanks for the RT & to read the original lecture that the blog refers to: http://t.co/nhBBcTB4
23rd Jan @BaldWorm Excellent, can't wait to hear / see the results.
23rd Jan Interesting blog about our work that we have just discovered: http://t.co/dxSHrHHw
20th Jan RT @nancydavispdx: Last weekend kids joked about 'flossofy'. More silliness: 'A Long Word' in this #P4C poetry from @philosophyshop. htt ...
14th Jan RT @robinince the Bertrand Russell archive on 4 show I presented is on today: http://t.co/hi9QrzJ9
14th Jan Article in TPM about philosophy in schools: 'Schools of Thought' by @microphilosophy: http://t.co/mMMKZMsl
13th Jan We're not blue this January, too much going on! Check out this months newsletter: http://t.co/6XrPs3I3
11th Jan RT @HTLGIFestival: Great videos and discussion on the all-new IAI site http://t.co/CR0F7dsC @mark_carrigan @philosophyshop @philosiologi ...
10th Jan Demand & inclusion of #philosophy in curriculum review means we're running our training course earlier than expected http://t.co/amk9lRtQ
9th Jan @dansumners how exciting. How were the children?
20th Dec Curriculum Review 3.21 ‘philosophy for children’ or integrated across the school curriculum, such as ‘thinking skills’. #philosophy #edchat
20th Dec Curriculum review out, and there is room for philosophy read 3.21 #philosophy #edchat http://t.co/dAgMz7ph
19th Dec RT @TrudaSpruyt: @philosophyshop boys enjoyed the session @philosophynow. Monty said over dinner 'Mr Worley is an inspiring character.'
19th Dec @TrudaSpruyt Either is great - glad they enjoyed themselves.
13th Dec Great stuff on resonance fm, Grant Bartley from @PhilosophyNow just asked, as a closing question: 'so...what is the meaning of life?'
13th Dec Great discussion on Resonance about philosophy with Rick Lewis, Anja Steinbauer & @peter_worley http://t.co/P6BBTOCc
13th Dec RT @Sophrosyne_1: @Philosophyshop, saw this & thought of you guys! Rediscovering the spirit of Sibelius http://t.co/s2TSMjYk via @guardian
13th Dec Christmas and philosophy, a perfect combination: http://t.co/1qBbpB7b
13th Dec RT @timesed: Don't strike, have a classroom revolution http://t.co/eiuXhLrb
8th Dec @peter_worley is delivering a seminar at the #educationshow March 2012 on philosophical enquiry in the classroom: http://t.co/WHxqjiA4
8th Dec RT @BaldWorm: Agreed #childrenasphilosophers trial with @philosophyshop ; really excited to discover impact on pupil thinking and dialogues!
7th Dec We've just raised £1.25 for The Philosophy Foundation simply by using #easyfundraising to shop at Vistaprint http://t.co/9vhiwbJ4
7th Dec Emma Swinn talks about The Big Give http://t.co/x0Bxkeep
7th Dec RT @sceneandheard Check this video out -- @rosiecoaching talks about The Big Give http://t.co/LO7HwCzn
6th Dec Still a few places left for our philosophy with children event at the @PhilosophyNow anniversary event on 18th... http://t.co/mp1aZmdI
6th Dec I posted 7 photos on Facebook in the album "6 December 2011" http://t.co/YS4vySu1
5th Dec Full events listing now available for the @PhilosophyNow Anniversary event: http://t.co/ElmWCkGK
5th Dec Still a few places left for our philosophy with children event at the @PhilosophyNow anniversary event on 18th Dec: http://t.co/KL7L8N1k
1st Dec @lorz18 See you then Laura, be great to catch up!
30th Nov @peter_worley of The Philosophy Foundation asks, 'How many things are there?' http://t.co/IQCqocIb via @andrewjtaggart
28th Nov @philosophynow 20th anniversary programme of philosophy for children events on Dec 18th available here: http://t.co/KL7L8N1k
25th Nov @andrewjtaggart and you! Our Co-founder trained as a philosophical counsellor, it was part of our make up when we first started in 2007.
25th Nov @julesevans77 Did you manage to get in contact with Ben Jeffery about his new book?
25th Nov We've joined The Big Give: http://t.co/PlSvrpsc You can donate to support our work, leave a legacy or help us by becoming a trustee
24th Nov Let’s get the UK thinking: Join us for London’s first Philosophy festival |http://t.co/LlSG4ANX via @philosophynow
21st Nov A @newscientist issue Parmenides would be interested in: http://t.co/Erwl8P9l
21st Nov Currently reading @PhilosophyNow Against Stupidity http://t.co/5qEcx7oR
19th Nov RT @PhaedrusTweets: @peter_worley & his colleagues fr. @philosophyshop will run #PhilosophyForChildren workshops @PhilosophyNow 20th ann ...
17th Nov RT @Routledge_Phil: Ok, folks, are you ready for our World Philosophy Day giveaway?
17th Nov November Newsletter available now, celebrate #worldphilosophyday, stop another closure & Philosophy Now's anniversary: http://t.co/yDN1ZZnR
17th Nov Is philosophy relevant to the 21st Century? Why? http://t.co/G1S8MgDG /via generate reasons on #worldphilosophyday
17th Nov Happy World Philosophy Day. We are officially changing our name today to The Philosophy Foundation: http://t.co/y6lYgo5R
14th Nov If you want to see our co-founder @rosiecoaching playing a mopey blue parrot in next @SceneandHeardUK plays book now: http://t.co/bWnGRrVj
13th Nov We are holding free philosophy sessions for children @PhilosophyNow anniversary event in December. Should be a good day http://t.co/cOdkhNk5
9th Nov RT @BaldWorm: @philosophyshop MindMap based on meeting with Peter Worley, outlining some of benefits of philosophy for children http://t ...
9th Nov Award for Contributions in the Fight Against Stupidity. Feel free to nominate us if you are so inclined (bottom of pg): http://t.co/JVb0JTnU
7th Nov World Philosophy Day: Thursday 17th November. We are giving away free philosophy lessons for all year groups, more soon.
5th Nov @BaldWorm It seems to have been taken from The If Machine - the exact quote from one of our Year 6 children which is in the book?
3rd Nov @tomaxtalks thanks, and we will hopefully come to one of your events soon.
2nd Nov Check out this #Movember effort to change the face of men's health http://t.co/kPZjl0wq via @movemberuk
1st Nov RT @HistPhilosophy: Just a reminder of this week's podcast episode, which kicks off Hellenistic philosophy: http://t.co/mrqXByDn
1st Nov @nansellors Thank you Nancy
1st Nov @teshelen she was inspirational wasn't she! and Rachel Tucker from #Wicked movingly spoke for those who have been left uninspired.
1st Nov thanks to @JDLiteracyTrust for inviting us to the launch of the all party parliamentary literacy group today. Inspiring and inspirational.
30th Oct Strikes us as tragic: 3rd petition in 1 year that we have had to sign to try and save a philosophy department http://t.co/cCtW8IFN
29th Oct Professor Peter Goldie - obituary of a very interesting life http://t.co/Rrwsuh6W via @Telegraph
27th Oct RT @peter_worley: Live philosophy session with children on Philosophy Now radio show available with a 'hints and tips' doc on my site: h ...
27th Oct @peter_worley doing philosophy with children live on @PhilosophyNow radio show, now available as a podcast: http://t.co/DIf1iJd0
26th Oct RT @dansumners: 'The Rise of Think Tanks and the Decline of Public Intellectuals' http://t.co/rQywZ83R @peter_worley @RobTorrington @phi ...
26th Oct Yet more cuts to philosophy: University of Northampton cuts philosophy department, Northampton Chronicle & Echo: http://t.co/OozDVn1y
25th Oct kids doing philosophy on live radio asked 'why do you like philosophy?' "once you get deeply into the question there's even more answers",
25th Oct Seamlessly moving from mereology to Kant's ideas of space and time http://t.co/P6BBTOCc with children live on radio aged 8-10
25th Oct http://t.co/P6BBTOCc children talking about mereology live on radio. Nice. #philosophy
25th Oct RT @HistPhilosophy: now this I like: philosophy as the most practical major. http://t.co/cyPqZAPX
25th Oct @peter_worley on resonanceFM 7pm tonight doing 'Adventures of Pencil Person' with kids from All Saints School #philosophywithchildren
25th Oct RT @dansumners g8 CPD day w @philosophyshop & Oliver Senton @schoolofnight booked impro course as complement to therapy http://t.co/Gj4dXGJ2
17th Oct @HistPhilosophy welcome to twitter! May you have many followers and much fun.
14th Oct @pigeontweets welcome back from the hack.
14th Oct @dansumners thanks for the ff Dan
11th Oct Thanks to Terry Jones @robinince @ArfurSmith & many more -> why comedians R truly wonderful http://t.co/1uS43MaQ blog: http://t.co/VKvQyGpo
11th Oct RT @ukfundraising Make 'em laugh - and they’ll love your cause | UK Fundraising http://t.co/VKvQyGpo
11th Oct @RobTorrington gives a 'pisa' his mind to Gove's decision to opt out of certain aspects of the PISA tests: http://t.co/iHTcGznT
11th Oct Here is a quick video about the PISA tests and what they are for: http://t.co/JpejG98f
11th Oct So, Gove has decided to opt out of certain PISA tests...I wonder why...? http://t.co/LoXTzmFq
7th Oct @cathyby Thanks, didn't know about these, they're great: http://t.co/lqTFXtGS
7th Oct New philosophical enquiry added for our members for Black History Month 'Where Am I?' themes of identity, mind/brain: http://t.co/z8mWPM9H
6th Oct Have had some great unwritten poems from people today - keep sending them #anthologyofunwrittenpoems: http://t.co/dL3iMdwz
6th Oct 4 new unwritten poems and the day has just begun. Keep 'em coming for the #anthologyofunwrittenpoems: http://t.co/dL3iMdwz
6th Oct It is National Poetry Day & we are calling on the poets within to join us in creating The Anthology of Unwritten Poems: http://t.co/dL3iMdwz
6th Oct October Newsletter welcomes a new Patron & celebrates 21 years of philosophy for children in the UK http://t.co/vX0pBmMH
5th Oct Celebrate National Poetry Day (Oct 6th) in style with our puzzles, paradoxes & problems in poetry to think with, http://t.co/Y41ycJ8z
5th Oct RT @philosophyshop: 6 Oct National Poetry Day free Thoughtings: puzzles, paradoxes & problems in poetry to think with: http://t.co/9xS1QJKK
5th Oct London School of Philosophy courses start this week: http://t.co/oI90EVyd
5th Oct More poetry resources for thinking by @peter_worley available on @TESconnect: http://t.co/TqyMppCg
5th Oct 6 Oct National Poetry Day, we are giving away free Thoughtings: puzzles, paradoxes & problems in poetry to think with: http://t.co/9xS1QJKK
2nd Oct @PhilosopherLiam how can one be critical without 'right and wrongs'? is my question.
2nd Oct @PhilosopherLiam us too.
30th Sep RT @dansumners: I'm considering starting a philosophy discussion group in Finsbury Park - when the page has 50 likes I'll set up... http ...
30th Sep Great article in TESPro about philosophy in schools (& our work). Unfortunately you can only read it if you subscribe: http://t.co/d0snf7MG
28th Sep RT @peter_worley: Take a look at The Philosophy Foundation with NatWest CommunityForce. Vote for them to win £6,000 #CommunityForce http ...
28th Sep Trying to get philosophy onto the English curriculum is making it into Dutch papers now: http://t.co/vnNVfLJe
27th Sep Alternative white paper: In defence of public higher education http://t.co/wLtmaeDA via @guardian
27th Sep Higher education white paper is provoking a winter of discontent http://t.co/eKeUzAsd via @guardian
27th Sep RT @rosiecoaching: Please vote for us in the Natwest Community Awards - we are starting a new mentoring project http://t.co/rCm8JSFa
26th Sep Take a look at The Philosophy Foundation with NatWest CommunityForce. Vote for us to win http://t.co/2DKjAqFt http://t.co/2DKjAqFt
25th Sep @peter_worley lecture for RIP 'what can university philosophy learn from primary philosophy' available here: http://t.co/OXAJy21W
25th Sep The Human Nature of Teaching: http://t.co/N5877Hno via @wordpressdotcom What do you think?
22nd Sep RT @RicardoFraser: @philosophyshop Results for @Voicetheunion poll Should #philosophy be on the curriculum from primary school? http://t ...
22nd Sep RT @InnovateMySchl: Read the 1st edition of our new online magazine full of expert articles that will inspire, challenge and excite http ...
21st Sep RT @SAPERE_P4C Heythrop College's MA Philosophy in Education has been approved, begins 2011 http://t.co/rF7RFgjm Great stuff!
21st Sep RT @peter_worley: Getting ready for my RIP lecture today. What can uni philosophy learn from primary philosophy? 5:15 St Mary's Uni, Ted ...
21st Sep Podcast & paper should be available for tonights RIP lecture 'What can university phi learn from primary phi?' http://t.co/KaOBPdbI
21st Sep RT @psychopoesie: @philosophyshop Took a moment 2 realise RIP did not = Rest In Peace - a completely different sort of event where early ...
19th Sep RT @dansumners had an excellent weekend training with the @philosophyshop - can't wait to get my assessment done! http://t.co/RXiNAaJD
19th Sep The RIP event is proving very popular. Seats cannot be reserved so if you would like to attend please arrive early: http://t.co/iwpHhbTA
19th Sep Neuroscience vs philosophy: http://t.co/G11vzw41
16th Sep I have just raised £5.00 for The Philosophy Foundation simply by using #easyfundraising to shop at Lovefilm @easyuk http://t.co/wfzVEvYi
15th Sep RT @Voicetheunion: @philosophyshop re Should #philosophy be on the curriculum from primary school? Latest comments and poll figures: htt ...
15th Sep Take a look at The Philosophy Foundation with NatWest CommunityForce. RT now! Voting begins 26th September. http://t.co/2DKjAqFt
15th Sep RT @Sophrosyne_1: Off to the HE Academy's 'Valuing Philosophy Degrees' conference to speak for @philosophyshop. Hoping to enlist some ne ...
14th Sep @jpflintoff @Theschooloflife yes - we are! Visit our website for more on everything we do! www.thephilosophyshop.co.uk
14th Sep RT @Voicetheunion New blog: @philosophyshop Should #philosophy be on the #curriculum from primary school? http://t.co/BIejrY3 Vote yes!
14th Sep RT @gallimhxx: Loved the article in @TeachPrimary about numerous possibilities with ideas from the inspirational @peterworley #philosoph ...
14th Sep @gallimhxx very glad to heard, thank you: "@philosophyshop brought critical thinking to another level in my classroom!" http://t.co/5zA1umL
14th Sep RT @gallimhxx: Great believer in philosophy for children! @philosophyshop brought critical thinking to another level in my classroom! ht ...
14th Sep Open letter to Guardian about having philosophy in our schools, 52 signatures of philosophers, comedians & celebrities http://t.co/5DQBCj5
13th Sep congratulation to @john4london who has been selected as the Lib Dem candidate for the GLA.
12th Sep RT @amandajane: RT @philosophyshop: http://t.co/b5Si2JF "I will support The #Philosophy Shop..." Terry Jones (Third Sector) & NOW 4 SMTH ...
12th Sep http://t.co/aRa2YZl "I will support The Philosophy Shop in its work, which is hugely important and worthwhile" Terry Jones (Third Sector)
12th Sep http://t.co/DP1dzzs @peter_worley on 'what can university philosophy learn from primary philosophy' free lecture 21st September RIP
12th Sep http://t.co/Zs0Y17h 5 signatures to go to make it a 1,000 in favour of #Philosophy in #Schools. Please show your support! #4rs #p4c
11th Sep RT @robinince: I've put up one of my Dodgem Logic articles for those who missed this fine magazine - robinince.wordpress.com
9th Sep @EducationFest Carol Vorderman?
9th Sep @EducationFest Already? Blimey that is working in advance!
9th Sep @peter_worley 1st lecture of RIP season 'Knowledge, Wisdom & the University' what can uni. phi learn from primary phi? http://t.co/e7kihzS
9th Sep September newsletter now available online, inc. news on adult courses, RIP lectures, CPD offers, new magazine and book: http://t.co/FIU8oDl
9th Sep http://t.co/rJfabeS @microphilosophy review of @philosophybites new book A Little History of Philosophy - we also highly recommend it!
8th Sep @uptone @uptone Ah, sorry! We teach as broad a reach of philosophers and philosophies as possible. In terms of #philosopherssong all of them
8th Sep @uptone we have 27 trained philosophy specialists, and currently 18 trainees. You can see them here (click on level): http://t.co/cZkBwbA
8th Sep @peter_worley latest article on philosophy & maths for primary available in Teach Primary this month. Previous articles http://t.co/3ibkrgq
6th Sep @Thinking_Space RT Take a look at our new film - Thinking Space at Meynell Primary: A Journey in Thinking http://t.co/TVKT4jR
6th Sep http://t.co/rN7ZWv8 Fundraising news -Python & Patron Terry Jones : "It seems reasonable 2 teach children 2 reason; & unreasonable not 2."
6th Sep http://t.co/a3w6MYi #Python Terry Jones becomes patron. "I am a keen backer of The #Philosophy Shop ," he explains. #4rs #education
5th Sep @Sophrosyne_1 thanks Ruth. We will get touch with her I think.
4th Sep RT @Sophrosyne_1: @philosophyshop: "Here's an idea – let children think for themselves | Gaby Hinsliff http://t.co/jEJvRGj ””
4th Sep @timminchin show off!
4th Sep RT @TheBrowser: Nigel Warburton of @philosophybites explains what to read as an introduction to #philosophy and why http://b.rw/qLpQiH # ...
2nd Sep Strange, but interesting: http://t.co/jDXCSrL Exhibition starts today...
1st Sep @Brixest We are looking in to video training but it all costs - one day!
1st Sep http://t.co/rmJZkpX Catch it if you can, Tom Dale Guardian 'Artist of the Week': witty, philosophical and someone we wave to from our office
31st Aug You can now read the original full version of Sarah Ebner's article for the Times about philosophy in schools here: http://t.co/ULdURpW
29th Aug Only three places remaining on our specialist philosophy teacher training course this september - join our team: http://t.co/rYf8CSr
23rd Aug Where does our instinct for philosophy come from? http://t.co/Spqn3Ce via @bigthink RT @sophiasbigideas
22nd Aug Robin Alexander on the curriculum 'Reinvesting in Arts Education' US report shows us the way to 21st Century education http://t.co/c18XYMe
21st Aug The philosophy of religion debate continues on The Philosophy Foundation's blog: http://t.co/DGcIe3W
20th Aug @janemelvin2 for everyone!
19th Aug RT @WillsRazor: A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children
19th Aug RT @peter_worley: Wrong Answers in Britain: http://t.co/CtaJZQL
19th Aug RT @drangiehobbs: Here's a link to my blog on Plato and the England Riots http://t.co/mwDb99n
18th Aug @casaljm @thersaorg moral development according to kohlberg starts in the self, moves to those close to you and then to general human rights
18th Aug @JaneBB although Plato removed parents entirely from education!
18th Aug RT @thersaorg Can we teach moral reasoning? http://t.co/TaqL0LR
18th Aug Avicenna wades into the argument on religion on our blog: http://t.co/Kkv0goP
17th Aug RT @guardian: LISTEN to the Big Ideas podcast from @commentisfree which looks at 'the banality of evil' http://t.co/UdTImjA
17th Aug We are delighted to announce that @peter_worley has been made a Fellow of the RSA @theRSAorg
16th Aug RT @guardian BREAKING: Clive Goodman blows the lid on #phonehacking cover-up: #NOTW reporter's letter reveals all http://t.co/VwRmdk5
16th Aug New blog: mischievous or stupid re-interpretations and editing of philosophical arguments? #Newstatesman #philosophy http://t.co/DGcIe3W...
11th Aug RT @kingdjlogan: Great quote from Waterstone's employee on the news: "We'll stay open, if they steal some books they might learn somethi ...
11th Aug @alaindebotton 'Richard II' civil unrest, 'Othello' don't believe everything you're told, 'Macbeth' power corrupts
11th Aug @alaindebotton Shakespeare is relevant: R&J gang warfare, Richard III political power gone mad, problem of perception (media) Much Ado
11th Aug RT @CarolineLJulian: @philosophyshop Great blog by Emma Worley on the riots and the necessity of philosophy and values - http://t.co/i39F4cv
11th Aug RT @RuthieGledhill: ABC Rowan Williams in Lords: 'Education more & more dominated by instrumentalist model; less & less concerned with v ...
11th Aug RT @DalaiLama: You must not consider tolerance and patience to be signs of weakness. I consider them signs of strength.
11th Aug RT @RogerSteare: The financial and economic crisis marks the death of money. Money used to be a promise we trusted. No more. Food, water ...
10th Aug RT @TottenhamGig: Hi @DavidLammy We're planning a benefit gig for neighbours affected by the riots. We need volunteers to make this happ ...
10th Aug @GuidoFawkes funny! But 'a' cause is not 'the' cause. Sorry to be serious.
10th Aug --> where are the role models for today's youth?
10th Aug @RogerSteare a similar point made by rapper last night on newsnight: wherever you look now you see greed: politicians, media, adverts ->
10th Aug LSE Blog politics and policy: The riots an end to Cameron's Big Society? http://bit.ly/nPbK9q
10th Aug RT @dansumners: it's simple: help people to think and they'll stop hurting each other - and themselves http://ht.ly/5ZAqo via @philosoph ...
9th Aug @RogerSteare Yes, but worth saying on the streets around Lewisham people are talking & supporting each other. Lets not forget good people.
9th Aug RT @john4london: #londonriots A massive thanks to all the Police, Fire and other emergency services in London who will be in harms way a ...
9th Aug @PhilGeek read the blogs and reply to the arguments please don't use ad hominem moves.
9th Aug London riots shouldn't be an excuse to tarnish city's youths - Telegraph http://t.co/avfUKsa via @Telegraph
9th Aug RT @jacob_99: #obvious:spending time with kids doing moral philosophy just might make them more reflective when acting in life #londonri ...
9th Aug @PhilGeek it's not meant as self-serving it is meant as part of the dialogue.
9th Aug "Can philosophy help with rioting?" We want more rational riots please! More Philosophy Shop thoughts on the riots: http://t.co/oeHOafA
9th Aug 'Anarchy in the UK: philosophy a luxury or a necessity', new Philosophy Shop blog: http://t.co/229aRk0
9th Aug @tim_graham that's exactly what Lipman thought.
9th Aug Matthew Lipman began Philosophy For Children back in the sixties in response to student riots. Worth noting!
7th Aug RT @neilhimself: "Looking back over a lifetime, you see love was the answer to everything." Ray Bradbury.
7th Aug RT @TheShowstoppers "4* for @schoolofnight This show even includes improv in middle English" We're having CPD with 1 of them. #EdFest
6th Aug @Psych0analysis mmm...looks interesting "Projective identification presents conceptual challenge to philosophy" http://t.co/DOUWiLE
6th Aug @jacob_99 Brian Leiter already has helped: http://t.co/r2WVMSn, but thanks for your suggestions - keep them coming!
6th Aug @jacob_99 we already have a petition running: http://t.co/ecSTvcs which we are taking to the government
5th Aug PoW: Is academic philosophy in crisis? http://t.co/m4FuBjE
4th Aug RT @amandajane: playing devil's advocate in the classroom http://bit.ly/o7T531 : Peter Worley on Socratic Irony @philosophyshop #4rs #p4 ...
4th Aug 'Socratic Irony in the Classroom: Clouseau or Columbo', new expert article by @peter_worley on innovate my school: http://t.co/K7qku3l
2nd Aug RT for our fantastic patron @robinince book your Christmas comedy now 23rd Dec already sold out http://t.co/pMAK7D1
2nd Aug 'Thinking Changes: Philosophy in schools' seems to be fav. It's for marketing 'call to action' only 48 characters allowed, inc. spaces!
2nd Aug Help from twitter followers. Which is better? "Thinking Changes: Philosophy in schools" or "Philosophy in schools: thinking changes" #advice
31st Jul RT @philosophybites: A Little History of Philosophy - Nigel Warburton at Foyles, Charing X Rd, London 6.30pm-7.30pm Sept. 20th. (free) h ...
30th Jul 'Philosophers on philosophy in schools' makes the Sunday Times Festival of Education highlights, read session reports: http://t.co/rDFz2bJ
29th Jul "I should have taken the money..."
29th Jul A philosopher is given a choice of wisdom, wealth or women. He chooses wisdom. In a flash of light he is given his wish and then looks up...
29th Jul Another comedian (& KCL philosophy grad) supports our campaign @rosentweets @robinince what's the connection between philosophy & comedians?
29th Jul @rosentweets Thanks for your support Tom: I believe you know a few of our philosophy teachers from KCL
29th Jul RT @rosentweets: You know I don't care about many things, but this is one of them. Philosophy in schools! Sign this. You're my heroes. h ...
28th Jul "If everyone studied philosophy, it would lead to a society where people’s beliefs, views & values were more carefully thought out" (Year 7)
28th Jul More letters from young people to Michael Gove: "Philosophy enriches the mind and promotes reasoning and thinking for oneself."
26th Jul Valuing philosophy degrees, a conference exploring employability in philosophy: http://t.co/t0Y5Ga8
23rd Jul RT @taimur_org: Alifbépé is out! http://bit.ly/egQSjc ▸ Top stories today via @philosoraptor @carlbaker @philosophyshop @millermccune
21st Jul Peter on #Philosophy in #schools and young Philosophers: on the BBC Breakfast Show at 2:21 approx http://t.co/Dx4Y9k2 #4rs #p4c #education
21st Jul This months newsletter available on the web: http://t.co/pCaBfWq #philosophycourses #philosophyforchildren #philosophyinschools
20th Jul Great day, and thanks to @JDLiteracyTrust for your help and advice this morning.
20th Jul RT @4_Rs: In The Times 2day: Kant 4 Kids. (Pg 2 in Times 2.). Read hre if U subscribe: http://t.co/EIPzhC8 OR download hre : http://t.co ...
20th Jul In The Times 2day: Kant 4 Kids. (Pg 2 in Times 2.). Read hre if U subscribe: http://t.co/lKfvDgi OR download hre: http://t.co/EE1XXCs #4rs
20th Jul RT @schoolgate: Read my piece today on philosophy in schools - fantastic way to develop kids thinking http://thetim.es/philosophyinschoo ...
19th Jul @TrudaSpruyt @inaudiblemum latest comment on #4Rs petition: "this is a no brainer why haven't thousands signed up?" http://t.co/rzW5S5T
17th Jul RT @Peston: The arrest of Rebekah Brooks is a huge deal - one degree of separation from the most powerful people (several of them) in the UK
17th Jul RT @pimpmycause: @philosophyshop needs #marketing advice to advance their mission to give students critical thinking skills #nfp #socent ...
17th Jul Text PHIL10 £10 (or whatever you want to give) to 70070 to donate to THE PHILOSOPHY FOUNDATION & make a difference today http://t.co/TarFIkB
15th Jul RT @JDLiteracyTrust: Great afternoon watching a year 4 philosophy class expertly led by @peter_Worley at John Ball School. Children deep ...
15th Jul @earthmon50 thanks - have you signed our petition? I know you're not in the UK, but every signature counts! http://t.co/ecSTvcs
15th Jul Solution to 'third world' (Popper) problems? More reasons for philosophy in schools: http://t.co/rE4reLt by @nesta_uk
14th Jul 25 more signatures on our petition and we have reached 1000! Pls sign & RT #philosophyinschools http://t.co/ecSTvcs
12th Jul Last opportunity to become a philosophy teacher with us until further notice: http://t.co/03T7gtp
12th Jul @SirKenRobinson "Systems of mass education are built on 2 pillars: the first is economic...the second is intellectual." Out of Our Minds
12th Jul Piaget "only education is capable of saving our societies from possible collapse, whether violent or gradual."
12th Jul @stuartnam thank you, and we agree: school is stuck in industrial revolution, factory machines. World has moved on. Need a school revolution
11th Jul @stuartnam @4_Rs schools may well kill creativity, but there are some excellent philosophy teachers (ours for example!) who encourage it.
11th Jul @stuartnam completely disagree with you, philosophy can and is done extremely well in the classroom. What have you based your claim on?
11th Jul Great discussion @ #Howlightgetsin on experience machine via @peter_worley's talk on The If Machine http://t.co/aSDL6ab.
11th Jul Maughn Gregory on Lipman's model of Philosophy for Children: http://t.co/IlW6915 Why Radio, "Teaching Philosophy for Children"
11th Jul RT @4_Rs: I thnk that #philosophy is the most fantastic addition 2 the modern primary & secondary skool curriculum - K Martinez http://t ...
8th Jul New discussion started on our board: Media corrupts and absolute media corrupts absolutely http://t.co/FJCyenG
7th Jul Next episode of WHY? Philosophical discussions of everyday life is on 'Teaching Philosophy for Children' http://t.co/1g87O27
5th Jul Check this video out Dr. Sara Goering - Philosophy for Kids v. similar to our approach & aims http://t.co/D51Vnfp via @youtube
4th Jul Help us raise money by shopping online at no cost to you at all. Log into easyfundraising & register us as your charity http://t.co/vnh8A8c
1st Jul "Philosophy is like the foundation of a house, to be good at English or maths or science you have the foundation of being able to think."
1st Jul "Philosophy is about thinking outside the box and finding more possible answers to a question." Donate Year 6 #philosophyinschools
1st Jul "Surely you would agree that children should start critical thinking at a young age." Tyler Year 6 #philosophyinschools
1st Jul Have started to receive letters to Michael Gove by children who have experienced our philosophy lessons, they are fantastic! ---->
1st Jul Our first #philosophy Forum on Genetic Enhancement in Sports discuss interview from @philosophybites
1st Jul Our first Philosophical Forum on the topic of Genetic Enhancement in Sport: http://t.co/AEVRUC5
1st Jul We'd like to welcome @matt_boniecki to twitter and as to The Philosophy Shop as our new Project Co-ordinator.
27th Jun @the_stardust Sorry, for those who tried our last link to practitioners & philosophy for children at LSE, try this one: http://t.co/bkqezvN
27th Jun Practitioners and Philosophy for Children - London School of Economics: Public lectures and events http://t.co/ce4vJZO
26th Jun RT @NatureDr: What a fantastic charity! @philosophyshop teaching #philosophy to children. Check them out.
25th Jun RT @DrJohnLTaylor: Podcast of the LSE Philosophy for Children roundtable available now. http://t.co/TobxBDf
25th Jun RT @peter_worley: speaking tomorrow about philosophy in schools with @drangiehobbs @microphilosophy A.C. Grayling & Emma Williams http:/ ...
25th Jun @cathyby @LogicalAnalysis Do you know about Tom Hodgkinson? Found his own solutions to work {via @julesevans77}: http://t.co/UVxIFPd
24th Jun @IAMKP We know all about the course and wonderful work Catherine has done - music and philosophy seem v. closely linked. Divergent thinking!
24th Jun @childrenthink only in terms of the people there : John White's speech raised some points everyone wanted to debate more. That's philosophy!
24th Jun @childrenthink got very controversial, esp after @jdliteracytrust & @phillipblonde had given great reasons why do philosophy with children
24th Jun RT @JDLiteracyTrust: Great to be on the panel with the big brained @phillipblond at the philosophy for children seminar. Almost got cont ...
24th Jun @IAMKP was that Catherine McCall's @ThePhilDoc course?
24th Jun RT @Thinking_Space_: Roundtable on Philosophy for Children at LSE was worth the 6 hour round trip from Sheffield; I especially enjoyed t ...
24th Jun RT @Thinking_Space_: @philosophyshop I was philosophising with play dough only last week: 'If you stamp on your monster does it still ex ...
24th Jun After last nights fantastic debates on philosophy in schools at the LSE read our Whitepaper on philosophy for children: http://t.co/YUNSjxW
24th Jun RT @julesevans77: Did u do philosophy A-level or a philosophy degree? Did it put you off, or deepen your enthusiasm? Let me know 4 piece ...
24th Jun @TrudaSpruyt @peter_worley that's fantastic news, we look forward to reading it!
24th Jun RT @Phillip_Blond: Great debate at the philosophy for children event at the LSE - Jonathan Douglas teaching us a lot about reading and l ...
23rd Jun RT @peter_worley: Philosophy for children Roundtable at the LSE today at 5, east building. Free. Please join us and RT
23rd Jun Only 5 days left to listen to @peter_worley @Phillip_Blond & @philosophybites debating philosophy in schools (25mins in) http://t.co/gpjevBS
23rd Jun @jimalkhalili @rachfatcat #canyourecommend Try Dr Who & Philosophy: http://t.co/0zkCxpf good chapters on time travel & philosophical theory
23rd Jun @drangiehobbs Broken link, new link for the LSE Roundtable on philosophy for children available here now: http://t.co/ROWArCE
23rd Jun Last day you can purchase The If Machine on our site for only £12 [RRP £17.99] only one per person I'm afraid, UK only. http://t.co/CKOfKRO
22nd Jun @Phillip_Blond @peter_worley & @drangiehobbs all debating philosophy in schools tomorrow at the LSE: http://t.co/oRRb4fw #LSEpublicevents
22nd Jun RT @muzrobertson #Nightwaves debate on philosophy (in schools) with @Phillip_Blond, @philosophyshop and @philosophybites. bbc.in/lC2BLP
22nd Jun RT @Mike_Bostock: "If Michael Gove wants to replicate his own education, let him do it on his own children - not the nations' children" ...
21st Jun @TrudaSpruyt It was a great debate. Will Alfie be wanting to write to Gove about philosophy being done in schools by any chance?
21st Jun RT @ThePhilDoc: + a video about CoPI and Art with Catherine McCall & George Wylie http://t.co/dFAjOxN
21st Jun @SteveCooke in which case put the wine down!
21st Jun I may be biased but I thought that was a great debate: gloves off between @philosophybites and Philip Blonde good stuff: http://t.co/u46Kjq8
21st Jun @SteveCooke apparently not, philosophy is for the young now a days you know!
21st Jun @TrudaSpruyt are you listening?
21st Jun RT @philosophybites: I'll be speaking about philosophy for children on BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves after 10pm tonight
21st Jun Nightwaves tonight talking about philosophy in schools w/@peter_worley & philip blonde MP & (I think) @philosophybites http://t.co/u46Kjq8
21st Jun RT @PhilosophyNow: If you missed the Philosophy Now Radio Show broadcast, you can catch the podcast at http://philosophynow.org/podcasts
21st Jun An extension to the mixed team game in football until the age of 13 http://t.co/DeQ9SL4 #girlsintofootball
21st Jun We'd like to welcome our wonderful chair of trustees @pengedad to twitter. Psychiatrist, father, philosophers, writer of short stories.
20th Jun @cathyby Pleasure. If you're in the UK you can buy the book until Thurs for only £12 plus P&P from our website. Enjoy!
20th Jun @OliveraMijuskov They are also rather good at logic and indexicals too if given the opportunity...
20th Jun RT @Orse99: @philosophyshop My son's favourite primary sch lesson -philosophy. Loved debate, paradoxes & room to think. More please! htt ...
20th Jun @cathyby any time Cathy.
20th Jun @cathyby You buy the book, you use the book. Do as you will with it.
20th Jun @Orse99 They're our favourite lessons too! Please sign our petition to get philosophy in schools if you haven't already: http://t.co/ecSTvcs
20th Jun @cathyby which only has UK postage capacity. Read review of If Machine here: http://t.co/Wis7HQl
20th Jun @cathyby If she wants to buy from us get her to email me (emma@) with her address and I will send her a copy rather than go through site ->
20th Jun @cathyby Not outside our remit. Best resource that will help her immediately and give her many lesson plans would be The If Machine book.
20th Jun @cathyby we have - what are you after?
20th Jun Arab Cultural Association Nazareth looking for someone to run critical thinking course this summer. If interst email me http://t.co/e2YcflC
20th Jun RT @jonathanwebber: "Adam Curtis believed that 200,000 Guardian readers watching late night BBC2 could change the world": http://t.co/wh ...
20th Jun Prof. Alison Gopnik, author of 'The Philosophical Baby', signs our 4Rs petition to get philosophy in to schools: http://t.co/rzW5S5T
20th Jun RT @philosophybites: 'Exploring Philosophy' - podcasts from the Open Univ. on iTunes: Thought Experiments, Personal Identity and more ht ...
20th Jun Just discovered the problem of two twitter accounts...
20th Jun Can children do philosophy, what have philosophers said about it and how could it be implemented ? All up for debate: http://t.co/oRRb4fw
20th Jun This months news, including special offer on The If Machine, only available for 4 more days: http://t.co/tZVbmvo #LSEp4c #EducationFest2011
20th Jun RT @public_uni: 30 Professors to resign posts as peer-reviewers for the AHRC in protest against its links to Govt's big society agenda h ...
18th Jun The Man Who Went Up A Mill And Came Down A Montaigne #philosophyfilms #philosophyfilm (messed up my hashtags!)
18th Jun The Man Who Went Up A Mill And Came Down A Montaigne #philosopyfilms
18th Jun RT @peter_worley: #philosophyfilms Total Ricoeur.
18th Jun RT @DerrenBrown: Blog post: We're All Mutants: The Average Human Has 60 New Genetic Mutations http://bit.ly/j4Nyeq
16th Jun Run up to #LSEP4C v. special offer available on our site for The If Machine book. One week only: http://t.co/CKOfKRO only £12 (RRP £17.99)
16th Jun RT @philosophybites: Yet more on NCH http://t.co/KDtCSiA
16th Jun @philosophybites Alison Gopnik's book Philosophical Baby is great - is she in the UK or will you be podcasting across the pond?
15th Jun Reminder about new play: The Happiness Index: What David Cameron Can Learn From The Ancient Greeks & Romans: http://t.co/lfcYNiw June 19
15th Jun RT @philosophybites: Philosophical Approaches to Children's Literature: March 2012 conference and call for papers http://t.co/4ipo3Oc
15th Jun Look forward to watching Jonathan Ree & Ruth Padel on poetry: been told it was an excellent discussion http://t.co/sm2TlRp @howlightgetsin
15th Jun RT @philosophybites: PB interviewee Jonathan Rée and poet Ruth Padel discuss poetry and philosophy (video): http://t.co/DCxki0z
15th Jun Privacy and Doing CoPI with groups: http://t.co/Wuz16xx
14th Jun Sorry to announce the death of philosopher John Hospers: http://t.co/jB3JE0b
14th Jun RT @ThePhilDoc: Interested in Philosophy with Children? If you are European join SOPHIA Network. Ex-Europe become FRIEND OF SOPHIA http: ...
14th Jun RT @philosophybites: Dying for an idea http://t.co/yyUCb2Y
14th Jun Membership to our site is now international, so if you'd like to support our work & have access to useful pedagogy tips http://t.co/huXytU4
13th Jun Full programme of events for #EducationFest2011 now available: http://t.co/OCobh3r. Philosophers on #philosophy in schools Sunday 26th @ 2pm
10th Jun RT @ThePhilDoc: Brilliant News - EPIC International Consultants are back! http://wp.me/pMTgc-1C
10th Jun RT @CPRnet: If Michael Gove wants schools not to prejudge pupil outcomes according to poverty will he also stop labelling children by a ...
10th Jun RT @philosophybites: ACG defends NCH (video) http://gu.com/p/2pknm/tf
8th Jun Interesting interview http://tinyurl.com/633m8co determinism, plasticity: room for second-order desires to develop free will?#philosophy
8th Jun New sessions available on our site on Islamic Philosopher Avicenna. Thanks to KCL's Prof. Peter Adamson for his seminar to our specialists
7th Jun RT @stephenlaw60: I will talking about my new book Believing Bullshit tomorrow night (Wednesday 8th) on Nightwaves programme, BBC Radio ...
7th Jun @keith_wilson @keithfrankish @jonathanwebber #NCH is a charity, so there cannot, I believe, be a profit in it for the sponsors.
7th Jun @keith_wilson @martinwhiting81 music encourages divergent thinking apparently, a good #philosophy bedfellow: http://tinyurl.com/53jh49
7th Jun Abstracts from all speakers available now at http://tinyurl.com/6hx5dyw LSE Roundtable on philosophy for children #LSEP4C Looks great!
6th Jun @schoolgate are you around for the LSE event on philosophy for children June 23rd? Be good to see you there. http://tinyurl.com/6hx5dyw
6th Jun Monday 4th July York University free philosophy conference for A Level Philosophy teachers, RT http://tinyurl.com/3qvh36o #alevelphilosophy
6th Jun @PhilosopherLiam @keith_wilson @Rubeculaatje thanks for the tweets, RT #getinvolved and sign the 4Rs petition: http://tinyurl.com/5vc5qrg
6th Jun RT @schoolgate: Only a few weeks until the http://www.festivalofeducation.org.uk/ See more at @EducationFest some great people speaking ...
6th Jun @benmoor RT Also hugely proud of @SceneandHeardUK for receiving The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service - great work well done all.
6th Jun @ProfBrianCox news about anti-matter: http://tinyurl.com/64d7m4m is this what these kids come up with? http://tinyurl.com/67abt78 at 5.17 in
5th Jun Details of our Stage 1 training to become a specialist philosophy teacher with us: http://tinyurl.com/6xesdyg #philosophyinschools
5th Jun Currently seeking bright, confident #intern with passion for philosophy http://tinyurl.com/68m9l2a unpaid to start, but things can change...
5th Jun @Brixest Thank you for tweeting about us, and come and join us in an educational revolution!
5th Jun @johntonta You would probably manage to make a whole house out of fluff and sellotape...
5th Jun http://tinyurl.com/6764s8j New College of Humanities set up to rival OxBridge #Grayling #Dawkins #Humanities
4th Jun @PhilosoraptErs RT Roundtable: Philosophy for Children http://post.ly/29ZC4 another job for philosophy graduates http://tinyurl.com/6ylo46g
4th Jun @Elisa_Roche @howlightgetsin the Ancient Greek Gods were the celebrities of their day: like today, both Gods AND monsters
4th Jun @SDMumford @keith_wilson @jonathanwebber @howlightgetsin @emilyryall Absolutely...we are planning another philosophersfootball match as well
4th Jun RT @jonathanwebber: @howlightgetsin Suggestion for next year: @SDMumford and @emilyryall (and perhaps others) on philosophy of sport.
4th Jun @jonathanwebber Long - but worth it. Wish we could have stayed longer and soaked up more of the #philosophy debates @howlightgetsin
4th Jun @jonathanwebber Great. Hope to see it on www.iai.tv! And hope to see you again soon. Nice meeting you.
4th Jun @jonathanwebber how'd your debate on philosophy and film go @howlightgetsin ?
4th Jun @howlightgetsin Brilliant thanks, shall browse at leisure! Presume more will go up as the festival continues or comes to an end? www.iai.tv
3rd Jun @howlightgetsin are there videos available for the public on all the amazing debates and talks that have happened over the festival?
3rd Jun RT @TESNEWTEACHERS: The future of teacher training hangs in the balance: What are your views on Mr Gove's vision? http://bit.ly/iSIk9x
3rd Jun Back from @howlightgetsin, @peter_worley talk tent was rammed on Wednesday as grown ups experienced XP machine & heard what kids had to say
2nd Jun LSE hosts major conference on philosophy for children http://bit.ly/ihQ4rB #lsep4c #philosophy #4rs
31st May @Sophrosyne_1 @howlightgetsin not at all, the events are all excellent!
31st May Off to @howlightgetsin today for fun, frolics and philosophy. 3 events tomorrow and 1 on Thursday. See you there.
31st May A new philosophical enquiry on maths available to download from our site for members. Who are the Platos or Aristotles in your class?
27th May In reference to our last tweet, can highly recommend this play http://tinyurl.com/426u87t saw it at our course on happiness 2010 #philosophy
27th May For one night only a play about what David Cameron can learn from the Greek & Roman #philosophers June 19th: http://tinyurl.com/426u87t
27th May Measuring the height of pyramids: article in Creative Teaching & Learning this month by @peter_worley Socratic questioning to get to answers
26th May RT @drangiehobbs: Reading Proclus and Strabo in preparation for my talk on Plato and Atlantis at #HowTheLightGetsIn at Hay this Sunday 1 ...
26th May @Thinking_Space_ thanks for signing the petition & your comment. Signatures now at 900! http://tinyurl.com/5vc5qrg
25th May Our website teacher members now have access to philosophical enquiry lesson plans. Join today: http://tinyurl.com/3tz28bf #P4C
25th May @peter_worley will be talking about how big ideas can be brought to children without watering them down @howlightgetsin next Wed at 5pm
25th May @PhilosopherLiam believe @acgrayling is a rugby man
25th May @childrenthink we would say hypothetical thinking is crucial. See 'The If Machine' http://www.thephilosophyshop.co.uk/shop/overview #p4c
24th May Philosophy in Schools Petition http://t.co/mWli7JO via @GoPetition Approaching 1000 signatures. Will we get there, or will Zeno foil us?
24th May RT @NotEvilJoe: Kids def' need philosophy RT @drangiehobbs: The 4Rs philosophy in schools campaign http://bit.ly/j3wP10
23rd May @howlightgetsin We expect some of the dishes to be on offer at the festival...served up with some platatoes...sorry, doesn't cut the mustard
23rd May @howlightgetsin we recommend this recipe book: http://tinyurl.com/3nlb8g4 ! #PhilosophyCookbook
23rd May @philosophyshop @howlightgetsin Debate on the popularisation of philosophy is actually at 4pm Wed 1st. Sorry for incorrect previous twit!
23rd May Debate on the popularisation of philosophy @howlightgetsin Wed June 1st 5pm. Can philosophy ever be bite size?
23rd May @CPRnet Could you point us in the direction of the research please?
23rd May @stephenlaw60 That was quick! Or am I just 'Believing Bulls***'? http://tinyurl.com/3uzras2
23rd May New philosophy lesson plans on Business Ethics (KS2 & KS3) uploaded for all our members on our site: www.thephilosophyshop.co.uk
23rd May RT @microphilosophy: Barring last-minute changes (not very unusual), I should be on Radio Four's Today programme, today around 08:50. ht ...
22nd May Our May newsletter telling you all about exciting stuff going on with us at LSE, @howlightgetsin & @EducationFest http://tinyurl.com/3f8bnag
22nd May @Sophrosyne_1 You only found 12 people in that hour!!
22nd May @SteveCooke thanks 4 signing 4Rs petition http://tinyurl.com/5vc5qrg if kids are taught to think critically Denis MacShane may be in trouble
22nd May RT @SteveCooke: Via @philosophybites Denis MacShane MP traduces academic Anne Phillips http://bit.ly/lCIjs4 < what an odious toe-rag ...
22nd May New #philosophy lesson plans uploaded on to site for all our members on logic and knowledge: 'Tabby is a cat' & 'What do you know?'
22nd May @Sophrosyne_1 Indeed it is! It gets more and more addictive when you find the #philosophy tweets.
22nd May @BenRogersOVA have a look at our site: www.thephilosophyshop.co.uk, The If Machine is a resource for teachers, plus we deliver inset
22nd May http://tinyurl.com/434nfun Should the FA sort out the sexism in its ranks?
21st May @laurencejrae welcome to Twitter. Enjoy.
21st May RT @cathyby: #Rapture #fail in New Zealand, #Hobbit filming continues unaffected. http://bit.ly/mdFv7m
21st May @cathyby how'd it go?
21st May What time zone is the #rapture happening in?
21st May RT @ProfBrianCox: I think we should all pretend the #rapture is happening so that when Harold Camping gets left behind later today he'll ...
21st May RT @peter_worley Session on Nozick's XPM: 11 year old girl: "I wouldn't plug into the XP Machine but I would live real life as if I had."
20th May @BBCr4today @doctorow and it's great for getting children engaged in philosophical discussions!
20th May @peter_worley at least you'll know for future reference.
19th May The teenage brain explained on "Inside the Human Body" @DrMichaelMosley Do we now have sympathy for teenagers?
19th May @jimalkhalili @DrMichaelMosley enjoying it too: didn't realise we were in darkness for an hour a day just because we blink!
19th May What is a collection of philosophers? Just described (accidentally) on @PhilosophyNow radio as "a grump of philosophers"...nice
19th May @philosophybites and you can hear him right now on @PhilosophyNow radio: http://resonancefm.com/schedule
19th May RT @philosiologist: A post on female philosophers: http://tinyurl.com/3g4evke
19th May Had a peking duck pizza, now enjoying @PhilosophyNow radio show on http://resonancefm.com/schedule #philosophy
19th May @SirKenRobinson review of 'Out of Our Minds' new edition in TES http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6081667
19th May @peter_worley being interviewed on resonance104.4FM tonight @ 8pm "A young persons guide to philosophy" http://resonancefm.com/ #philosophy
19th May @keith_wilson what if the tweeter is a thing and not a person though?
19th May @robinince the unknowable?
19th May http://tinyurl.com/29f5ua @PhilosophyNow radio show tonight: Teaching Philosophy to Children
19th May Philosophy Now Radio Show tonight: Teaching Philosophy to Children. Grant Bartley & John Holroyd interview Peter Worley at 8pm
19th May @howlightgetsin indeed. Have you seen or read this book? 'The Philosophical Baby' http://tinyurl.com/5whrtcc
19th May 2 new events for kids @howlightgetsin Wed 1st 10am "What do you really want?" ages 10 & below, Thur 2nd 10am "So you think you're free?" 10+
19th May RT @jonathanwebber: Programme for the @howthelightgetsin festival of philosophy at Hay-on-Wye: http://bit.ly/iICLsG (pdf download)
18th May Correction to previous tweet, the @PhilosophyNow radio show is on at 8pm, not 7pm. Pete Worley interviewed about philosophy for children.
17th May Peter Worley is being interviewed on @PhilosophyNow podcast this week about teaching philosophy to kids. http://tinyurl.com/6dgsp3b Thur 7pm
16th May @stephenfry thought perhaps your friend had a goose, or a goose egg was your friend, in which case eating them was not friendly...
16th May @corinthino Thanks for the tweet - we're here and doing indexicals (amongst other things) with children!
16th May @HannahScott_ We've got some great sessions on portraiture and standard of taste, email me if you'd like them. emma@the...
16th May @julesevans77 thanks. I believe you're going to be @howlightgetsin running some workshops - will you be around when we're there? 1st June?
16th May Interview with Peter Worley in @PhilosophyNow this month available online: http://tinyurl.com/6x7rt6r Issue on philosophy with children
16th May @HannahScott_ thanks Hannah - do you mean the one on teaching children moral philosophy?
16th May AC Grayling & Angie Hobbs, comedian Robin Ince & educationalist Catherine McCall become patrons of The Philosophy Shop http://bit.ly/kL3Jva
14th May RT @howlightgetsin: 30% off all #HowTheLightGetsIn tickets for our followers! Use discount code WEEKEND SPECIAL before midnight Sunday. ...
14th May @TrudaSpruyt That's a shame Truda, yes were @howlightgetsin on Wed 1st and Thu 2nd. Would have been great to see you and Alfie there!
13th May A final wise quote from Hume as a close to a wonderful week: "A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence." #Hume
13th May Our week of celebrating Hume in the classroom is drawing to a close & has seen kids looking at miracles, knowledge and the standard of taste
13th May @PhilosophyNow latest issue out today, and it is a special on Philosophy for Children, dedicated to Matthew Lipman who died this year. #P4C
13th May "We are got to fairy land, long ere we have reached the last steps of our theory [of the universal operation of the Supreme Being]" #Hume
13th May Missed a #Hume tweet yesterday so today it is 2 for the price of one! #philosophy...stay tuned...
13th May RT @BBCr4today: This government, like the last “reduces education to a kind of factory process”, says Master of Wellington College Antho ...
11th May "[N]o testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that its falsehood would be more miraculous."
11th May The Philosophy Shop Hume Week, quote a little later than usual - we like to keep you on your toes...#Hume
10th May "Morals excite passions, and produce or prevent actions...The rules of morality, therefore, are not conclusions of our reason." #Hume week
9th May TPS Hume week continues: "Where men are the most sure and arrogant, they are commonly the most mistaken" #Hume #Philosophy
8th May RT @drangiehobbs: Also looking forward to giving a talk on Plato and Atlantis at HowTheLightGetsIn at Hay on May 29th
8th May RT @drangiehobbs: Discussing Plato and Atlantis in 'Atlantis: the Evidence - a Timewatch Special' Monday 9th May BBC2 19.00
8th May RT @mattbuxton10: So we'll keep kids on until get Eng&Maths Cs, but take EMA away? Gove may have his 3Rs, but lacks 4th (Reasoning)! htt ...
8th May RT @philosophybites: David Hume on miracles and credulity http://bit.ly/jcvQab
8th May "[Selves are] nothing but a bundle or collection of different perceptions which succeed each other with an incomparable rapidity" #Hume
8th May The Philosophy Shop 'Hume Week' continues with a quote a day...
7th May Philosophy Shop press release: Happy 300th Birthday David #Hume Read it here: http://tinyurl.com/66munkf #philosophy #4_Rs
7th May RT @RichardWiseman: I predict this tweet will be re-tweeted 97 times. So, are you going to re-tweet it or not?
7th May @RichardWiseman It won't be for long though - you didn't stipulate a time limit.
7th May @RichardWiseman Nope! Just finished reading paranormality...so we will be interested to see how accurate your prediction is.
7th May "Though there be no such thing as Chance in the world; our ignorance of the real cause of any event has the same influence on understanding"
7th May Happy 300th Birthday Hume - we are celebrating by running a Hume Week: all our specialists are running sessions on Hume's ideas in school.
5th May #yestoAV But of course we're not clever enough to consider more than 2 options are we...
5th May #yestoAV although ironic that we are voting for a change in our voting system with only 2 options. What happened to PR, STV, d'Hondt method?
4th May @Johnseago which we will certainly sign! Thanks for the RT. http://tinyurl.com/5vc5qrg #philosophy #philosophyinschools #4Rs
4th May Even with cuts philosophy finds a way...new School of Philosophy: http://tinyurl.com/357zzke @PhilosophyNow editor is one of the lecturers.
4th May @howlightgetsin Wed 1st June sees CEO Pete Worley talking & Patron @robinince performing. Buy your tickets here http://tinyurl.com/6d57dwe.
4th May Friends, colleagues, fellow philosophers, please sign and retweet our petition. Want to get over 1000 signatures: http://tinyurl.com/5vc5qrg
4th May RT @drangiehobbs: In case you missed it, here is super-eminent mathematician Tim Gowers' excellent post on AV: http://bit.ly/dPDFwe
29th Apr @BBCRadio4 great commentary from your male presenters about the dress: it's white, there's a veil. Like me @ car show: there are red ones...
29th Apr @PhilosopherLiam I'd like to see Schopenhauer there, he'd have something to say... #royalwedding
28th Apr Where are all the bods who voted 4 philosophy 2b taught in schools @BBCr4today vote for "what should be taught in schools but isn't" in '06?
28th Apr Can we get our petition up to 900 over the bank holiday weekend? 4Rs campaign to get philosophy in schools: http://tinyurl.com/5ulj8nx
28th Apr @Savephilosophy We hope you are experiencing an Epicurean delight with friends, the odd bit of cheese, conversation & right on your side!
28th Apr Hope you can make it as well @julesevans77 LSE roundtable: philosophy in schools: http://tinyurl.com/6hx5dyw
28th Apr @filipmatous Have looked at your site and we like what you are doing too - see you on the 23rd, thanks for the tweet.
26th Apr @Savephilosophy very reasonable as in is going to listen to the calls not to shut down the philosophy single honors?
26th Apr @ThePhilDoc your last tweet reminds me of Simon Glendinning's biog: http://tinyurl.com/5wslscc #Philosophy & childhood.
26th Apr RT @ThePhilDoc: Its not that children are little adults - adults are big children
26th Apr Critical & creative thinking punk style http://tinyurl.com/6xbjq66 Poly Styrene: making braces cool. A fond farewell indeed @exitthelemming
26th Apr LSE roundtable event philosophy in schools: http://tinyurl.com/6hx5dyw practitioners, philosophers & policy makers June 23 FREE #philosophy
22nd Apr @newscientist article on free will http://tinyurl.com/3wn9tqo 'Pandemic' story written in 2009 on this subject: http://tinyurl.com/5rjh7vx
21st Apr Interesting articles in New Scientist this week: free will from a psychological perspective, molyneux problem and happiness #philosophy
21st Apr @philosoME Yes, much research done into philosophy with children. Look here: http://tinyurl.com/3lp9j5o and here: http://tinyurl.com/36lsrkv
21st Apr Sorry to announce the death of Gareth Matthews pioneer in thinking writing & teaching about philosophy & children http://tinyurl.com/6aun4an
20th Apr @philosoME our programme is in UK & parts of Europe, Lipman's P4C model is in the US visit IAPC site: http://tinyurl.com/6cabnlv for more
20th Apr Peter Worley will be at the @howlightgetsin festival: debate on popular philosophy, talk on If Machine & workshops: http://bit.ly/hoKo1y
18th Apr Philosophy the most useful degree: http://tinyurl.com/6ccgpc9 We're biased but if most useful degree surely it should be a taught in schools
15th Apr Email from philosopher @ Greenwich: "Looks as though the battle may be lost...next battle stop them diluting remaining courses" #philosophy
7th Apr The Philosophy Shop offers #philosophy teaching resource 2 the entire educational community: http://bit.ly/goK8TN #p4c #4rs #education
7th Apr Meeting at Greenwich this Saturday to protest against the closure of its philosophy department: http://tinyurl.com/3d2j8ba @Savephilosophy
1st Apr Re: the closure of Greenwich University's philosophy department: the closure of any philosophy department is a threat to thinking itself.
1st Apr Save Philosophy at Greenwich - Sign the Petition http://t.co/9Ft5IBD Another sign that education's shrinking to a hole called 'do not think'
31st Mar We'll be at Farncombe Estate again 29th - 31st May running a course on exploring philosophy through the arts: http://tinyurl.com/5t7ozbu
28th Mar I liked a YouTube video -- 2011 Catherine McCall interview On CoPI p4c.wmv http://youtu.be/GlTtmpNZPe0?a
25th Mar Melanie Wilson, commissioning editor at Continuum's blog about The If Machine book launch: http://educationcontinuum.typepad.com/
24th Mar RT @4_Rs: Launch of #Philosophy in schools book ‘The If Machine’: #4Rs supporters amassed 2 C how it’s done. Robin Ince guested.http://o ...
24th Mar "The best book of its kind currently available" & "A significant contribution to educational theory." Dr M Hand @ 'The If Machine' launch
18th Mar SAPERE's President Roger Sutcliffe joins the #4Rs. Show your support for the #philosophy in schools campaign here: http://bit.ly/flLhl8 #p4c
7th Mar Special educational service provider The #Philosophy Shop becomes a charity to combat educational disadvantage http://t.co/aQSAzp0 #p4c #4rs
4th Mar Gerontologist, philosopher and poet Professor Raymond Tallis backs the #Philosophy in Schools #4Rs campaign http://bit.ly/flLhl8
3rd Mar Former Children's Laureate Anne Fine signs up to the #4Rs http://tinyurl.com/2v8sadz
3rd Mar RT @4_Rs: ive seen [#Philosophy] transform children in every aspect of their lives, says #4Rs supporter R Cranwell. RT & Sign up! http:/ ...
1st Mar RT @drangiehobbs: Philosophy is a hugely under-used resource in our education system. To petition Michael Gove, here's the link http:// ...
25th Feb RT @4_Rs: "Teaching #philosophy in schools is abt restoring children 2 their state of curiosity." -Writer Robert Rowland Smith on the ne ...
24th Feb Join us for The If Machine book launch party at the IoE on March 23rd http://tinyurl.com/6z4v6bo #philosophyforchildren #philosophyinschools
23rd Feb RT @4_Rs: Former Children's Laureate Anne Fine signs up to the #4Rs http://tinyurl.com/2v8sadz
28th Jan TES review for The If Machine: 9 out of 10! http://tinyurl.com/6kgt6fk #philosophy #philosophyforchildren #4Rs
28th Jan Check out the new dedicated website for 'The History of Philosophy without any gaps': www.historyofphilosophy.net #Philosophy
5th Jan RT @4_Rs: New #4Rs (Reasoning) supporter author Diana Janney: “…the importance of #Philosophy for the nurturing of an inquiring and refl ...
28th Dec We are sorry to announce that Dr Matthew Lipman, the originator of philosophy for children died on December 26th.
8th Dec 10 days left to get 'The If Machine' - new philosophy in schools book - at its pre-order price www.thephilosophyshop.co.uk #philosophy #p4c
26th Nov RT @4_Rs: 4Rs Petition reaches 650 signatures: proof that there is enormous demand 4 Philosophy in school #4rs #philosophy http://tinyu ...
22nd Nov RT @4_Rs: 4Rs on the Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog http://leiterreports.typepad.com/ #4rs #philosophy
22nd Nov RT @4_Rs: 4Rs Petition reaches 500 SIGNATURES!! http://tinyurl.com/2v8sadz #4rs #philosophy
18th Nov RT @4_Rs: World Philosophy Day: How Plato can help your children pass their maths SAT http://tinyurl.com/2wamsyu
29th Oct RT @4_Rs: “More than ever… important questions need to be asked and discussed philosophically.” -P Hagerty #4rs #philosophy http://tinyu ...
20th Oct Missed the webchat with AC Grayling and Peter Worley about philosophy in schools last night? Catch up here: http://tinyurl.com/379g3lu
19th Oct RT @4_Rs: Don't miss philosopher AC Grayling and Philosophy in Schools expert Peter Worley on Mumsnet - tonight, 9pm http://www.mumsnet.com/
15th Oct A.C. Grayling and Peter Worley on Mumsnet Tuesday 19th Oct 9pm webchatting about philosophy in schools. Join in: http://tinyurl.com/2vtetze
6th Oct Philippa Foot obituary in the Guardian: http://tinyurl.com/37cpvhz Saw her talk on natural goodness and found it inspirational.
3rd Oct @carriejenkins that'll be the tube strikes fault. Admittedly there isn't much calm in the capital - but look at the scenery.
3rd Oct @carriejenkins what did London do to you?
3rd Oct http://tinyurl.com/24cgxcj did anyone say anything about philosophy guaranteeing a good education? Non! (see final paragraph of article)
2nd Oct Mini-launch for our new website today. Pre-order The If Machine for a discounted price from us: www.thephilosophyshop.co.uk
27th Sep RT @4_Rs: “Teaching philosophy in schools is about restoring children to their state of curiosity." – Robert Smith @RRSphilosopher #4rs ...
24th Sep @4_Rs Agree. Not only does philosophy develop higher-order thinking and reasoning (& various other) skills , children love it. Like haribo.
23rd Sep RT @4_Rs: "[Reasoning] is the sine qua non of good citizenship" Professor Raymond Tallis #4rs #philosophy http://bit.ly/aV6Mo8
22nd Sep Join our campaign to get philosophy in schools, & teach children how to reason: http://www.gopetition.co.uk/petition/37997/signatures.html
22nd Sep RT @4_Rs: "Teaching students to think better is in the end even more important than teaching them to pass exams." - Philosopher John Dup ...
16th Sep RT @4_Rs: "It's all very well being told what to think, but you can go much further if you are taught how to think." Comedian Robin Ince ...
5th May RT @philosophyfball: £10 tickets available online til Sat 4pm, £20 on the day. Book now for the most important match of the season http: ...
28th Apr RT @philosophyfball: Latest from Hardnose Harry Heidegger on the Sports Desk, Hegel on logical outcomes: http://tinyurl.com/yl2zmov #phi ...
28th Apr RT @philosophyfball: Latest from Hardnose Harry Heidegger on the Sports Desk, Hegel on logical outcomes: http://tinyurl.com/yl2zmov #phi ...
23rd Apr RT @philosophyfball: Latest from Hardnose Harry Heidegger on the Sports Desk, Schopenhauer on Bettany Hughes: http://tinyurl.com/yl2zmov ...
21st Apr RT @philosophyfball: Latest from Harry Hardnose Heidegger on the Sports Desk re Epicurus' game http://tinyurl.com/yl2zmov #philosophersf ...
21st Apr http://tinyurl.com/yycmleo article about philosophy in schools in The Philosophers Magazine #philosophy #p4c #philosophy in schools
12th Apr RT @philosophyfball: Latest from Harry Hardnose Heidegger on the Sports Desk: http://tinyurl.com/yl2zmov #philosophersfootballmatch #phi ...
8th Apr Michel de Montaigne for foreign secretary. #voteplato
8th Apr @rosiecoaching I'm going for Spinoza for PM: ethical in life and print. #voteplato
7th Apr RT @philosophyfball: Nigel Warburton in The Indie: Was Socrates Offside? http://bit.ly/ceq0Qa #philosophersfootballmatch #philosophy
7th Apr Philippa Foot for Justice Secretary #voteplato
6th Apr RT @philosophyfball: Getting an ‘ology’... in football commentary! http://bit.ly/c1elC2 #philosophersfootballmatch #philosophy
30th Mar @philosophyfball again thanks to @jiw1001 football was a Roman invention: http://tinyurl.com/yadmgre #philosophy #philosophersfootballmatch
30th Mar RT @philosophyfball: @jiw1001 has just informed us of a German claim that football was invented by the Greeks: http://en.wikipedia.org/w ...
29th Mar @philosophyfball this week Nietzsche retaliates against Socrates appointment of Taylor as Greek Team manager http://tinyurl.com/ygctggd
29th Mar RT @philosophyfball: Latest from Harry Hardnose Heidegger on the Sports Desk http://tinyurl.com/ygctggd
29th Mar RT @philosophyfball: "...the best philosophy translates creative ideas into action for the common good. You've scored twice already!" ht ...
25th Mar @alphabetofbeing the philosophers behind me have been talking for the last 60 minutes about conspiracy theories and the truth thereof.
25th Mar @SDMumford They may be interested in our philosopher's football match! http://tinyurl.com/yl7bw38
24th Mar Check out our roving reporter on Socrates and Graham Taylor: http://bit.ly/ceIlfE
24th Mar RT @philosophyfball: Latest from Harry Hardnose Heidegger on the Sports Desk http://bit.ly/ceIlfE #philosophersfootballmatch #philosophy
24th Mar RT @philosophyfball: "Philosophy and football – it’s a match made in a-putative-non-naturalistic-blissful-realm." http://bit.ly/9Ddc81 ...
22nd Mar RT @philosophyfball: "I will support Schopenhauer, GO !!! " http://bit.ly/9Ddc81 #philosophersfootballmatch #philosophy
22nd Mar RT @philosophyfball: Philosophy like a good game of football involves a robust defence, a hard working mid-field, and a bit of flair in ...
19th Mar RT @amandajane: RT @philosophyfball: Forget the World Cup Finals... tickets now on sale for THE main football fixture of 2010 http://bit ...
10th Mar I uploaded a YouTube video -- Farncombe: Philosophy and Happiness http://youtu.be/Hb4L2W5ncHw?a
27th Feb Events: http://bit.ly/avN1DY via @addthis Join us for the Satyagraha (Remix) event at the ENO on March 7th.
26th Jan I uploaded a YouTube video -- Knowledge - Justified, true belief theory and the Gettier problem http://youtu.be/_ldGT2R-pJM?a
8th Jan Great philosophy session today with Yr 6 kids on the nature of the soul. Socrates or Aristotle? Aporia to insight in one hour. Great!
8th Jan @iwrly which is your part of the website for us to look at and ponder over?
8th Jan http://www.britainthinks.com a good or bad thing?
5th Jan January blues? Join us for some philosophy of happiness in the Cotswolds later this year: http://tinyurl.com/yl2k2ln
19th Nov http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/listen_again/default.stm Anthony Grayling, me and John Humphreys talking about philosophy in schools
6th Jul Running a workshop on 'What is art?' as part of the Sydenham Arts Festival: www.thephilosophyshop.co.uk and click on courses
28th May Just won a writing prize in a competition, Tomorrow's Teacher, run by Teacher's TV, downloadable from http://tinyurl.com/l4x3cc
21st May Sci-Phi a new course we're offering in science-fiction and philosophy. Join us if you can: http://tinyurl.com/o7aoad
16th May Rather good article about our work in schools in Teacher's Magazine: http://tinyurl.com/ry75jl
30th Apr http://tinyurl.com/d23aqh (Rose report) the essentials for learning and life (page 2) are all covered in our philosophy sessions in schools
29th Apr New blog: The Music of Dialogue in Philosophy, http://tinyurl.com/c9trth
23rd Apr Finishing for today
22nd Apr Chillin' after a hard but rewarding day.
21st Apr Mmm... Sardines.
20th Apr Just lost a friend without him dying. Not nice.
20th Apr First day back was lovely in the end: a group of Year 4 and 5s who love hearing about the history of philosophy - magic
20th Apr Updated my music on myspace. If you wanna hear it: http://www.myspace.com/peteworley
20th Apr No matter how long I've been doing this philosophy in schools stuff, after a holiday I still become anxious before I start again.
19th Apr Story is how we see the world, but people forget that so much of our perception is metaphor. This explains so much. Is everything metaphor?
18th Apr @timlebon at work I hope.
18th Apr @microphilosophy every time I am quoted in the press I think, "did I really say that? I don't remember sounding that dumb."
18th Apr Nearly just burnt the house down. A little shaken. Reminder: don't get lazy!
18th Apr Looking at DrStephenJones' twitter and comparing it to mine it makes me think: how within our control is the quality of our days?
18th Apr Woke up with a cold: it's like a full-time job. Or, do I just sound like I've got Man-flu?
17th Apr Latest blog on fairness: http://tinyurl.com/dmd7ca
10th Apr Article in Mail out yesterday that features our work in schools, and comments from it's critics. My blog on it: http://tinyurl.com/d9cmna
5th Apr Developing ideas on sonata form Beethoven Sibelius and dialogue in philosophy: the music of argument and dialogue. Will post link when done
28th Mar Are we moving into a time of direct action? Goodwin - SATs boycott - G20 - what next?
26th Mar Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #philosophy #education #writer
24th Mar BBC Wales writing about our Welsh consultant: http://tinyurl.com/dxpgez
21st Mar Great quote: "I, as a clergyman, am obviously going to take the view that we have free choice." So not a free choice then.
21st Mar http://tinyurl.com/ck4y8p for the TES on our philosophy in schools work
14th Mar Reading Leibniz on freedom and possibility.
7th Mar Dinner prepared, time to read my new philosophy book...whilst drinking a dry martini. Very James Bond.
4th Mar giving talk tonight at Kings College London about philosophy in schools.
2nd Mar Music is the celebration of change, old age is the cost of change, death is where you finally escape it.
2nd Mar teaching the law of excluded middle to year 5/6 (age 9/10)

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