An unusual word: compline. It’s the name of the final assembly in a convent, at the end of the day. The compline ‘completes’ the day. Before we go to rest, we look back at what the day has brought.

  1. What happened today? Did anything happen? How did it happen that it happened?
  2. Is it finished, or did you leave it unfinished?
  3. Is there a moment that stands out, a moment that you want to take with you into tomorrow?
  4. Shall we sing a song together?
  5. Let’s think of a gesture to say ‘good bye’ to today’s day. Good night, sleep well.


And remember:

omni fine initium novum

(in every end there is a new beginning)


[Pieter Mostert, 8 April 2020]

Posted by Kim Down on 8th April 2020 at 12:00am


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